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Again thank you all so much! This made me incredibly happy and I love you all


sooo i’ve been tagged in the 20 beautiful people tag by larrymoments4everlove, vkook, jinips, kittykwonnie, annyeongpabo and the lovely vseoks. i’m really touched because you’re all such wonderful people /)/////(\ lots of love to you all!

thank you to literally everyone who will be putting up with my face on their dash! i love you. i just snapped these on the train yesterday because there was little better to do <3 ahaha um oh gosh how do i choose just twenty people? 

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also anyone who sees this and reads it because i want to tag everyone but it says twenty arrrgghh :/// you’re all absolutely breathtakingly beautiful though and deserve the world, whether i tagged you or not. i hope you have a wonderful day and this is an open invitation for anyone to come to my askbox when they’re in need.

anyway um, despite sounding redundant i’m going to say it again. you are beautiful. yes, you reading this. be it the shape of your lips, how your eyes sparkle, the kindness you show others or how you protect your friends. all of those things make you beautiful. you are beautiful in all that you are no one can ever take that from you.

A Father’s Day Surprise

TITLE: A Father’s Day Surprise


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: OC decides to give Tom a gift.


Author’s notes: I changed up the prompt an anon sent me but hopefully, it’s okay. This made me happy to write. It’s fairly short. Please tell me what you think :)

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beautiful people tag ❤️❤️

i was tagged by everyonesalittlegay-okay to post 4 of my best selfies and tag a bunch of people to do the same

(and of course don’t feel obligated to do so, you’re all lovely people regardless)

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What Aqua thinks of the Signs

Aries: You guys are so fun and so sweet. You’re such badasses, but you do have a tendency to be straight up assholes.

Taurus: My best friend is a Taurus and omg she’s so cute and adorable and asdfghjkl. She brings out my weird side. She’s also an amazing cuddler holy shiitt. But y'all can be really emotional, it’s okay though.

Gemini: I fucking love Geminis I want to collect all of them gimme. My boyf is also a Gem and I’ve never been happier! But you are super airy and have attention problems.

Cancer: You guys are so cuuttee. I just wanna give you giant hugss! Just tone down on the emotions though dude.

Leo: Co-owner of this blog and such a fucking badass bitch. I love her so so much. You guys just make my life ok. But calm down on the complaining jeeezzz.

Virgo: Idk what to think about you guys. Y'all are cool I guess but a little too serious for my liking. Keep doing you Virgos.

Libra: I think of Libra as my sister sign tbh. You guys are so weird and fun and deep. You are really super sweet to me too. Thanks for existing Libras.

Scorpio: OMFG you guys are such airheads and it’s honestly so cute I can’t handle it. You’re also really funny and fun to talk to unless you’re mad.

Sagittarius: I can’t get over how much y'all make me laugh, it’s ridiculous! You always make everything sooo much fuunnn. But tone down on the temper tantrums yooo.

Capricorn: Honestly you guys are secretly incredibly funny. You are the right balance between work and play and when you come out to play y'all are awesome! Just work on your mini tempers ok.

Aquarius: Idk how I feel about other Aquas. I love you guys so much when you’re in a good mood! But your bad moods suck ass, you’re so bitchy when you’re in a shitty mood. It’s ok though I still love you.

Pisces: Waayy to cutesy and daydreamy for me man. You guys are uber adorable, but maybe get your heads outta the clouds when you’re engaged in a conversation.

Thank you, for Following this Dog With a Blog!!

          I totally didn’t expect people to follow this blog. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too serious when I first made this blog, and know I’m totally in love with Nigou!! I was really surprised that the Kuroko no Basuke roleplay fandom accepted me so easily. You guys are so nice!! I’m extremely happy roleplaying this cute little puppy. My favorite part about roleplaying Nigou was the water ice bucket/water battle. I think that was the most fun I ever had when roleplaying. (Plus, the whole dog with a blog thing will forever stick with me.)

          Okay, so if you are on this list, then that means I love roleplaying with you, I want to roleplay with you, or I just stalk you from afar (on the dash and your blog) like a creep. Even if you are not on this list I still love you with all of my heart. And I’m pretty sure that I may have forgotten a few people on the list; I am sorry for that.

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OKAY, so I just made this blog back in November and I’ve already put it on hiatus THREE times, one of which lasted several months, so I really can’t believe that I have this many people who follow me?? Thank you all so much for putting up with my B.S. on your dash. A super special thank you to those who I RP with who are hella patient and hella talented and all around hella. I love you all to the moon and back and then maybe once more around. This isn’t really in any particular order, tbh, and if you aren’t on here it isn’t anything personal– I just either haven’t been following you very long, or we don’t know each other well. (P.S. the bae’s are bolded.)

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I really hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to make sure you all know a few things:

It’s okay to admit to your struggles, it doesn’t make you a weak person it makes you brave.
Putting your thoughts into words will make you feel better because you get to sort out your emotions and come to terms with them.
Talk to someone, even if you don’t think they’ll understand. New perspectives on situations work magicly.
You are never useless. Even when you are doing nothing. Trees just stand there, but they supply us with oxygen and we can’t live without them.
Relapsing is okay. It’s a part of the process of getting better.

My ask is always open for support. We’ll get through this together, okay? Xxx

love-layah asked:

Hello (: I was wondering if you could recommend a few (or a lot is okay too) Chinese ballads/sad songs. I like female songs most but male songs are good too. I really like the high tones of female voices?? I usually love the songs you post and have many saved. But I want a lot more just don't know really where to start looking or who is best to listen to. Pleaseeeeeeee and thank you~ <3

I usually answer non-anon messages privately ;o; but because I have been getting this question too often recently TT___TT I hope you don’t mind me answering on public and using this as a f.a.q. post-ish. 

  • this is the ultimate recommendation list with links (I tried linking mv with eng subs. x_x I should probably update it because it’s years old..) 
  • then there’s my cpoprec tag, which consists of 112 pages (still growing) of audio posts (but probably 20% of it is exo/chanyeol– so roughly 89/90 pages of actual cpop songs) 
  • my suggestion: go here trntbl.me/yeollovemebaek which compiles all my audio posts. Put that playlist on shuffle until you hit a song you like 
  • literally everything in my cpoprec tag is something I would recommend ;o; because I went out of my way to search it up– aka I will most likely just redirect you to my cpoprec tag if you ask for recommendations. :’| 

hope this help ;o; 

additional sources:

And please let me know which songs you already have saved ;o; so I can give you more specific recommendations of higher-ranged female ballad songs (artist wise I would recommend Claire Guo, Gem Tang, Jane Zhang, Jess Lee, Alin, Della Ding… **I think they usually sing/can reach the higher range**)

The Year of Our Disbelief

by Kristina Haynes

I don’t want to walk past his apartment
but his laughter is still the only thing I can trust.
My body feels like a waiting room and I’ve already  
tried pills, vodka, men. Mascara piled on so thick  
I can barely open my eyelids but the thing is,
I don’t want to see. You tried to love me once  
and compared it to having too many teeth.
I don’t really miss you anymore but I still haven’t
told my therapist. Sometimes it’s nice just to have
someone to talk to, you know? When I’m afraid
I sleep with the television on, volume low
so the voices can’t quite touch me. Everything  
is just static. I am okay. I. Am. Okay. I-am, okay.
He texts me about all the fun he’s having but
I’m the first person he tells about a paper cut.
My sister compares her body to a junkyard
and I find bits of scrap metal beneath her bed
from boys who bury promises in her belly. Maybe
love ruins you a little bit. Maybe we don’t care.
We are so young to hate everything so much.
Can recite the periodic table from memory  
but still can’t quite believe it when they say  
that they love us, too. 


Day 27 of National Poetry Month.

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Aaaand some of the tags are still refusing to work – sorry! I’m trying. Let me know if you want on or off the tag list.

anonymous asked:

What does cubby's voice sound like? I mean, I could always ask her, but i wanna see how sappy you'd sound like.

I’m not sure how to explain it really.

Her voice is really soothing to me. Like, everytime we’re on call, I usually just stay quiet most of the time because I love hearing her talk and chuckle and hum.

She mostly hums when she’s doing something, like homework or browsing through the internet.

She chuckles softly, and laughs really loud but I really like hearing her.

I get super drowsy because that’s how soothing her voice is for me.

I always apologize if I seem bored or tired when we’re on call because I just lay my head down and listen to her.

cause I love hearing her so much;;;;

anonymous asked:

Ive never talked to you before but i need help and ive been following you for ages, i LOVE igab and we are in lots of fandoms together i hope its okay. My "best friend" outed me and a friend to my entire year on Friday and since i go to one of the bitchy preppy private all girls schools in London it been really hard (people laughing behind my back) and i am dreading tomorrow morning. I'm not a mean person and i dont know how to react to her or anyone else? sorry for the rant, thnks for readingxx

Holy shit. 

Well first off, I’d just like to say that I’m so, so sorry that that happened to you but you should immediately get rid of that friend. Cut all ties, no matter how much it hurts to do so. You may remember “the good times” but someone who you once could trust has violated that trust. You have every right to be angry, you have probably a lot of revenge fantasies going through your head, but you need to hold back. Use that rage for something else. Paint something, write something, create something. The next time you see that girl, be distant but pleasant. You will be the better person for this. One day, she will realize what she’s done.

God, I’m just amazed at how cruel people can be. I’m the type who likes to believe in the best of people, and somehow I’m surprised when they prove me wrong. You’d think I would have learned by now. However, there are good people out there and I think those are the ones you should be concerning yourself with. 

As someone who has survived high school, let me give you a third party perspective: No one remembers shit about high school.

Seriously, every high schooler thinks that every little thing they do is scrutinized to the umpteenth degree when that’s not the case. While this can be something that is a lot more serious than wearing an unflattering t-shirt, this will pass. Sure, there may be some people who are bigots who hurt others because there is something in their own life that is lacking. And maybe teasing is what makes them feel just a tad better about themselves. But their words will lose their meaning. Give it time. Statistically, there will be people who won’t care about your sexuality and will support you. Those people will make themselves known to you in the coming days. 

And when you’re all graduated and come back for a high school reunion (if you guys do that, do you guys do that?), no one is going to 1) care 2) remember or 3) mind. You have friends, you have family, you have yourself. Remember that people love you and that’s all that matters.

I can guess how terrible it must feel right now, knowing you have to go back to school. Your chest is tight, you feel like puking, you want to cry, and that’s okay. That’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s something wrong with them. But it will get better. I promise. I am so serious about this. It will get better. 

You are going to get through this. You are going to be strong. You are going to be all right. 

anonymous asked:

How would exo react if they find out that you //their gf// have anorexy and bulimia?

Sure thing! I just want everyone to know that this is not at all okay. You are beautiful regardless of your weight, and no one wants you to do this to yourself. Beautiful are everyone of you, male, female, both or neither - remember that I love you, and I want you to take care of yourself. So please please please, do that for me. 

Xiumin: That’s … ah … that really isn’t okay, y/n. I don’t know what I can say to make you stop, but just know that I want you to. 

Luhan: But this can’t … that’s not true, right?

Kris: How could you think this is okay? You can’t do something so awful to yourself, especially when you’re already a beautiful person inside and out. 

Suho: *can’t say anything because he knows he’ll start crying immediately*

Lay: But why? Why would you do something so awful to yourself?

Baekhyun: I’m not letting you do this to yourself anymore. I’m putting a stop to this right now; I don’t care what it takes. We’ll get through this together. 

Chen: If you think I’m going to let this keep happening, you’re dead wrong. You should know me well enough by now to know that there’s no way in hell I’m letting you purposefully decline yourself proper nutrition just because of your appearance - which, if I might add, is beautiful in every possible way. 

Chanyeol: *tries to think of a way to get you to eat more without seeming to forceful*

Kyungsoo: *immediately starts making you food* You’re going to eat this. I don’t care if I have to force-feed you. 

Tao: I’m sorry. I should have noticed before it got this bad …

Kai: *hugs you tightly* Please, eat. I don’t want to see you hurting like this. I want you to be healthy. 

Sehun: You can’t … you can’t do this to yourself, y/n. I’ve seen what this does to other people at the company, and it’s not good for you. Please don’t try and put yourself through so much pain. 

Hope you liked this! Feel free to send in reaction/scenario/ship requests! My box is always open to everything!


Okay, so Dragon Age Fandom shit that I may or may not get criticized about

Okay so here’s the dealio. I see people hating on characters alllll the time right? Well, it usually leads to a battle of some sort because someone wants to romance a character or because someone’s disagreeing with anothers idea, or they flat out just hate that character.

Am I the ONLY DA fan that LOVES all the characters? And when I say I love them all I mean ALL OF THEM. Here’s some examples!

As you guys know, my fave characters in DA:I are Cole, Krem, Lavellan, Solas, Cassandra, and Varric. This means I love to see fanart of them, talk about them more etc. etc. right? But here’s another thing!

I also love characters like: Scout Harding- always clearing out the inquisitions first area to explore-, Corephius- that evil bastard that keeps the story going, and has reason behind his ambitions-, Morrigan, who despite warnings indulges herself in tempting waters….

I mean, every character has their flaws!? MOST PEOPLE DO!?

Example of a few fights I’ve come across in my part of the fandom:

1. People wanting to romance Cole= Who gives a fuck let them do what they want just don’t follow them or block the post.

2. People hate on the Cole is Solas and Lavellan’s baby= Real life parents make mistakes and Solas is a prime example of that when he wants Cole to become a pure spirit again.


I guess this is just a small rant about it- you can ignore rants like these of mine by typing in shut up zombay for the block post thing.

anonymous asked:

you know I was thinking about it and i'm still really upset about dereks death and I think the only way I'd be semi-okay with it would be if christina was still on the show. Cause I loved their dynamic and merders dynamic and now I don't really love meredith with anyone else? I like the alex/mer scenes but it's just not the same. I miss the early seasons so much. Sorry this was a pointless message I just needed to get that out haha

Nah, it wasn’t pointless bc I totally agree with you. The Mer/Alex relationship isn’t the same as it used to be and she just isn’t close enough with anyone else, beside maybe Webber. I’m assuming her and Amy will find some kind of sisterly bond now but it’s gonna be depressing tbh :/

anonymous asked:

Could you please rank the episodes this season from favorite to least favorite? Not necessary but feel free to include a snippet as to why. Just a heads up, you may be seeing this on your dash as I'm sending this out to a few of my fav TMP blogs. Love y'all!

Okay, I divided them between those I loved (which is most of them), liked, and didn’t like as much.  I’m really curious which were the 6 additional episodes.  Most of my lower-rated episodes were after they got the additional episode order, and I’m guessing the last four I listed were ALL part of that additional order.  Edited to add I just realized I left out “No More Mr. Noishe Guy,” which I’m sure was one of the additional episodes.  So I think my bottom five all were.   However, since I’m guessing Christmas and What About Peter were not, I guess one of the episodes I liked best (I’m thinking Cathoholic or maybe What to Expect) was also part of the extras, which is impressive.I’d love to hear others’ thoughts.


Dinner at the Castellanos – both because I loved how it advanced the plot (and Mindy and Danny sweetness) and because I just love Alan, Little Danny, Dot, and Annette

We’re a Couple Now, Haters – for the fire escape scene which paralleled the similar scene in the season 2 opener

Best Man – loved the shower, loved the exes, loved Mindy’s acting and Messina’s.  Loved the scene between Danny and Annette.

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So many people are so controlling just by nature and it’s hard to be around, especially in friendships and it’s difficult because I understand. I really do understand where it comes from thinking you know best for your friends and just wanting them to be happy and feel okay because that’s from such a loving place, but the thing is that people need to make mistakes and do stupid shit to learn things about themselves and grow and you have to let them and being a good friend to someone sometimes is just letting them have space and letting them act like a fool and make small mistakes and you’re supposed to still be there for them when they come back and say they fucked up

Hi, babes! Admin Chrissy here and I just wanted to say that we have officially been open for two weeks today. I want to thank each and every one of you for making this roleplay last this long already and how grateful we admins are to see everyone be so friendly and inclusive ooc. The past rps that I’ve been in have been very clique-y and seeing everyone get along so well is truly heartwarming. Anyways, happy two weeks, my loves! Let’s go for another, yes? xoxo