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KEELYYY THERE ARE TWO EPISODES OF CARMILLA LEFT SHE CAN'T BE DEAD. What if she comes back with coffee and a "... what's up?" yes good

Yes. Yes, and everyone will be happy and smiling and Laura and Carmilla will get married and maybe Danny too, what the hell. And Laferry will be there and everyone will be happy and there will be no one crying ever, except tears of happiness because everyone is so happy…


yes, perfect, everyone is okay…..everyone is juuuuuust fine. 

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He was killed becaus he attacked the cop. That is what happened if you actually checked the autopsy reports.

Is this actual proof? Okay yeah I personally haven’t read all of the stuff yet but it looks like to me he really didn’t he was just minding his own business and he just happened to be killed?
Also lets say he did attack an officer, shouldnt he be arrested and not be killed on the spot???
All these other sources I’ve been told he didn’t even do anything. also just saying thousands of people will be here to disagree with you


zitao’s shining smile for mataokii 




in before cas’s relationship with the angels finally gets fucked over completely & utterly~


Happy birthday, Seb!


My trip to Leavesden Studios: The Making of Harry Potter