12. Name an OC that isn't yours but who you like a lot

So playeronecontroller totally expects me to rant about Bastion here, and by golly I’d love to, but I actually want to call attention to a character of hers who has always been super special to me and whom I love with all my heart. His name is Miles, and if you don’t love him you are wrong.

I’ve been RPing with P1 for. Goodness. Many years. 12? Yeesh. Anyway, Miles has been there from the beginning. He’s the middle Arren sibling and a huge troublemaker, and that hasn’t changed no matter what universe he finds himself in. He’s the cheerful rogue turning cartwheels while the guards chase him down; he’s the guy telling grand stories from atop a table, using his magic for special effects; he’s the one who dons a ridiculous hat, for an adventurer should never be without one, and sweeps you off on some ridiculous quest– probably involving food. Miles is also the world’s most obnoxious brother, and his siblings know he loves to play matchmaker, steal your stuff, forget to remind you about stairs when you’re blind (MARK), and generally be as irritating as possible. And that’s not just limited to his siblings, although they’re his favorite targets; Miles is a busybody and a magpie, and one of his favorite games is “What did I steal this time and where is it hidden”. 

But, underneath the trickster, Miles honestly has a heart of gold. He’ll do anything to protect those he loves; dare to threaten his family and you’ll probably lose more than your wallet. He’s rarely serious, but when he is you know it’s because he cares and cares deeply. And if you’re down, you can expect he’ll be first in line to do something just stupid enough to make you laugh– especially if it’s at his own expense. 

I love Miles more than I can say. Interacting with him is like being with my own brothers (although mine aren’t as loud or as flashy), and he’s always good for a laugh. If I need a pick-me-up, I read Miles. It’s strange to count on a fictional character so much, but he’s really impacted me as a player and a writer and my heart is bigger for having known him. And the lovely P1.

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It’s eight right now. I’m laying on my unkempt bed, propped up against some pillows. Spotify has been playing The Smiths for two hours so far.

I turn my phone off and I close my eyes; I start crying immediately.

It’s eight in the evening and I’m listening to The Smiths and nothing is wrong. Everything is going to be okay. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but it will be.

All because I’m laying on an unkempt bed in a Led Zeppelin shirt listening to The Smiths for the first time.

Don’t be like me, kids. Don’t be working on a project that involves three lines of thread and, therefore, three needles. Don’t forget to keep a solid watch on all three needles NO MATTER WHICH ONE YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING WITH.

Don’t lose one of your needles, kids. Don’t spend over an hour scouring your work surface, the floor, your clothes, and anything within a ten foot radius to find said needle.

Don’t do it, kids


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okay okay okay i might not have done much on the internet today but i’m
very proud of myself, because i was praised by all my teachers in front
of all parents today and my english teacher said i should work on my
writing because i was very talanted and would make a good author &&
i did all my IT stuff in class without any errors and today is just a very
good day okay.