ok what was my point

every time I read this part I have to laugh because I picture fingon rising from the dead or the bottom layer of the haudh-en-ndengin and indignantly going EXCUSE U


I am drinking water and it is not gross what is this what is happening ????

“reblog if you care about (insert certain issue here)“

“signal boost this!”

“If you don’t reblog this at least once, I’m judging you“

“I don’t care what you post. Reblog. This“

“How can you not find it in your heart not to reblog this?“

“I’m unfollowing anybody who doesn’t make this post turn up on my dash“

“If you have any shred of humanity, reblog this“

 “Don’t you dare scroll past this without reblogging“

“Once this gets a certain number of notes….“

“I’m trying to prove my daddy wrong about his opinion“

“You have to reblog this“

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you give me a mom vibe like u dont look old or act mom-like idk what it is just everytime i see u im like theres my powerful mother idk i guess bc i am getting to the 'ok what do i do with my life point' and u always seem put together and motivated and somehow that makes u a mom so ya hi mom luv u please protect me with ur powerful forearms and wisdom

THIS IS SUCH A COMPLIMENT TO ME Because my own mom is such an inspiration to me. So I’m glad I seem that way to someone? I don’t know. Thank you! 

ok but why doesnt anyone ever talk about the fact that KIBUM’S EYES ARE BROWN???? 


I’m so upset rn

lord help us all

(pictures and edits not mine) 

also i had a breakthrough re: feeling shitty about my santa cruz experience

at this point certain experiences don’t matter

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you're just saying Kishimoto is such a crap writer it makes you laugh, his desperate attempts at drama is entertaining, not because of the quality of the drama itself, but his incompetence.

Ok. Whats your point though? Some love drama, some not. My all time  favourite manga is a shoujo with huuuuge amount of unnecessary drama. And I never concidered shippuden being a quality story - certainly not on par with part 1. I was prepared for anything - as long as its written by oiginal author and it bound to have a happy resolution. The problem is that everyone thought the drama of shippuden was resolved - but it happened to be not. 699 and 700 werent a dot, there were a comma. I am going to continue the ride till the real ending, sometimes bitching, sometimes not. Kishi though is a good mangaka. Because he catches attention and brings out all kinds of emotions. Its a talent.

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this is the exact reason why i don’t date boys who are shy

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[letter]: Hey, it's not my fault that you had a shitty bed frame that couldn't handle the rough sex you're into.

[letter]: What if my father had seen that letter?

“i am also receiving psychiatric help and i think you’re overreacting”

ok? nice? good for you that you’re not bothered by this but? i am?

my mom told me i should get my iphone screej fixed so i can sell it and they’ll buy me a new cellphone but im 95% sure if i sell it they wont buy me another iphone so what’s the point im ok with my iphone 4 with cracked screen thanks

“The lack of capitalization is killing me a little… or a lot. But I like the story.” - person commenting on ‘covered in blood and dirt’

like lmao ok you do know that was intentional right like lol okokok sorry that you’re a grammar stickler and feel the need to tell me that my artistic choice does not align with how you believe grammar should be. ok. hahaha. bye.