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Ok, possibly a really stupid question, but what is that pink stuff in her mouth on the "Girls" shirt?

Some friends and I think it may be pepto bismol or pink colored milk but tbh *matty voice* nobody knows

My Online Dating process

Me looking at my Ok Cupid matches

Me looking at my tinder matches before deleting the app for the 3rd time

Me finding an IG crush and setting goals 

Me being magically convinced to actually go out on a date

My date

Me at the beginning of the date

Me midway through date

Right before I leave the date

Me at home in bed alone on my IG Crush’s page

My IG Crush when I comment on that new photo he put up


Turns out the boyfriend is BRENDAN so ofc Archie couldn’t be happier for his little girl because he’s so nice and has been with her since they were kids 

but Maxie is like

arceus have mercy on the boy


ahhh the joy of parenting at its finest

I’M SO glad you asked this question I’ve been wanting to draw teenage parenting drama for so long but i didn’t have any excuses lol

Maxie is definitely the over-protective dad but it’s because he just cares so much about May and hasn’t still dealt with the fact that her little princess has grown up 

Archie, as a lawful ‘cool dad’, lets her do most things and take her own decisions bc he wants May to know he trusts her and supports her (but of course will sometimes be like “gurl listen to yer dads or u will end up real bad”)

Wait until they find out she’s going out with………… BOYS *gasps of horror*

also hell yeahs to chubby May am I right