runningwolf62 asked:

Wanted to make sure you see the trigger warnings on Drown, I forgot that there is torture, and hints of non-con (I think it has to do with Slephnir but I don't remember so be careful). But the fic is amazing, and there's... There really isn't character bashing. They handle all the Avengers so well.

But seriously Drown is beautiful, me and like five friends would get together and discuss it for an hour after every new chapter (it’s complete now), we’d talk about how the author handled characterization, plot twists, things that made us laugh, (Oh man, Tony is wonderful in this fic).

Ahh, thank you for being so thorough! But it’s okay, I can usually handle all kinds of nasty in fics uwu except major character death. That’s maybe the only one thing I might need a warning about

I can’t wait to read it! It’s rpetty long though so I don’t know if I should read Off the Record first and then Winterheart or Off the Record, then Drown, then Winterheart?