Rwby Relationship Week Day 2: Neptune/Pyrrha

AU: Twelve year old Neptune and his father work at a prestigious country club and Pyrrha is a golfing prodigy who gOES OFF on the kid because Neptune learns how to flirt with girls from old cheesy eighties sitcoms that are hoRRIBLE.

(Except Pyrrha’s “GOING OFF” on Neptune is actually just a scolding and the next day she’s got to deal with some crybaby bumbling idiot apologizing and asking her not to fire him or his dad.)

They become friends and Neptune learns that flirting is ok as long as you’re not a douche about it to others

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is it bad that whenever I hear about someone taking adhd pills for fun it always pisses me off? like I spent forever and a half trying to get these pills so I can try to scrape up my academic career and you're out begging your friend who actually needs it for a few adderall pills to get high. ok then.

It’s not bad to be annoyed by this. Some people are very selfish. They don’t care that their advantage is unfair, that it makes it harder for people who are struggling to get needed medication, that it damages the public perception of ADHD, or that they could hurt themselves.

One thing I’d like to ask our followers, especially college-student followers, is that you keep your meds in a secure place and never give away or sell your meds. I understand how tempting it can be to sell a few pills and pay for the next month’s medication or whatever, but selling ADHD meds other people hurts all of us.


Like this post if you would like to develop a relationship* with Steve; by this I mean more than a one-off interaction here and there, but an actual, invested RP relationship. I deeply enjoy my brief interactions when I post opens, and will absolutely continue to do those, but I’d also like to develop some more threads and relationships that build history between our characters.

I will check out each blog who likes this post and reach out if I think our writing would be compatible to do this! Or I may post a little form for you to submit if you’re interested. Actually, that’s a good idea, I think I’ll do that once I see how much interest there is, if any.

*RELATIONSHIP DOES NOT MEAN ROMANTIC. It certainly could if there’s chemistry, but that is not my end goal for this post and I am interested in exploring all kinds of character dynamics. If you absolutely do not want to even consider shipping, I am so fine with that it’s not even funny. Just let me know. (There’s always the chance that Steve may develop feelings for your muse regardless of what I think, but I will never pressure anyone into a ship, and I am super down for unrequited love.)

“ok this is the most important and most disgusting thing kel has said to me this is from their old skype that i dont know if they use anymore?? I would like it if my name not be mentioned though”

Someone who would like to remain anonymous sent me the above image from a conversation this user had with m1kahel on one of their inactive Skype accounts from a while ago. The message reads:

“If i pretend to have a panic attack my stupid worshipping retard followers will believe anything i say and attack who i want Its pretty funny actually”

I am disgusted by Mikahel’s use of the r-slur and not to mention their emotional manipulation by using a mental disorder to gain attention and manipulate people into harassing others.

— Admin Andromeda


OK, I saw the episode(s).
They were quite good actually.

Match Maker
This one looked more like a second pilot episode. It had a couple of establishing character moments and we even saw a bit of Tom (Star’s ex-boyfriend) and Jackie (the girl Marco has a crush on). They also mentioned (again) St. Olga Reform School, which I’m now convinced that it’s going to play a bigger role in future episodes. Ludo is your typical silly villain, but it’s surprisingly funnier than I thought. I really liked the battle scenes even though the plot itself felt a bit too predictable, but it was still enjoyable overall.

School Spirit
Now this was quite fun: a “crazy” episode, just as I wanted. An otherwise regular situation completely hijacked by Star’s powers. I had no problem with the clichéd characters (the mean cheerleader) and I loved Marco’s interactions with his two other friends. While there was no real villain here, I thought it was better than the first segment.

The show also seems to have a somehow strong continuity, but let’s just wait for a couple of more episodes to find out if they’re really planning something.

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ok so Cancer kid confession thing: this girl who was super skinny used to bully me bc I'm chubby but we were like 10 and my parents called her parents and her parents made her invite me to her birthday party (( she a gemini )) which was at a bowling alley so I weighed all the balls in my hands and she's really skinny so I offered her the heaviest one I could find and then I "accidentally" pushed someone into her so she would drop it on her foot lmao I still laugh she broke her foot

actually this is the greatest revenge story 


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I posted this but I thought I'd send it in to you.. ok so there’s actually people who don’t ship phan?
As in, they assume Dan & Phil haven’t hooked up with/even kissed anyone in the past 6 (almost 7) years?


they’re either fucking each other or secret boyfriends/girlfriends (although not impossible it seems kinda totally unlikely) or have a friend with benefits or one night stands but i mean they’d have to be super careful about who and where and shit like? (especially around me i’m a good liar they’d never even suspect i was a fan oops) 

Ok ok ok I actually have this theory that the reason Reborn is like the best hitman in the world of khr is because he’s sO FRICKEN ATTRACTIVE 







Ok I’m sorry, I’m done now.. 

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We hung out in my dream last night and you came into my house through the basement window for some reason and while you were climbing in I saw your underwear. You were wearing one of those jockstrap underwear things that the gays wear (it was baby blue) and I was like "lol ok work sis"

ok listen i need you to know that nothing like that will ever actually happen i’m a child of god and i would never wear one of those

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ok btw what color is R's van just for reference because i remember i randomly headcanoned it purple? but i would like. actual details if that's a thing you would like to do.

one time an anon asked what grantaire’s van was like and i really really wanted to reply to them so i did a bunch of research about the history of van models in the late eighties/early nineties because i’ve always figured the van was his half-brother’s first, that louie bought it with his own money because he was in a band or skiied or had some other hobby that involved moving around a lot of large things, and then left it behind

but then i got confused about how many seats it would’ve had (since i figured it was a van and not a minivan) and also probably if it was made in the mid-nineties it probably wouldn’t have had a cd player, and obviously that doesn’t work, so square one.

so in part this is an apology to the previous anon. i don’t understand cars.

anyway, purple’s fine with me!

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Ӝ dee, dennis, mac, and charlie

i love u

OK DEE is agender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe genderfluid im not 100% sure on that one but definitely genderqueer there is no question in my mind honestly. i also see dee as being either aromantic and romance repulsed or like, a grey aro?? we’ve never seen her form any actual romantic connections to anyone and she doesn’t seem tohave any actual interest in settling down with anybody.also dee is bisexual as fuck- she definitely slept with women during college and maybe put it down to a “phase” but she’s def still attracted to women.

dennis is NB as fuck- i mean i feel as though that is p much supported in canon???
and bisexual- i mean i read somewhere that the writers said that he was but it just hasn’t been mentioned in canon. but yea he is definitely bi. also demi romantic i think???? 

i honestly see him as a cis male??? i mean if anyone else has any other headcanons i’d love to know but yea. iand we all know he’s homosexual as fuck….. i think it was implied in the earlier seasons that he was still attracted to women but whether that was him forcing an interest due to his obvious internalised homophobia IDK…so im not 100% clear on that one
he is definitely homoromantic though i could never see him actually feeling any romantic attraction towards women though. ever. 

charlie: okay i want to say cis male because im not really sure- but that doesn’t feel right either?? idk.
charlie is grey ace and sex repulsed for the most part. i feel as though he’s only really sexually attracted to the waitress (and he’s said as much, so) and we don’t really know if he and dee actually slept together in ‘the gang misses the boat’ but personally i don’t thinnk they did. but theres obviously still some attraction there.
and i could see him as demi romantic as well?? i think he;s happy enough w his relationships w the gang and what he imagines is his “relationship” with the waitress… idk

I just kinda sit n scroll thru my dash when one direction drama happens like i follow quite a few ppl that keep up with it and like ok ill see posts goin “omg if i see someone say blah blah blah again ill start a fight” or “i cant believe ppl are sayin blah blah blah yall are so fake” and like idk maybe im just not followin a lot of messy ppl but are ppl actually saying the things that ppl are complainin about?? or are ppl just reachin a bit and no ones actually said anything?? Yknow what i mean like lol

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Pink: 4 facts about my parents

  • they r hecka divorced
  • i love my mom but we argue all the time.  when i lived with my dad it was really awful, but now that we’re just friends who see eachothers twice a week, we actually get along great, and have a lot in common, and have a lot of fun together.
  • my dad is mexican and my mom is australian.
  • when they came up with my name, my mom was in one room talking with her friend and was like “hey what about riley?” and then my dad came into the room and said “hey what about riley?” without hearing their conversation and they were both like “……..ok so it’s riley”

alright neat i updated my about but i also made a friends list heres whose on it. itsnot really in any real order save for joey being first, the rest was more or less decided by me trying to not have 3 consecutive dr sprites yknow

the page is here but ive also indicated what you are below so you can tell me i fyou wanna be something else. i mostly just picked things i associate you with though

beppis​ youre on here because i fucking hate you
little-mac-official​ hi dad
shoyslayer​ hi dad also youre a sandwich bc you arent online and i couldnt find a pixel of something else that i liked so fuck you actually
bw2cheren​ you are nanami and here to sin
tsukimikurashita​ youre a cute bunny pixel i found i thought it was fitting
bigbonedbyakuya​ you are a little fukawa pixel. i considered one from the set i was using but i actually didnt like how it looked as much as i liked the one i used i hope its ok……..
monozu i think thats a chihuahua probably. its you
yastical youre hinata!
1apis you are a little grey kitty but i have a lapis pixel thats really cute also if you wanna see it instead
katana-ga-mudan YOU ARE TANAKA
klaviergavin youre a shiba pixel. i was gonna use the one on yr blog but it was too tall so i hope the one i picked is ok…….

  • me:I fucking hate this anime wtf
  • me:ok just one more episode, I'm gonna give it a chance in case i actually like it
  • me:*27469387 episodes later* thiS ANIME IS MY LIFE

pizzasexual-southern-italy said: Ok I can understand why you left, because this weekend was something else. I was just worried when I saw that you left you would just like hate me because I was still actively in the fandom

Oh gosh no babs! You keep being a sweet part of the fandom that actually brings something great to the table! The thing is, if there were more people like you and less of the ones denying it has ANY problems, I’d still be a part of it.

Ok so I see many people are upset about what norman said but I for one have to say that I actually agree with him on so many points.

I mean let’s take a look!

(this is going to be a long trip)

1) ” I like our relationship how it is. We don’t have to make out to be who we are.”

Hell yeah I LOVE their relationship as it is now, because it is already on like a whole different level. First of all, what makes it’s so interesting for me to watch them is the fact that their bond is always changing and evolving. 

These are the steps I tend to distinguish in their evolution:

  •  The “I like how this little mouse is smashing her dead abusive asshole-of-a-husband’s head  with a big ass axe, not hiding her tears and anger, her feeble arms growing stronger with each landed blow” phase

  • The "This frightening, rude and immature man-child somehow decided to make it his mission to bring Sophia back to me, so i will accept his awkward attempts to cheer me up, and i will make sure to show him my gratitude because i can see already that there is so much more to him and his story than he is accustomed to show and how much courage it took for him to open up just a little bit and i can’t let it go to waste, even through i’m breaking inside and i’m losing hope little by little with every passing second" phase

  • The "I’ve failed this women just like i fucking failed everyone and everything in my goddamn shitty piece of life so screw this shit i’m outta here and don’t even come near me anymore how can you even look at me i don’t need your pity when i’ve been out there every day making a damn fool of myself bringing your stupid fuckin flowers and telling stupid stories when your daughter was already dead; you should hate me for this what else do need from me" and "yes maybe i was mad at you for bringing my hopes up and mad at myself for allowing myself to believe you so it’s totally okay for you to be mad too but what’s not okay is baring your very soul to me and then pretending there isn’t one. uh-uh not so fast boy" phases

  • The "Omg this woman must be saint, puttin up with me and all my shit; I must never ever say another harsh word to her and if i do so I shall punch myself. I honestly don’t know how could you even see any good in me but you did, and now, girl, you just watch me socialising and being part of a group and providing the best squirrels in the universe and bonding with Rick and others and tryin to be like chill and composed all the time and I shit you not, you will not be disappointed" phase

  • The third season’s "she’ll understand" and "when you’re gone I’m gonna act all tough for a while and then i’m gonna sit on the floor for hours in some kind catatonic state trying to find a courage to make myself face the loss of you" phase of mutual graditude, complete acceptance, honesty and ease they just don’t share with anybody else combined with “did this saint woman just fucking flirted with me ummm no who am I kidding who would flirt with me she’s joking right but is she tho? Is she laughing how do I do words what are words abort mission abortmission ok I’ll be totally cool and like snort or something like no big deal ok here we go” and "seriously this short moment of pure horror in his eyes was priceless I must do this more often like ten times a day maybe" phases

  • The ”- You ok? - Gotta be” phase in which no one is actually fucking ok because "You took it upon yourself to make the hard decisions which you knew would crush your soul into million pieces but you did it anyway, because the people you love are so much more important to you than your own life, your mental health and your soul, and I, knowing this to be the primal aspect of your personality, still couldn’t see the cracks in your cheerful facade in time all because i was too busy being so fucking pleased with myself and now all is lost and i’m never gonna see nether you nor everybody else ever again so what’s the point of trying anymore"

  • The "ok the joy of seeing you again was overwhelming and ok you’re cute; throwing that water jug at me was the smoothest move i’ve ever seen you make, not even kidding; but i’m not the same person anymore and our not-so-flirting and joking around seems to had happen many years ago in a different life and i don’t need this anymore; but something has changed in a way you talk with me and carry youself, and i feel that now it’s completely ok to allow myself to be impatient, and a little harsh, like you once was, to share with you my weaknesses and fears, like you once did, and little by little I remember us and i can’t handle how much you fear to lose me again and i’m starting to accept that i’m never going to get away from you" phase

  • The "you have to let yourself feel it, and then you have to try to fit in, while i’ll be over here locking the pain i’m still not ready to share with you far far away; don’t worry about me, go make new friends" phase.

And just think about all the other possible phases they can go through in future seasons without even reaching the makeout phase. What else can they bring out in each other. How they can change each on their own. 

They don’t need to be in a relationship to keep coming back to each other every time they drift apart. They don’t need to be in a relashionship to remain the most entertaining random pair of hot people on the whole television.

2) We’re kindred spirits; there’s a brother-sister bond there that’s almost stronger than a lovey-dovey bond.

Yeap. I mean what.

The true friendship is basically when you choose a certain human being and go “ok this asshat is like a brother/sister to me” but it means so much more because you don’t get to choose you blood family, and often it just sucks. But this particular asshole you get to choose yourself and this is what Carol and Daryl did — they chose each other. And their bond indeed is stronger than some lovey-dovey bond. Well i for one think that it is stronger than a family bond because it is mutually choosen and not given by circumstances but that might be just my twisted view on family bonds in overall. This is the strongest bond of them all because it is driven neither by blood nor by physical desire.

  I mean the desire may come in picture. And it may not. The bond is just not going anywhere. 

3) I’m not totally against it but I’m not totally for it. It’s tricky. Once you do that, it’s there forever. To be honest, I’m not begging for it and I’m not opposed to it.

And this is so important. I mean what a simple and honest answer. Finally. He is not totally for it. Because once you do that, it stays there forever (sorry for just repeating his words but) I still beleive that Norman knows his character better than anyone. And i have literally no doubts that as Norman once said, once Daryl Dixon falls in love with someone, it’s settled. He will love this person till the end of his life. No second chances. 

And it’s kinda make me wish writers would keep this line on hold for as long as possible. Because be it Carol or some dude or some other woman, it’s setted. No more more sweet slow burn, no more Daryl’s awkwardness, no more drifting apart and coming together, no more will they/won’t and i love this shit, for Christ’s sake.

Aaaand what’s even more important is this:

4) I’ve had lots of talks with Scott about it.

It means that if they ever choose to follow down this path, it will be written well and in character and it will not stop the evolution of Caryl bond but provide even more insight and depth to the characters than there already is.

So in conclusion of this mess of a post, i’m not opposed to Caryl becoming canon even in season six, if writers can pull that off. I’m not opposed to Caryl becoming canon in the very last moment of the show. I’m not opposed to it never becoming canon, but only if their friendship does not get ruined. 

What i am opposed to is characters stopping their evolution; characters getting killed off after something becomes canon; an honest anwer being labeled as trolling, and also hot people never ever to make out ever.