Thank you dad: A poem

Thank you dad for being there even though you weren’t.

Thank you dad for all the stories of your past violence that I could honestly barely care for.

Thank you dad for not getting me ear drops when my ear is infected and now I can barely hear out of my left ear.

Thank you dad for not letting me have fun with my cousins because you have been blinded by your pride.

Thank you dad for saying you raised me to be a Christian but you didn’t raise me at all.

Thank you dad for assuming that you know about me but you really don’t. You really really don’t.

Thank you dad for thinking you’re an invincible man but you’re more vulnerable than you think.

Thanks dad for being that ultra blinded Christian that think everyone should believe that.

Why music is important to me. Final part.

 At one point this year I was gonna give up on music. I was in a 8 month creative rut.Nothing came to mind when I was making beats.Then I heard a WIP for a song called “Deerfood” by an artist named Whitetail.The sound of the drums and the horns reeled me in. At that moment I said,“I must write to this.” So I waited and listed to every work in progress he posted until he released the song. After that,I downloaded it and started to write.About a month later,I finished the rap to his song.I was proud of myself even tho it was badly mixed and my voice sucked,I was very proud. Then I asked Whitetail on his tumblr could I relase it and he said yes but he wanted to heard it after.That right there made me smile with eternal joy,because that’s the first time a musician I liked noticed me and liked my stuff. It was very enjoyable to say the least.

GH stories chapter 1

All I know is this bathroom stall. Well more like all I want to know is this bathroom stall. From its tally marked walls to it’s sticky,tiled floor. This is my domain from 8 o'clock in the evening to 6 o'clock the next morning. There are four holes in this stall,one in front of me big enough to accommodate the biggest of “tools”,one above that one so either a customer with a bigger than normal tool can help me fit it down my throat or just so he can show his dominance by making me gag on it and last but not least,the hole behind me for those who want to fill my fuckhole with their warm,thick cream or any other juices that flow out of their massive phalluses. This is the life that I live and I enjoy every minute of it. Well except when I have to leave to go to work. For now,I shall recall some eventful days I had in this stall for your viewing pleasure.

Week 1,Saturday at 8:10 AM.

It was my first time in the stall and I was a nervous wreck. I was sweating,hyperventilating and my allergies had just kicked in,so my sneezing echoed throughout the bathroom. I didn’t know what to expect when my friend suggested that I do this to get over my Ex. To be honest,I don’t know why I went on and did this. I guess my friend has a way with words. Either way,I just wanted to get this over with as fast as possible. Just ask thought my nerves were gonna make me leave,I heard the door open from the inside of my stall. I froze up just as I heard the footsteps of someone getting closer.

Then I heard the person get into the stall next to me. All I could was the sounds of a belt buckle and a zipper before started to get curious. So I fed my curiosity by peeking into the hole and what I saw made me blush like I never blushed before. All I could see was the gentleman’s massive shaft resting limp against his big ball sack. It was a marvelous sight to behold,the crotch area was well groomed,the cock seemed to be between the 9-10 inches in length and 4-5 in thickness while the balls were like two baseballs dangling below. All and all,I was almost breathless from looking at it. After a few seconds he put the toilet bowl seat down and sat on it,revealing his muscular mid section before he started to stroke his massive tool. I watched,panting slowly as I could feel my meager 6 inch cock throbbing in my underwear. The gentleman let out a few soft moans as his cock stiffened from the stroking. It seemed almost grow by inch as it hardened.

After about 3 minutes he stood up and started to make his way over to the hole. I let out a soft meep and jumped back as his cock slide into the hole. It was definitely much bigger up close. When I got back into my kneeling position,all I could do was stare at his throbbing pillar. Gulping at the size of it and from the veins that went through it. The only thing that broke my stare was a knock on the stall and the sound of his voice.

“Come on,newbie! I have places to be!”

So with another gulp,I decided to have a taste of his throbbing tip that leaked with pre-cum. With a single lick to his flaring tip,I got a soft moan out of him and got a taste of his salty pre. I must say,it made me cringe a bit but it was pretty good. I then tilted my head to the side and drug my tongue down the side of his long shaft,feeling it throb against my tongue. When I reached his base I gave it a soft kiss before returning to the tip where the pre was leaking more profusely. By this time the gentleman was moaning and slowly thrusting forward. I only assumed from there that he was ready for something else. So with a deep breath,I gripped his cock near the base with both of my hands and took his mushroom shaped tip into my mouth. This made the man let out a loud moan which in return got me a very squirts of his salty pre. As I swallow the pre-seed I slowly bobbed my head on his tip while stroking his throbbing tool. His slow humping then started to quicken as his moans got louder. Each mid-paced thrust made an inch move into my mouth until his tip hit the back of my throat. I almost gagged from the 6 or 7 inches in my mouth. I still had at least 3 more inches to go,so I let go of his base and tilt my head to the side. The customer stopped thrusting and let out a harsh moan,I could feel his big tip in my throat,flaring in it. I then peeked up and saw his hands gripping the top of the stall,his nails almost digging into it. In my mind I felt like I did well in pleasing the customer. Then I felt him pulling his member out of my throat,I could feel his tip flaring as it travelled out. When the shaft was finally out,his tip stayed in my mouth. From behind the stall’s wall I could hear him grunting and very moist sounds. Then the thing that happened next would make my eyes widen. His seed started to pour into my mouth with haste. My left eye twitched from the very salty taste that also made me very hesitant on swallowing the man’s cum,but with a few hard gulps I swallowed it all down. He pulled his tip from my mouth and moved away from the hole. I started to pant as I sat down on the floor. Then when I looked back up at the hole I saw a $50 bill balancing on it,followed by the sound of pants zipping up.

“Take it,you’ve earned it.” Were the last words I heard before hearing the door close.

This was the start of a very addicting “hobby”.