Sterling M/System Test - Okarche, OK on YouTube.

This is a very harmonious siren system.

Okarche Duathlon

Last weekend I did my first duathlon of the year.  I hadn’t done any cycling races yet since joining a team and I felt like I needed to get out there and do something.  I really enjoy these types of races, so I was willing to make the trek half way across the state to Okarche, OK.  I’ve driven through this town many times going between an audit client in Kingfisher and OKC, but never left the main road.  It was surprisingly nice for a little Oklahoma town.

I get anxious about being late or in a huge hurry to so I managed to get to the race site nearly 2 hours early.  I don’t recommend anyone do that.  My phone didn’t get a good signal out there so it was tough to waste that amount of time sitting in a hot car.  

The race was smaller than the Dus I’ve done in Tulsa, but still a decent field of 122 participants.  One weird thing was the fact that none of the course was closed to traffic.  Not even the 5k.  Never experienced that, but there isn’t a lot of traffic there so it wasn’t an issue.  

The first 5k - The race started at 1:30 so it was getting pretty hot by the start time and the course was an out and back (north/south) so we were with the wind on the way out and then back into the wind to finish.  I finished the fir 5k in 27:29.  Not blazing fast, but I still had a long race ahead of me. 

The bike ride (30k) - The bike course was mostly east/west so the 15 to 20 mph wind from the south was a bit of an issue.  I’m not expert yet, but I could tell that I had a lot more cycling experience than a lot of the people that finished the first run ahead of me.  I was running people down like I was passing old people and little kids on Riverside Dr.  I didn’t know if I was going that fast or they were that slow.  I finished the bike portion in 1:05:16 which pretty much sucks, but so did the conditions.

The second 5k - All I remember about this is that it was hot and I was tired.  I had to walk 10 times, but ran the last 5 minutes and was able to pass one or two more people before the finish line.  Time was 31:02.

Overall it was a pretty poor time, but I did the best I could so it take it for my first of the year.


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