Colin, Sean, Daniel, and Helen record another horror podcast movie review. This time they discuss the 1981 hairy tail of a tale “An American Werewolf in London.”

Duran Duran ensues. Just kidding. Ok, not really. Corn syrup and red food dye, the consumption of bad English food, and quirky tongue-in-cheek porn are but just a sampling of topics on the menu.


OKC.NET covered Monday night’s demonstration organized by Change Oklahoma,, and Occupy Norman. The protest was aimed at ALEC’s involvement in Oklahoma politics since Gov. Mary Fallin invited Oklahoma law makers to visit the Governor’s mansion during a reception that welcomed ALEC National Chairman Rep. Dave Fritzzell from Indiana.

After some research, we discovered which Oklahoma legislators were involved with ALEC. After cross referencing a few of the bills, we noticed that ALEC members, such as Senator Brian Crane, have introduced legislation like SB 1433 the Personhood Act (now HB 1571 and also going up for a vote Wednesday afternoon) and Senator John W. Ford’s sponsorship of SB 1530, which would deregulate schools or as it is described “creating the School District Empowerment Program; allowing school districts to opt out of certain mandates.” 

Tomorrow OKC.NET will plan to continue coverage of SB 1433/HB 1571 the Personhood Act.

Editor’s Note: Because we decided to wear our responsible small-business pants to work everyday for an entire year, we are not making the sojourn to SXSW. Perhaps next year when we have more writers, photographers, and multimedia people to cover such a carnival. Until then, we invited Jordan Bayhylle from DEERPEOPLE to give us a musician’s perspective. If you ask us, that’s really what the SXSW experience is about anyway. Not familiar with DEERPEOPLE, fo’ shame! Here’s a few articles (here and here) and multimedia to get you caught up to speed. 

We like DEERPEOPLE. Or rather Helen Grant likes them, a lot. When Daniel innocently asked what they sounded like, Colin Newman answered with “it’s ambient, it’s dark, but also kind of poppy. It’s Helen Rock.” Daniel eventually got it.

Listen to Suite 204 to hear DEERPEOPLE perform a couple of acoustic songs, which they did on the fly as they ordinarily don’t play acoustic sets (but they improvised just for us). DEERPEOPLE also talk about their backgrounds and musical interests before the show ends with a song off their most recent album: Explorgasm. If you’re in OKC, go to VZDs for the SXSW Send Off show which also features Shi++y/Awesome, Chrome Pony, and Horse Thief.

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"Porn stars occupy a strange space in American pop culture. They are the distant relatives of the Old World demimonde, trading on their sexual prowess to secure a lavish lifestyle.  Better known and more respectable than most members of congress, they still get precious little recognition. Perhaps owing to America’s near constant state of sexual panic or, conversely, to the very low quality of a lot of porn, it’s rare to hear adult films discussed in “polite” company, despite being a massively profitable worldwide industry.

One of relatively few stars to emerge from the world of porn into broader public consciousness is Oklahoma City resident Cindy Taylor. Better known by the stage name Jesse Jane, she is one of the most popular adult film stars in the world. If you know an adult heterosexual male, there is a solid chance that you know someone who is familiar with her work. She is best known as one of the stars of Pirates, a highly expensive (by porn standards) historical costume drama that further blurs the already fuzzy line between hardcore porn and the covers of bodice ripping romance novels. In addition to her adult film work, Taylor/Jane has a lucrative side career as an industry commentator, talk show host, sex columnist, and mainstream actress.”

As one of the editors, and a non-native Oklahoman, reading what our writers had to say about the April 19th observance of the Oklahoma City Bombing was touching in ways I’d not expected. I’m really proud of what each of them had to share as each story and perspective contains a multifaceted view from native Oklahomans to those of us who are transplants.

First up: Daniel Page talks about how a seemingly insignificant cup of coffee saved his father’s life.