Happy birthday to this special star ☆ I really don’t know what I would do without you. You always bring laughter and happiness to everyone’s heart. Despite all the hate you are getting you have never stopped smiling. As you said “I relieve stress by always smiling!”. But sometimes is also okay to cry, you have to let out your feelings! I just want you to know that I’m so proud of you and that I will love you forever. Keep shining like you always did.
사랑해 변백현 ♡

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So, I just broke up with my fiance a few days ago and I've never been more overwhelmed or lonely, and my wallpaper on my laptop just happened to change to the image from disquiet and I just really needed a reminder that I can be unspeakably sad and lonely and that everything will still be okay even if I don't put on real pants for a week, and I know that this probably doesn't mean anything to you, but thank you for making lovely things.

This means. Of course it means. 

Everyone please take off your pants in solidarity (office policy permitting). And yes, I promise everything will still be okay. 


This is a really personal post, but I need to get this out of my system I’m sorry. This account Karl N Kat is my ex and ex’s girlfriends account. Right we were together for 3 years blah blah and there’s this thing spreading around Facebook with him and her and I’ve been reading every single post and I’m shaking I’m crying so much. I’m literally bawling my eyes out, reading all these statuses I’m like non stop shaking and just plain upset. Im really upset that people have the decency to stand up for him and say he’s a great person and paint him out to be so lovely. when I know he’s not. He’s fucking 19 when he was 15 he started dating me (I was 12) and I, sorry but for example of the things he did, If you think raping someone in front of three 5 year old boys is okay, sexually abusing someone is okay, putting a girl in hospital 6 times, only because it was so bad, other wise he left me. Numerously punching, hitting, strangling, etc just plain out hurting me. Had a pregnancy scare so he held me down and kicked my tummy and strangled me to the point of spitting out blood, meeting up with strangers for sex while having a girlfriend not to mention the fucking emotional abuse the pain he’s caused. Im up north because of him, I had to change my fucking name, I now have to take medicine 5 times a day, I struggle having full days at school because little things trigger me and I get flashbacks and hyperventilate sometimes to the point of having to get an ambulance I could go on. But seeing this really shook me and I can’t even breathe. Lying cunt. How can you call someone else a girl basher wether he has or hasn’t I don’t know him. But how can you? How. You’re a hypocrite and how dare you and your girlfriend say stuff about me on your little account, I was walking to pick up my 4 year old niece when I lived in the same town and him and her grabbed me together and kicked and hit me and then spat on me, your both despicable and the fact that I did nothing wrong at all, even if I did how can you justify yourself and then thinking you two have the right to publicly say this stuff everywhere. I’m sorry I fell in love at an age where I didn’t even know what was happening if I was older and wiser I never would have been so naive but now I’m taking a stand I’m 4 years older and know a hell of a lot more over ive put up with this for 11 months and I can’t take it anymore. This account and these two people are horrible. I can’t handle this anymore, I’m so upset, beyond upset, I just want to raise some type of awareness is some way.

okay so tour starts in like 30 minutes and I just want you all to know that I love you so much and I am so excited for what the rest of this era is going to bring us, and I love tour because it always brings us so much closer and we always have something to talk about and be positive about and excited. I just really love you guys and I’m glad we all get to experience this together.

wdbhg song analysis

okay i love to reach you all know it’s my favorite past time so here goes.

i’ve already read one or two song analyses of where do broken hearts go and i know the consensus seems to be that it’s about haylor which i definitely agree on but i want to focus on a few key lyrics and delve a little deeper. this is probably all just me being really angsty cause that’s who i am but whatever.

so louis’ father left when he was young. jay got married to mark and that ended in divorce also and then she met dan. the line “built you a house from a broken home” is talking about how harry tried to show louis that relationships don’t always end like his parents did. i also think at some point during haylor louis probably told harry he was heartbroken thus the “i wrote you a song with the words you spoke.”

okay this fucks me up the worst because we all know louis is massively jealous when it comes to harry and harry probably didn’t understand at first why haylor was turning out to be such a big deal for louis. i also think haylor was a shift in their relationship and they probably had quite a few conversations about what they were willing to do for each other and what they were willing to put up with to be together.

case and point:

this part speaks for itself. no one was going to come between them again.

i’m guessing harry picked up on louis’ jealousy and also probably realized that coming from louis’ home background he wasn’t as secure as harry was in their relationship. i’m sure harry told him multiple times that he loved him but no matter how many times louis heard it he just couldn’t get himself to believe it sometimes. (this is fucking me up i’m so sad rn)

okay so we all know what louis was like during haylor. he looked miserable the entire time and was publicly drunk multiple times. i think this line is about harry knowing louis wasn’t dealing with his emotions during haylor properly and was just drinking to hide them and alcohol was where louis went when he felt afraid.

for the loooooooooooongest time i didn’t know what to think about this song. i thought it was probably about cheating from these lines alone so i didn’t like to think about it lol. but now i think based on the rest of what i’m assuming here that this part is actually harry putting himself in louis’ position and trying to feel what he felt during that time— wondering if harry was really still his… still sleeping alone without louis.

anyways hahahahah i’m miserable now so join me in my pain.

Okay but for real I never knew how much I would fall in love with a rock version of WANEGBT or an acoustic of You Are In Love or a mashup of Wildest Dreams and Enchanted and it just really shows how Taylor can pull off any genre of music

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What are the 3 top things u love abt Kaisoo (as an individual and as otp)? Thanks! Love love yr blog!

i went ‘aaaaww’ when i read this im just so weird

thank you anon~ ^^

anyway kaisoo as otp

I love how they’re…they make me scream and cry and just dream about how perfect they are~ LOL but okay for real, im not really sure why i love them i just do, idkidkidk theyre just so adorable


- his voice (squishyness aside)

- he’s my squishy sexy dancing machine^^

- eyes, lips and NECK (oooh and thighs)


- bc of his passion for dancing

- /sighs/ he is such an adorable handsome kid

- sexonlegs

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"Put it down, or I will put you down."

“Andrea Moira Queen! It’s just an Easter egg hunt, you can’t threaten the other kids!” Felicity scolded while doing her best to hold back laughter at her daughter’s best imitation of the Arrow voice. 

“It’s okay Miss Felicity, I think Andie saw it first,” the other kid responded as he quickly dropped the egg in Andie’s basket and ran off. 

“Mommy look at all my eggs!” Andie exclaimed as she held out her basket for inspection. 

“Wow that’s a lot love bug, how many of those did you scare off of other kids?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Mommy, I’m just a really good finder,” Andie declared proudly and ran off to keep searching. 

Felicity shook her head in amusement and wandered over to where Oliver was sitting with John and Lyla. 

“How are they doing? Will they be in a sugar coma within the hour?” Oliver asked as she settled into his lap.

“Well I haven’t seen Conner’s haul but your daughter is doing pretty well. Four years old and she’s already starting to master her father’s vigilante skills.”

“Oh I don’t know, I saw those intimidation tactics and I’m pretty sure she picked them up from her mother,” Digg interjected, “I was having flashbacks of you ordering Merlyn around.”

Felicity was about to respond when she heard Andie yell, “You have failed this Easter egg hunt!”

“You sure about that John?”

Send me a line and I’ll write you 6 (or 7… or 8… or…) more :)

(I have a lot in my ask box right now so I can’t promise I’ll get to it right away but feel free to keep sending them :))

Let Her Go


Ewan Gold was, for lack of a better term, hiding. He didn’t know how it happened, but he was getting far to close with Belle French for his own comfort. Belle French and her fleeting touches to his arm, her beaming smile, and her bright eyes.

 Oh God. Her Eyes.

She had the most beautiful, vibrant blue eyes he’d ever seen. Her eyes weren’t the only beautiful things about Belle; he found her entire being to be exquisite. She really seemed to enjoy his company and her kinds words went straight to his heart. Ewan had spent most of his life, thus far, keeping everyone at arms length, lest they find out about his father. It was just easier to be alone, he’d decided. He wasn’t lonely, but everyone he’d ever known had either left him or hurt him in the end. Being alone was safe. In fact, the only two people who knew everything about him were Peg and Martha and in the ten years he’d known them, they really seemed to care about him. They were the only two people he knew he could count on. His carefully constructed walls to keep people out had crumbled when faced with the joy radiating from Belle and before he knew it, he was falling into this blissful, happy friendship waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing good happened to Ewan Gold; it was just a fact of the universe, like gravity. So, doing the only thing he was good at, he was hiding. Really, it seemed ridiculous that he was hiding from a little slip of a girl who barely met his shoulders. Ridiculous as it was, however; he found himself skipping lunch and instead sitting under a tree on the far end of campus, hopefully out of sight.  

It started the first day he’d met her. She’d been looking for the cafeteria and they’d ended up talking the entire period about literature. He volunteered information that he always kept closely guarded and when she’d walked away, she’d looked at him with those piercing blue eyes and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Ewan.” Looking back, he should have known he was well and truly fucked.  

Now, four weeks later, he decided avoiding Belle would be the easiest decision. She’d forget about him and it would hurt, but it was safe. He heard the bell ring faintly and began trudging back to the building and the sanctuary of the library. He had a free period anyway.


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Okay, I’m gonna assume you’re okay with ereri? You didn’t really say much, so I took some liberties with this. A lot of liberties, actually.Also, apparently I lied; I found my writing vibe again. I don’t know what this is or where it came from but yeah. Just… yeah…

Eren had been living in his apartment complex for almost three years now. He loved the place; the neighbours all formed a close-knit community and they were so comfortable with each other that almost everyone had a spare key to at least one other person’s place. Usually, this was for the obvious reasons like in case of emergencies or so someone could pop by and water plants while someone was away. Eren, however, lived with his childhood friend Armin right next door to Mikasa (who they’d met in college and grown fast friends with), so they had a habit of using each other’s spare keys to randomly drop by whenever they were bored.

Today in particular was proving to be an especially dull day. Armin was camped out at the Uni library studying for his midsems so Eren was left to his own devices. After half an hour of flicking through TV channels hoping for something to catch his eye (it was 7pm on a weeknight though, so the only things on were shitty reality shows and the news), he finally gave up and snatched up the spare key to Mikasa’s place. If nothing else, he could always rely on Mikasa to provide good company.

Eren barged into the neighbouring apartment without so much as a knock to herald his arrival, kicking off his shoes at the door and tossing his jacket onto a coat hook. The place was like a second home to him; there was no need for formalities here.

“Yo, ‘Kasa! You home?” The kitchen light wasn’t on; that was unusual. It wouldn’t be strange if Mikasa wasn’t in, but he could hear the shower running so clearly someone was. Annie had flown out of the city two nights ago to visit her mum too, so that only left Mikasa.

Eren plonked himself down on one of the stools lining along the kitchen bench, resigning himself to wait a little longer, when something out of the ordinary caught his eye. Sitting by the telephone was an unfamiliar set of keys and a wallet.

A mans wallet.

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okay, can I just say something? sex is not love. sex is sex. Love though, oh my lord, that’s really something else. if he really loves you, like wicked, hard love, his hands won’t be up in your bra straps looking for your heart– because he’ll know your heart doesn’t live there. his hands will be digging with yours in the dirt of what it means to be alive and human and real, digging down into the knee-deep stardust saying “i think this is where we came from”. because your heart lives in your eyes, your words. the way you move, the way you spend your time, the things you value, the things that make you cry, all those little things that you do every day without even noticing. love doesn’t end if it can’t get into your pants. if its all about how far he can get you to take your body? no that’s not love. can we please stop teaching our girls that the climax of love is being pushed backwards into a bed? because we’re wrecking the word like we’re wrecking ourselves. love is a big, explosive word that people have fought and bled for, died for, braved the hurricane for. its loud and expansive, and if its true– really, honestly true? you won’t even need hands to experience it. 

Okay we're gonna talk

I’m not even sorry about what I’m about to say: Rant Time, just disclaimer. Also my opinion, nother disclaimer!

They are pushing SO HARD for a Big Girl win this Year! You can just see it at this point there not even trying to hid it anymore. Now, as a big guy, I would love to see a big girl take the win! But not Ginger, anybody BUT Ginger.

Ginger has arguably won 3 challenges. (First win - okay, I get. Second - Um okay not really. Third - Apparently Katya is invisible at this point.)
There is nothing new or exciting about Ginger, it’s the same old gown and crown, that we’ve seen. I respect it, as we should respect all forms of drag. But it’s boring. I’ve tried to like her - and I did for a short time. But she’s just very bitter most of the time and it’s not appealing.

I’m like 95% Ginger could’ve just stood there and they’d let her stay. Trixie Slayed once again and yet once again she’s sent home! Like R U FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!??!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!Trixie got the shittiest wrap EVER! She’s so creative and much more funnier than what was shown! I love how every challenge after both of Trixie’s elimination are ones she would have had IN THE BAG!! Don’t you just love this season? >:((((((


I feel like we are a little down by seeing the picture last night but maybe not (it’s okay) Honestly I was wondering what was taking her so long. But it’s reality right now..I don’t like it anymore than anyone else and I wouldn’t even if there was no Meryl. It doesn’t mean it’s forever (hope not) I realize it’s just a picture but maybe if he looked happy in just one I’d see it a little more (probably not) How he looks in these pictures is the Maks I love..I really don’t care about P. Let’s all just focus on these two beautiful people that brought us all here..

Love you guys 😘

It really fucking annoys me when people are in relationships, and there partner says “you clearly don’t love me if you won’t have sex with me.” No. This is not okay. No one has to have sex with ANYONE if they don’t want to! Just because they don’t want sex doesn’t mean they love there partner any less. This is guilt tripping them into doing something they’re uncomfortable with, and I’m not okay with this.

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Hey! I really love your writing. You fill every prompt incredibly creatively and your characterization of both Bruce and Tony is just spot on. I was wondering if you could do a continuation of [/post/115752568934/so-in-truth]. It doesn't have to be long or anything, but I'd love to see more of this take on Tony's insecurity.

[that’s like … shit, thank you. seriously. sorry, my brain stuttered over reading that, and just keeps stuttering every time, and - thank you. that’s such a wonderful compliment, I needed that]

[Actually had two answers to this, but I went with this one because the other answer would’ve taken place further into the timeline and I didn’t really want to write it with no build up… So hopefully this is okay!]

There are two different Tony Starks inhabiting Avengers Tower.

The Tony who darts across the hallway between his own disarrayed workshop and Bruce’s gleaming, equally disorganized laboratory is the closest version to the Tony Stark he had met on the Helicarrier. It’s the Tony who rambles off scientific jargon at an electric speed that Bruce’s mind joyously chases after, who has to visibly think to pause for breath, who claps him on the back or shoulder with unexpectant affection, who cautiously presents a crack or joke with an expression quivering between a cringe and a smile – it always ends in a smile, because on their floor, in a place where the billionaire seems to be more at home than he does in the rest of the tower, Bruce is quick to snark back in the playful banter that always makes his grin a little less sharp. He’d be lying if he ever said he doesn’t relish in it, the ease his friend is slowly realizing he can have around him, the trust that, though tentative and questioning, is being given to him. It’s a warmth in his chest, really, to realize he’s being considered worthy of it.

But there’s still the other Tony – the one who walks around the team with a mask, who keeps quiet in uncertainty, nervous in company, straight-faced in the presence of criticism.

One day, Clint makes an off-handed comment about Tony dressing his age. The next day, the man is dressing in clothes similar to Steve’s – dress shirts and unwrinkled slacks. So obviously uncomfortable – there’s a line, Bruce knows, between what Tony wears to the office and what he wears at home, a cut to severe one world of responsibility from another of comfort – so obviously willing to be uncomfortable just for the sake of being one step closer to acceptance, like a kid transferred into a new school, looking for a way to make friends, to be liked.

It sets Bruce’s teeth on edge.

There’s a large, dark, pulsating part of his mind that wants to confront this team people that have been invited to live in this luxurious building, who have been provided for to an extent that would surpass even the attentions of the most attentive lover, who use the provisions with the respect they’re due but don’t pause to be grateful or respectful to the hand that has given them … actual confrontation isn’t something he’s particularly capable of, unless it calls for mass destruction of property and life.

Fortunately, he likes the feel of t-shirts.

When Bruce walks into the kitchen for the group breakfast Steve so earnestly insists they have, he’s neither smiling nor frowning, half-focused on the tantalizing smell of fresh pancakes, half-conscious on what he’s doing.

He doesn’t really even notice the staring until he’s already sitting in his usual spot next to Clint, and only then, it’s the old-habit itching of eyes on him that draws his anxious suspicion with the Other Guy’s questioning stir.

“What?” He poses, blinking.

“Um…” Steve drawls, a plate of pancakes balancing in pause in his hands, and Natasha snorts.

“Is that Stark’s?” Clint demands bluntly, eyes dropping from his face to his shirt. At the end of the table, Tony makes an unintelligible, very quiet noise.

Bruce ducks his head to swallow his smirk, eyeing the shirt spanning his chest as he reaches up to turn the music off. The cotton is worn-down in age and wash, gentle against his skin and more comfortable than he had imagined it would be, and while the color is darker than he would normally wear, he’s actually quite fond of the faded print of the Periodic Table it bears.

“Yeah,” he admits, looking up and allowing himself a small smile. “T-shirts are a little more comfortable than button-downs for day-to-day wear. And I think it looks pretty cool.” He shoots an apologetic look to Tony, who is still staring at him in obvious swirling thought. “Sorry I raided your closet. I haven’t really had an opportunity to go shopping.”

“I’ll take you,” his friend promises quickly on a stunned breath. “I know a store. It’s great – great stuff. You’ll love it.” He blinks rapidly as Steve slides the plate of pancakes in front of him. “…Yeah.”

“Thank you.” Bruce keeps smiling.

Later that night, Tony ambles into his lab, chattering a little slower than normal, wearing a familiar Black Sabbath shirt.

Bruce throws back an answer that sets the man off to his usual speed, and doesn’t comment.

Well I don’t really care if people wear a sombrero and party with us on cinco de mayo, as long as their sudden love for mexicans doesn’t banish suddenly and start yelling shit like “deport them back, illegal aliens or wetbacks”. If your gonna celebrate you better stick with us till the end.

If you want to celebrate cinco de mayo, okay cool. Just understand its value to Mexicans. Don’t use cinco de mayo for your own convenience to party and get drunk then as soon as its over, throw us away the next day.

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How can you not know if you have a boyfriend? Does that mean there's someone you like at the moment? Are you courting him? Lol spill all! Why don't you let us give you advice for a change?

I don’t know who you are, but I will find you, and I will hug you, because you are amazing! I just love how this is like gossiping over cocktails with friends :P

Okay, I’ll indulge you my old friend ;) I don’t have a boyfriend, but I also don’t know where I am with this guy I’ve been seeing for a while. We text every day (expect for once), we have been going on really fun dates, and I really enjoy spending time with him. But he’s been hurt in the past and I don’t think he’s ready to open up and be vulnerable again. Everything is all well and good, but I want more. I think if he let his guard down he would be a great for me, but I also don’t know if he’s ready to let go of the past yet. 

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I really want to ship SC and I think they're both okay and I love reading your stuff especially on the dyamic of Sterowood. But I'm still a Forwood shipper by heart. I want to like your ship and your fandom, you guys seem so nice. But I just didn't seem to like how the writers seemed to forget the Forwood friendship never existed. Maybe that's why I'm a little bitter like it's all just SC now. No room for hate or to hate on your side of the fandom but I just wish we had a proper closure for TC.

Hey Anon! Well I don’t think you should ever try to force yourself to like something, I mean I never ship anything until I feel that one moment on my own where it just kind of sparks. I’m glad you enjoy my thoughts on Sterowood, it’s one of those things I always liked but the show never fully explored it. I completely agree with you that Forwood got the rawest deal of any relationship of the show because they received basically no closure. I think the relationship was mishandled completely in favor of propping KC and Tyler is probably the most undervalued and underused character on the show. Also as much as I love SC I do think they isolated Stefan and Caroline too much from the other characters this season to build their romance up and in turn ignored their other friendships/dynamics. However, I do think there’s some hope for Forwood closure because Candice said recently that she filmed upcoming scenes with Trevino and it does give closure to their relationship. I take Candice’s word for the most part because she’s always been a “tell it like it is” kind of girl.

Oh we really are a pretty nice bunch over here in the SC fandom, however we do bring our claws out when the haters try and belittle our ship ;)