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B1A4 appreciation week
> day 2: favorite ot5 moments

Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.

ser-kitten asked:

But imagine: a world in which demons can only possess mages and cats

This is actually a beautiful image.

Mages are no longer the only residents of the Circles. Cats, for their adorableness and mouse-catching skills, now live there as well because no one is willing to hurt the poor creatures en masse. The Circles are now filled to the brim with cats, which only seem to get possessed after someone is mean to them or any mage who matters to them.

Templar abuses are down significantly because all those who try to harm anyone get straight up destroyed by cat abominations. Attempting to teach the cats not to give in to temptation failed miserably, and no one has managed to hold onto one of them long enough to even attempt making them Tranquil. In fact, Tranquility is no longer used on mages either since it always ends with cats turning and killing any Templar involved. Slowly, the Circles become better and better because no one can control the fluffy overlords, and the Templars are too terrified to try anymore.

Mages quickly gain their freedom and begin to govern themselves, with the protection of their feline friends. The world is how it should’ve been all along. All because of cats.

I am so obsessed with the idea of Dorian having to babysit a toddler.

He would stare at the kid over his book seething with annoyance when they haven’t even moved yet. Then they get up and start waddling over to the bookshelves and before they’ve even moved three steps he’s picking them up and putting them back where they were sitting, muttering under his breath.

A few moments later the child is crying and Dorian is panicking because Andraste’s arse, what is he supposed to do to placate the thing? Then he gets an idea and summons little sparks around his fingers and suddenly the child stops and stares at him. They push themselves up and walk over to him, climbing in his lap and grabbing his hands, their tiny fingers wrapped around his own as they observe in wonder.

And, despite himself, Dorian feels himself smile as he pulls the child closer to his chest and does it again.

Between the ‘Greg Universe is Greg from Over the Garden Wall’ and the ‘Dipper and Mabel are the children of either Greg or Wirt’ theories, I’m surprised I haven’t seen any crossovers/AUs between all three with Dipper and Mabel being Steven’s cousins. The naming might be a bit tricky to figure out, perhaps Greg renamed himself, or maybe Wirt took his wife’s last name and Grunkle Stan is related on their mom’s side, but while the paranormal between the two doesn’t seem to intersect, it doesn’t necessarily contradict, either. (Though if Gravity Falls ever does have different aliens, it would probably have to become an AU)

Star VS the Forces of Evil might be able to fit in as well. I’m not very familiar with it, but maybe the dimensional travel she uses could work in a similar way to the portal. It doesn’t appear to have come into contact with Earth very often, and considering the mug through the portal that ended up in Rick and Morty, the Pines/Universe family’s dimension could also be a different version of Earth.

On that note, though it did finish a while ago, Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated could also join them. The series finale involved them entering a new timeline and mentioned other dimensions, too, and we don’t see anything about what the new world is like beyond Crystal Cove and the fact that there are more mysteries to be solved.

tl;dr, It seems to me that a lot of paranormal/adventure cartoons could crossover together without disrupting much of canon, and I think it could be a pretty fun idea.

August 13th was officially the 10th year anniversary of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, so I felt like it was time to do some fanart.

So here’s 18 year-old Mac picking up Bloo after school to hang out.





[whispers] the winter soldier 


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