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1. 'Things you said at 1am' with Solangelo

Nico was a notorious night owl.  He was just wired that way; more active at night than day.  Will was the complete opposite.  He was the type to be asleep at ten every night and be up the moment the sun started its journey back across the sky.  He was also quite stubborn, though, and when someone (Clovis) bet him he couldn’t stay up all night he immediately jumped at the challenge.

Since Nico was up all night anyways, he was christened the unofficial referee. Will had been energetic, eager to prove Clovis wrong, at first.  It was when he’d run out of jokes and anecdotes to tell that he started to crash.

He plopped onto the couch beside Nico with a groan. “What time is it?”

Nico checked the clock.  “It’s only one A.M.”

“Only,” Will huffed and then stifled a yawn.  “I’m not gonna make it.”

“Not with that attitude.”

“Remember me as I was, Nico,” he murmured and leaned back.

“You’re giving up already?  I didn’t think you were that spineless, Solace.”

Will groaned again before draping himself onto Nico’s shoulder.  “Tell Clovis I hate him.”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Nico hissed, trying and failing to shake Will off his shoulder.  The son of Apollo was utterly exhausted, probably spent too much time in the infirmary again.

“What if I took a power nap and woke up before Clovis realises anything?”

“That’s cheating.”

“Only if someone rats me out.”  Will flashed a tired grin up at him.

Nico rolls his eyes.  “Don’t look at me.”

Will laughed softly before nuzzling back into Nico’s shoulder.  Nico wasn’t sure if his heart ever beat so quickly.  “I’m always looking at you,” Will whispered and his eyes fluttered shut, leaving Nico to stare at his feet as his whole face went red and a strange, crooked, goofy smile spread across his face.

In the morning, Clovis found the both of them fast asleep, wrapped up in each other.


“I prayed all the way up that hill yesterday,” he said softly. “Not for you to stay; I didna think that would be right. I prayed I’d be strong enough to send ye away.” He shook his head, still gazing up the hill, a faraway look in his eyes.
“I said ‘Lord, if I’ve never had courage in my life before, let me have it now. Let me be brave enough not to fall on my knees and beg her to stay.’” He pulled his eyes away from the cottage and smiled briefly at me.

“Hardest thing I ever did, Sassenach.”

“Ich werde dann mal die neue Outtakes-Folge gucken, in der Hofnung, dass Marti nicht schon wieder irgendwas dummes mac-”

lol nope.

Daraus sollte jemand eine schwarz-weiß-slow-mo gif machen. 

Na ihr wisst schon, solche die auf Teenie-Liebes-Sehnsuchts-blogs immer hochgeladen werden und dann mit irgendeiner, vor Sentimentalität triefender, line in der Mitte garniert werden.

5 classic performances from the Grand Ole Opry

There’s some great old classic country clips over at the Grand Ole Opry YouTube channel. Here are five of my favorites:

1. Marty Robbins, “El Paso,” 1960

2. Flatt & Scruggs, “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” 1965

3. George Jones, “White Lightnin’,” 1962

4. Ray Price, “Crazy Arms,” 1956

5. Loretta Lynn, “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” 1966

Bonus: Here’s Willie Nelson wearing a suit and a tie.

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"Why are your knuckles bruised?"

Violence/Death themed ask memes/prompts

Abigail fluttered her hand toward her chest, nervously making a show of brushing back her hair – anything to attempt concealing the already revealed bruising. “I…punched a wall. By accident,” she said, her voice calm and unwavering. “Haven’t you ever accidentally swung your arm into something? That’s more or less what happened.”

Such practiced deceit. By all means, Abigail Hobbs should be an actress.