Wide angle view of a supercell thunderstorm approaching Chris and Eugene Thieszen (WXtreme Chase Team) west of Waurika, Oklahoma this past May. This storm’s hail core literally narrowly missed us to the west as it moved ENE (we did plan it that way). The storm became HP and we ended up in the notch looking south at the area of rotation for a time. This storm fortunately held off on producing a tornado as it neared Waurika, and then weakened after passing town with the loss of daytime heating.

Upcoming shows:

Friday, August 29 - Hutchinson, Kansas, at Homebuilder’s Shelter with Airport Novels, Years Ahead, and Matt Melchert.

Saturday, September 6 - Oklahoma City at The Conservatory with Alice Awaits, Thin Skin, Siloh, and Cottonmouth.

Wednesday, October 1 - Salina, Kansas, at Indian Rock Lodge with Bobby Meader, Goth Chicks, Gooby and da Boys, Forget About Tomorrow, Small Town Ghosts, Darker, Thin Skin, and more.

Saturday, October 25 - Norman, OK, at Industrial Skatepark with The Fossil Youth, Grey Gordon, Upright, and Shame.

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