Okay but the kids from sonic-for-real-justice are all 12. Very impressionable 12 year old that have been surrounded by people telling them who to hate to be a ~real trans person/activist~ and when they grow out of it they’ll be embarrassed af. Don’t send death threats or anything weird because, again, their kids who think they are being cool, grown up, good guys by belittling people online. Like, go ahead and joke about wanting mod silver/tulka/tails justice, but remember. Misguided children with Internet access. Who are trying to appeal to older adults they look up to by joining in their stupid little ‘war’. They’ll grow out of it. Don’t send death threats/assault threats

Splatoon Skype Group Chat

I’m making a Splatoon Skype group that is free for any fan to join in and meet and chat with other fans! You do not have to be following me to join!

To join you just have to add my Skype (BitchinBeedrill is my username) and write in the request it’s for the skype group and I’ll add you to the group! You can also message me your username in Tumblr and I can add you!

It will be a text based chat but if we play rounds we could always go to mic.

Hope to see you there! Stay fresh!

Kobra is totally the Mother Hen of the group. Even Jet has his moments with everyone else where they’re like LETS GO BLOW SOME STUFF UP AND KICK SOME DRAC BUTT and he’s just like “mhm okay kids just be back before sundown and make sure Party doesn’t get his hair stuck in the door of the car again.” And when they come back talking about all the crazy things they did he just patches up any scrapes they have and nods. 

anonymous asked:

Hey mars! Just curious, do you have any traditional art of yours that you've done you could show us? i just saw that you recommended drawing as much traditionally as much as on the tablet :-) thank you!

ahhh the reason I recommended it is because I stopped drawing traditionally when I really started getting into digital and I really regret it because now my traditional stuff is shit. 

I only have a few older things that aren’t in sketchbooks (and my sketchbooks are buried in boxes that I don’t feel like digging through) so:

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I’m just going to throw some of my stresses into the void, so maybe they’ll leave my head for a bit
  • will I ever be able to afford to buy a house?
  • and have kids?
  • Will we be okay if we do have kids?
  • will we be able to get more on our feet than just being able to pay our bills and buy groceries with $20 left over?
  • will he get tired of my crazy? I cry too much (and sometimes right after sex)
  • Will I ever actually feel mentally sound? Do I need medication to do so?
  • Am I going to need to keep my cat separated in a room forever?
  • Should I just send him to my parents?
  • Do my friends still love me even though I don’t see them as much and don’t have the money to do things with them like I used to?
Dear Sebaciel shippers…

it doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or reality. fiction is based off of reality. pedophilia is pedophilia whether it be romantic or sexual, in a movie, or a book, or art. if it is a minor and a child, then it’s pedophilia. just because the child consents doesn’t mean it’s okay.

and technically, if ciel were to be thrown into a romantic or sexual situation with sebastian it would effect his mental state negatively, so don’t say it ‘wouldn’t hurt him’.

it doesn’t matter if it’s hot. it doesn’t matter if it’s cute. it doesn’t matter if you like it, and it doesn’t matter if you thought it was okay when you were a kid. it is still wrong, and still disgusting.

I take back what I said earlier; liking sebaciel does not make you a pedophile, but rather a pedophile apologist, which is just as bad.

tell me, are you proud to be a pedophile apologist?

Curiouser and Curiouser

Chapter 4:  of air-conditioning and movies left to play in the background

Written with: 2orpe

Chapter Summary: The one where Jason trips and falls.Hercules is a dumb movie. 

But it was Jason’s favorite as a kid, okay? Could you please stop with the commentary?

Notes: Dropping this in at 12:30 bc idk, I’m impatient af, i’m sorry, cha.

if this was up to par with what you might have expected, tell me in the comments! it’s always appreciated when the readers notice the little things.


PS: next chap might come out in three days. please be patient if it doesn’t.

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Animation Suggestion Thursday!

I know I said I’d stick to obscure animation that people may have not heard of, but I think relatively new/limited release animation counts, especially when it is this amazing. I really don’t want anyone to have not seen The Secret of Kells. There is really nothing that I didn’t like about this film, it was animated gorgeously, the style was refreshing and interesting, the characters were deep and endearing, the story was entertaining and different… It was able to be eye candy and brain candy at the same time, which is a very rare treat. And I don’t mean to say that it is deeply philosophical (which it is not), I mean to say it wasn’t bland or predictable, it was a simple story about an interesting event and was all about character interaction and circumstances of the time and the world. It is very hard to explain how well this movie is put together, please watch it if you haven’t yet.

Ring Pops and Dandelion Bouquets

Summary: Five-year-old Dan and Phil are dragged along to go wedding dress shopping with Dan’s aunt. After finding out what weddings are all about, Phil comes up with a cute little idea in that head of his. Why don’t he and Dan get married?

Warnings: None! This is pure fluff! 

Word count: 4, 353

A/N: I wrote this a while ago and posted it on some other sites and I thought I should post it here as well. Hope you like it!

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