Goddamn I really freaking love this fandom though

I love how we all just have this collective break down whenever something happens, and you just have a mass of emotional posts on your dash, and everyone is just so together on everything???


Okay so I didn’t think Tyler Hoechlin was a bad person or anything but I didn’t think he could be as sweet as everybody says he is. Spoiler alert: I was wrong as hell!! So I went to get his autograph and we chatted a little bit, he was all chill and smiley and asked how I was and wanted to see how our picture turned out. Normal stuff. Then I told him that I was having a rough time recently, but meeting somebody I admired so much made it feel worth it. He sat up and got really serious after that and I’m not sure how I’m still alive because he held my hand with his huge ass hands and said, “Are you gonna be okay? You’ll be okay. Just gotta keep pushing through it, right love?” He seemed like he wasn’t sure what to say but was obviously concerned, and all I could say was yeah and thank you multiple times because I was so overwhelmed and I’m pretty sure I would have cried if I said anything else. Before I left I thanked him again and he said, “Take care, sweetie.” It was more than anything I could have hoped for. So in short, Tyler Hoechlin is a literal angel ray of sunshine who cares about his fans a lot and everyone should love him.

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hey tyla i just wanted to ask you how you like your first year of college so far? love the movement by the way [ + ]

my first year of college with type stressful. a lot of people not realizing i was going to nyu, so a lot of, no privacy lol. work load was okay. probably could have done better but i did my minimum lol. really trying to just convince myself to stay here and finish up my 3 years but it’s getting really tough with all the touring and traveling and etc.

Can I ask you for a favour? To send me some good vibes cause I’m sad and I really wish for a better tomorrow okay?

(Don’t worry nothing happened. Just one of those days. Or weeks.)

I’m going to sleep wishing you all a very good day or night.

You all are amazing and I love you a lot.

Hooray, I got my first prompt today!!

totally unexpectedly submitted by honeysticks : “I forgot my umbrella and you offered to walk me home in the rain and I thought this would be the beginning of a cute love story but you’re really shit at this oh my god my shoulder is so wet, hold the damn thing properly wth man” au

pretty pleeaseee c:

(slightly changed, I hope it’s still remotely okay!)

Her preferred Deli was in the neighborhood, practically just around the corner; but that could still be a long long way to walk if you were fully packed with two huge paper bags and it was raining cats and dogs, like it was now. Luckily, Emma hadn’t forgotten her umbrella this time. But, as it turned out, it wasn’t that easy opening it with one hand while trying to balance the two bags in her other hand. She started to curse under her breath, when a strong buffet of wind hit her from behind, ripped the half-opened umbrella from her hand and smashed it lethally against the post of a street lamp. She stumbled a little, and one of the grocery bags fell from her hand.

“Really?!” she hissed and crouched down on the pavement to collect the oranges, avocados and the packet with the taco shells. Obviously, today was not her day. At least the rain seemed to subside a little – it didn’t fall on her blonde curls as heavy as before.

When she gathered her last belongings, she became aware of a pair of feet standing very close to her. She frowned and let her curious glance wander up along legs in tight black jeans, belonging to a man clad in a black leather jacket, holding an umbrella over her crouched figure, smiling down at her from a pair of disturbingly blue eyes and with an amused expression that infuriated her somehow. The rain was streaming over the stranger’s face, soaking his almost black hair. “Need a hand, love?” he asked and indeed offered her one to help her up.

He had an unusual accent, European maybe, and a certain timbre to his voice that infuriated her even more. And really – love? The last time someone had called her that, it had been an old lady when she had held the door open for her.

Emma ignored the hand and rose to her feet as graciously as she could, having packed either arm with a grocery bag now. “Listen, bud,” she snapped, “if that’s supposed to be a clever pick-up line – it’s not working.”

The stranger obviously wasn’t easily offended. “I was just trying to be a gentleman,” he replied smoothly, still that amused twinkle in his eyes, “but I suppose that’s overrated.” She’d have expected him to turn away, but he didn’t. He was still holding the umbrella over her head, stoically ignoring the rain washing over his face.

She rolled her eyes, more at herself. Someone was trying to be nice to her, and she poured all her bad mood over him. “I’m sorry,” she backpedaled quickly, “it’s just… I’m not used to…”

“I’m going to walk this way now,” he interrupted her stutter in a calm voice and pointed in the direction where her apartment was. “If that’s your way, too, I shall gladly offer you a space under my umbrella.”

Emma wasn’t the spontaneous type, and this stranger with his accent, that weird way of talking and his too blue eyes was exactly the type she usually steered clear of. For a second she contemplated to tell him that she had to go the opposite way, but then she replied – spontaneously: “Actually, it is. And thank you.”

With a slight tilt of his head, he stepped a little to the side, in the middle of the pavement, and held the umbrella over his head, leaving space for her to slip under it. She felt a little silly and clumsy, but then she drew a deep breath and stepped under the protective umbrella. He grinned and murmured something she didn’t really understand because in that moment, a van was driving by, but she could have sworn she’d heard him say “that’s a good girl.”

They started to walk along the street side by side in silence, and the more they walked, the more nervous she got. Obviously, the stranger had really nothing else in his mind than to be nice and offer his help, because he didn’t even remotely try to hit on her, and that was a situation Emma hadn’t yet had to handle. He wasn’t even looking at her or trying to make stupid smalltalk; he was just walking, and weirdly enough, even though they were walking side by side it seemed like he was leading the way in a strangely chivalrous manner, steering around obstacles and puddles on the pavement. Curiously, she studied his profile: thick, expressive eyebrows, a classic nose and an impressively strong jawline, peppered by ginger stubble, did make him very attractive, she admitted to herself. And those stupid blue eyes. If she were the type to believe in that kind of stuff, this would be the stereotype of a romantic movie – the random encounter with the attractive stranger in an absurd situation that led to a sickeningly sweet love story and an even more sickeningly sweet happy ending. But she wasn’t that type; stupid romantic movies were about as realistic as fairy tales.

Actually, that’s a shame, she thought and frowned at herself. Really, what was wrong with her? She stole another glance at her knight in shiny leather. She knew she was pretty attractive herself, and he didn’t even waste a glance on her? Something had to be wrong with him anyway. What an idiot.

Suddenly, she felt cold water running down the side of her throat and noticed that her right shoulder was soaked with rain. The umbrella wasn’t big enough, and he wasn’t really holding it over her anymore. She rooted to the spot and threw him a fiery glance when he stopped too, not understanding herself why she was suddenly angry.

He raised a questioning eyebrow. “What’s wrong, love?” he asked.

“This isn’t working,” she snapped. “I’m getting wet.”

Her eyes widened at the amusement dancing over his handsome features, and she blushed for no reason. For a dreadful moment, she expected him to answer with a slippery pun. “Well, my apologies for that,” he replied innocently, but somehow she was sure that in another situation, he would have answered with an innuendo. “Maybe you should contemplate letting me help with those bags, then you’d have your left arm free and could walk a little closer to me, so we’d both fit perfectly under the umbrella.”

He offered his left hand, but she shoved the second grocery bag in her right arm too, securing it with her hip. “I’m perfectly fine, thanks,” she said stubbornly and moved a little closer to him.

He pursed his full lips into a smirk and nodded his head once. “You’re a tough lass,” he commented, and Emma rolled her eyes, but continued to walk by his side. Her left forearm brushed against his right now, but still no word of conversation or anything else from him. Stupid, infuriating idiot.

She was almost relieved that, after a few more minutes, they’d reached the apartment house where she lived. She stopped, and he raised that eyebrow at her again, but said nothing. Suddenly, she felt embarrassed like a schoolgirl that had been walked home by her crush. She was the stupid idiot, obviously. Clumsily, she motioned her head to the stairs leading up to the entrance. “I live here,” she said and wanted to bite her tongue the moment the words were out. Really? For all she knew, he could be a fucking psychopath, and she told him where she lived? And now? She cleared her throat. “Well, thank you again.”

He nodded with a smile and tilted his head again like before, the gesture seeming strangely old-fashioned, like the hint of a bow, which was a ridiculous image. No one bowed nowadays. “Well, I’m glad that I could be of assistance, love,” he replied, “even if you got a little… wet.”

She threw him a sharp look, that little pause he’d made having caught her attention. Had he just thrown an innuendo her way, or was that merely her imagination? Well, she’d never find out; the stranger nodded at her one last time and then turned his back on her, to continue his path and walk out of her life.

Emma snorted at herself in disdain for that absurd little pang of disappointment she felt, and she turned to the door abruptly, fishing for her keys in the pocket of her jeans. Stupid idiot.

“Oh, one thing,” she heard him say and almost whirled around on her heel in surprise. He was still standing there, throwing a slight smile at her that was bright enough to cast away all the grey and rainy clouds. He scratched behind his ear. “If you’re ever surprised by the rain again…”

She swallowed, suddenly nervous. “Yeah?”

He tilted his head and cocked his eyebrow. “I will find you.”

And with that, he turned around and walked away. Emma’s incredulous eyes followed him for a few moments before she finally unlocked her door. Her mood was better now than it had been all week, and she smiled to herself. It was absurd, yes – but somehow, she knew she hadn’t seen the last of him.

Carolina and York are that pair of friends that have known eachother so long and are so familiar that everyone assumes they are dating but really when you ask them if they’re dating they go like, “Ew, gross, no. Absolutely not.” or “LOL YEAH SURE OKAY. TOTALLY. I LOVE HOW SHE HOGS ALL THE BLANKETS AND KICKS ME IN THE NUTS DURING THE NIGHT.” and “OHHHH, OKAy. FINE. IM TOTALLY DATING THIS DOUCHEBRO GEL HAIR GEL ADDICTED LOSER.” “WERE IN LOVE.” “FUCK YOU.” *fist fight*

And Wash is just like, “I literally cant’ tell if that was a yes or a no.”


Request: Okay I really love your writing so much! Like wow it’s unbelievable how amazing all your imagines are. Could you write a Castiel/reader imagine where Castiel ends up finding god (reader) and tried to confront her but ends up finding out that she’s not the god that created everything, but god’s successor and that’s why she left heave and he also finds out she already tried to help them, but even she can’t stop the things that have already been set in stone from happening (So I changed it just a bit. The reader is just a small god, not God’s successor. I hope that’s okay!)

Request: Oh my gosh I nearly forgot to submit! Good thing I remember that it’s Monday Would you be able to write an imagine where the reader is god?

Request: A story with the line: ”in the midst of such perfection, i can’t help but feel diseased”. vague enough that you can go anywhere with that.

Request: what ever love one you can think of for cas

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okay but i just want to thank the wincest shippers who have shipped it first and always will but who still support destiel- both the ship itself and the shippers-bc yes you were there first in all technicality and the winchesters do have a truly unique and interesting relationship no matter how you interpret it, but the point im trying to make is that with the help and support of the seemingly second half of supernatural’s backbone and fanbase, we all might create the most built up and in depth queer relationships on TV and I just want to thank you for not doing your best to shut it down- bc it would truly make the longest queer slowburn ever, canon. i love you guys.

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I just wanna say that you are literally my favorite blog in the world and when I'm bored or sad or stressed or nervous or whatever I just stalk you blog for like ages and last night I was really stressed and I couldn't sleep and I was scrolling through your blog till like 4:00 am omg ily even though ur the reason I now have a crick in the neck ANYWAY I JUST WANTED TO SAY I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG YOUR GOALS AF OKAY XOXOXOXO

Omg:o Thank you so so much! Ily xx♥

okay, so I’ve been talking to a couple friends about selling these bangtan stationary sets. Would any of you be interested in purchasing them? I’ll put some pics below the cut. But I really enjoyed making these and I absolutely love making things for other people! I of course I have lots of ideas for other stationary layouts and maybe postcards of some sort. Its all just planning right now and I’m really interested in doing it, but would you guys be interested in buying? please let me now, thanks ^_^

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So I finally worked up the nerve to tell my roommate that I lost my job and probably won’t be able to pay rent this coming week. After the conversation I went into my room and closed the door.

Me: Well that wasn’t as much of a train wreck as I thought it would be.


Me: Oh gosh I am so screwed.

OMG I just thought of a great new goal I'm going to accomplish this year!

Okay, so about an hour from where I live, up in really northern NY, there’s this place called the Peace Pagoda. It’s this really awesome area that surrounds a huge temple (I think it’s Buddhist?) and monks travel there from time to time, but you can go there and relax and check out the outside of the temple and just become one with nature and stuff.

 Anyway, I LOVE going there, but to get there you have to either walk up a short dirt path, almost like a road, or you can take the more difficult forest path. Well, I’ve never taken the forest path cause it’s a LOT longer, like 2 miles or so, and you have to go up hills and stuff. But I’ve heard it is SO beautiful In there. So,that’s my next small NSV goal. 

I want to go there with talia and Brice and I’ll take the long way for the first time! Ohhh! I’n so excited for it to get nicer out!

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man, i am not a het girl by any means, i came into this fandom three years ago knowing that harry likes men, but i still have this, like, 'wow prime harry was 2013 harry' but i love what he's doing now, just kind of vibing to what he WANTS to look like and i totally respect that, it's awesome. so sometimes i catch myself being like 'damn i wish he still wore that american flag bandana' but i know that's not really HIM and im just glad he's happy. i wish i had harry's courage to go my own way tbh

I think everyone has their own perception of which Harry they find the most attractive! I personally didn’t find 2013 Harry attractive at all, but love love love the way he looks now. That said, just like you said, he’s happy and he’s going his own way and it’s so so so nice :)

it’s totally okay to find Harry attractive however you find him attractive, as long as we encourage Harry to be himself :)

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Hey! I just wanted to thank you for following me back. I'm really excited about your game. It's going to be amazing. Is it okay if I use your concept art to draw some fan art? I can't wait to play the game. [:

People, the floor is open for fan art. We would LOVE to see. And who knows? The art is still evolving. You may end up influencing the final look of the game.

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Okay you just made my day with the Pokemon question and you love Pokemon too I'm just flailing here because I was thinking what if Ash was into Pokemon and he cosplayed as Ash or a another Pokemon character. Also I was wondering what Ash was like as a child fae/teenage fae? Thank you for your time.

Augus will be quick to tell you that Ash was spoiled and annoying as a child/teenager.

Ash was definitely spoiled. He was attention / affection hungry, and constantly bothered his brother for affection, even when Augus actually literally had to go out and find food for the both of them. Ash was also fussy - he liked apples but couldn’t/wouldn’t climb trees for them, but he’d also try and get Augus’ attention while Augus was climbing trees for them, with things like ‘Augus have you got enough now? Augus I’m hungry. Augus just drop me some. Augus can I have some more? Augus I’m hungry.’ And so on.

He was extroverted and liked to talk to everyone and everything, which got them both into trouble a few times. And he also liked to play, and his idea of when was an appropriate time to wrestle his brother to the ground was usually when Augus was trying to do something to help them to survive. So you could probably imagine Augus as a very long-suffering slightly older fae, and Ash as the brat who followed him around everywhere adoringly and annoyingly, lol. 

Ash also didn’t like to sleep alone / in his own bed, and he was prone to night terrors that Augus often couldn’t wake him through (which led to the technique of waking that involves Augus simply lying on his brother’s chest until the weight woke him up).

Ash was very interested in humans, despite Augus trying to steer him away from them. He loved baby animals. He liked copying the movements of other animals (baby Ash copying frogs, for example). And he was generally up early, didn’t want to fall asleep, and resisted every kind of boundary or sense of order that Augus laid down for him. If Ash behaved himself, it was either because he was really scared (i.e. that they might not survive the winter), or it was because he knew that Augus was really at the end of his tether. He didn’t really pay attention to rules for the sake of rules. 

But he spent a lot of his life saying the following: ‘Augus, what are you doing? Augus, I’m bored. Augus, will you pat my hair? Augus, I’m hungry. Augus, what are you doing? Can I do it? Augus, pet my hair. Augus, why won’t you play with me? Play with me!’ And so on. He also wasn’t above bursting into crocodile tears to get his brother’s attention. And when as he grew older, that turned into pouting, puppy dog eyes, and then eventually just shamelessly using his glamour to get Augus to be nice to him.

So basically Ash was an affectionate, playful brat. What a nightmare. :D

guess whos packing for anime boston???? YEAH ITS ME!!!

This is what I look like, so if you see me, SAY HI! Id really love to meet you! And if you feel award, that’s okay, you don’t have to say hi.

In case you get anxious meeting new people, and don’t really know what to say, just try asking if its me! if I am me ill say hi and break the ice for you!


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So far in your 500 books challenge, which one would you recommend? I really want to read something new because everything I've been reading has been so lack luster lately

okay so majority of the books are books i read for my 500 challenge, while some (just little) are books i’ve loved so much that i’ve reread over 100000 times. and i’m really judgmental on sci-fi books because a lot of authors don’t realize that sci-fi and fantasy are two different things and fantasy can have sci-fi elements, but sci-fi cannot have fantasy element. so i really won’t list any sci-fis on here.

young adult


  • The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg (heartbreaking, btw!!!)
  • Pivot Point & Split Second (sequel) by Kasie West
  • These Broken Stars & This Shatter World (sequel) by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner [IT’S HEARTBREAKING, BOTH OF THEM BUT I LOVE IT.]
  • The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves & Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Nightmare Affair & The Nightmare Dilemma (sequel) by Mindee Arnett (BEST PROTAGONIST IN A FANTASY NOVEL EVER!!!!!)
  • Cinder, Scarlet, & Cress by Marissa Meyer (I’m iffy on recommending Fairest because it’s really twisted and there’s some trigger-worthy things in there)
  • Demons at Deadnight & Drop Dead Demons (Sequel) by A&E Kirks.
  • Bad Girls Don’t Die, From Bad to Curse, & As Dead As It Gets (sequels) by Katie Alender
  • Burn For Burn, Fire With Fire, Ashes to Ashes (sequel) by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian [although book 3 pissed me off a lot, i think it wraps up everything nicely]


  • I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios
  • On The Fence by Kasie West
  • Distance Between Us by Kasie West
  • Picture Perfect by Catherine Clark (THE BEST PORTRAYAL OF FRIENDSHIPS EVER. HOLY SHIT. A+++++)
  • Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
  • Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols
  • Summer in the City by Elizabeth Chandler
  • The Avery Shaw Experiment by Kelly Oram
  • Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han


  • Torched by Andrea Colt (it’s more contemporary than mystery, but i think the mystery aspect is the focal point)
  • Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas
  • Dark Secrets Series by Elizabeth Chandler
  • Reclaimed by Sarah Guillory

new adult


  • Slow Burn by Nicole Christie (THE ONLY LOVE TRIANGLE I’LL EVER TOLERATE)
  • Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
  • Like Gravity by Julie Johnson

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How do you feel about side chicks? Me and this guy I'm talking to have a really complicated relationship and I know he's talking to other girls and I'm cool with it. And I know he'd be cool if I talked to other guys. But I'd rather be a side chick than not be anything at all to him because he's literally my perfect guy. But I kinda already want to be more than that and I'm scared because I don't want to end up actually liking him and him not being on the same page. Help.

lmao have some self respect how do you rather be a side chick than not be anything .. i mean you know being in a relationship with someone that really loves you and respects you is never going to make you say things like this

are you sure he loves you and he isn’t just using you because it sounds like that to me he’s okay with you doing every thing and he assumes that you’re okay with him doing shit too .. nice relationship 

i hope for you that you find reallove asap