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favourite pictures of alex turner (in no particular order)pt. 4

Do you ever just really want someone to ask you if you’re okay but you want that person to able to handle you saying no and not wanting to talk about it but still trying to cheer you up instead of just moving on to something they’re upset about?

So today i got the chance to meet holland, it was even more amazing than i thought it would be, i’m having trouble believing any of this was true. I wanna cry so bad just thinking this is all over. She was so sweet and oh god not real. Everytime someone talked to her in english she answered in french, she was the cutest. And she’s so so funny. She said “je t’aime” when i told her i love her. I was so nervous, couldn’t stop shaking, i think i’m still shaking right now.
Our pic is beautiful i’m gonna show it to the whole world i swear to god. She’s the love of my life…. Can’t wait to meet her again.

Bad Enough For You- four

i decided to be nice for once ok omg

warning: there’s smut towards the end of this chapter laughs

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They’re still talking, in the corner of Dan’s kitchen except now, Dan is idly holding a cigarette up to his mouth. He is lazily leaning against his kitchen counter, and Phil is blushing because it’s pretty fucking obvious to him right now that Dan is flirting- he isn’t even trying to hide it.

'Wanna drag?' Dan asks, raising his eyebrows as he notices Phil's gaze slide down towards the lit cigarette held between his fingers.

Phil nods, on impulse, although he doesn’t really want to try. Smoking has never exactly been on the top of his bucket list but- it’s Dan Howell, offering it to him, and Phil just doesn’t know how to say no.

Besides. Once can’t hurt, can it?

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joannael: college au, punk anna & model jo edition

anna wouldn’t have imagined that pretty girl jo harvelle was her type: the girl was a model. but after a chance encounter anna finds out that the girl was the furthest thing from boring or shallow; “now you know i’m the freak with the knife collection.” “i wouldn’t say freak.”


September 5 - Happy Birthday Hanji~!

A titan-sized cake for a titan-sized personality!

crystalmoonsoldier yeah!! The aph Nordics are my absolute favorites in hetalia (the only ones I care about tbh and I wish there was more of them) ; u ; Norway being my favorite and one of the muses I can’t get rid of.

Are we SUUUURE Sam isn’t still hypnotized? I mean 6x04 and 6x05 are connected, maybe Sue isn’t done with her schemes yet in 6x04 and she continues to hypnotize Sam in 6x05, but for some reason never gets around to snapping him out of it and the only other way to cure him is through true loves kiss. Cue Mercedes riding in on a white horse, solving the mystery and setting Sam free. 

The End.



really annoyed because my friend who i havent seen in a while and i are supposed to hang out tomorrow and i said id drive (bec i know if she drives we’re going to end up going to see her boyfriend for most of the time and im just gonna be a third wheel—again) and then she says that she’ll drive because “someone” wants to come. 

i wanted to hang out because i missed /her/ and wanted to hang out but god why does she always have to invite her boyfriend? 

honestly just.. you dont have to hang out with me if you really dont want to. just spend your free time with someone else. it will make me less upset.