I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell. 

like, i’m still not over the fact that the doctor let the entire asylum of the daleks blow up without a second thought. a planet that contained sentient, compassionate, emotional daleks, including those who actually still believed they were human. and then he returned to the tardis twirling around and repeating “doctor who???” like he didn’t just witness the deaths of hundreds of living individual beings.

Halloween meme » [3] favorite creatures: grim reaper

Why are Tumblers all afraid to talk to each other? Like, don’t be intimidated by that nerd you nerd. “They’re just as afraid of you as you are them”. You’re interested in the same things, you have everything to talk about. If you were waiting for a sign, this is your sign. Go make your move.


Lightning’s navel piercing appreciation post


a night on the dothraki sea when the lysene girl had taught her secrets.


"You’re wonded, Naruto-kun" Hinata said loud enough for him to hear, she didn’t trust her voice to speak out loud. Turning a little his head to look at her, Naruto replied it was nothing and he would heal in no time, he gave her a small and tired smile, almost dreamy and then he turned his face again to look at the emptiness of the room. She stood behind him watching his back, he wasn’t particulary tense but she could feel he was deep in his thoughts. She only hummed back.

Slowly, the Hyuuga walked toward the blond and lightly dropped the bag she was holding on the floor. They had just entered the ruined cabin and she knew they were exhausted after the long walk from Konoha. They were alone since the others had to meet them in the morning as they
Kneeling, she searched for the medicial cream she had brought with her. She heard him sigh a little and looked up. “Let me..apply this” as she take out the cream.

Her voice seemed to snap Naruto from his confused mind. He faced her this time as his gaze explored the sight before him. He was watching her at first then it slowly shifted to the object she hold in her hand. Flashback. He could feel his lips curving into a smile at the memory.
"It’s the same as the chunnin exam, right?" he asked as he just casually took off his vest. He was still smilling when he decided to sit in front of her. He then lifted his shirt to make the wound visible. 

Hinata hold her breath silently, hoping he wouldn’t hear her heartbeat pounding hard in her chest, she almost forgot it could beat this strongly. She paused a moment to calm herself. After a minute, she opened the small box and took some of the cream on her fingers to slighly touch his skin. Hinata wasn’t shaking. She just applied the medical cream on the wound, taking her time, as if she was slowly caressing his flesh with her fingers. Then she murmured. “You remember….”

This had been enough for Naruto to gave in to his thoughts once again. Yes he remebered, of course he remembered. He felt stupid once again. His eyes darkened at this. He was totally oblivious to everything she had done when he thought he was lonely, all this time. Somehow, he could only feel guilty for taking so long.