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Crystal’s fave...

“I don’t think that Court81981 has an AO3 to post the actual quotes from the fics (I hope its OK that I contribute anyway) but I think Crash My Party deserves some love. Amazing fic that makes me literally have to stop and compose myself before reading whenever I see an update. It is that good. This is one of those fics that make you want to jump with joy yet strangle BOTH K&P but in a good way. My top two fave moments would have to be:

-Teen Peeta leaves prom for Teen Katniss/Everlark First time

-Adult Katniss goes to Prom for Adult Peeta/FINALLY MAKE-UP

These two moments were so significant and came together so perfectly but don’t forget:

-Jacuzzi loving/apology

- Post Pizza/Fight/Makeout

-Everlark Second Time

-Adult Everlark first Date

Man EVERYTIME K&P were happy or on the verge of being happy.”


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Ok so you seem like you know a bunch about Raven Cycle and if you don't want to answer this question that's totally fine. Ok so I still don't get the 'maybe I dreamt you' quote. I took it to mean that Ronan may have pulled him out of his dreams and I'm 90% sure that's what he was trying to say, but I feel like there is a double meaning or something because the Raven Cycle Fandom and the Pynch shippers love that quote and I don't understand why.

Hello!! :) I totally do want to answer this! I actually love that you asked me about that quote because when I first read it, I was mildly obsessed. It’s really simple, but also so complex, so here’s my longwinded, perhaps contrived, interpretation.

There will be spoilers below for those who aren’t caught up on the series! 

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so ghostbuttvin tagged me in that 20 beautiful people challenge or whatever but it’s like 5 to eleven at night and i’m super gross so have some old selfies from a couple of days ago that are basically me going “i’m really sad but also super beautiful" 

oh jeez um ok indiehomelessgospelchoir hellhouse staticafternoon alittlebitmaybe lancernolancing kennyjezus inkburned sungender thesethelastverses arcticfucktruck mclaggen angstyhamlet butts-aesthetics-and-equality whit @simaphoricality i want to tag u but it won’t let me so u too! u don’t have to do it but i love u all so pls accept this as a token of my love

ok i know everybody says the song ‘a thousand years’ is about their otp but for fitz and the fool its actually true like beloved is literally singing it to fitz: “ I have died every day waiting for you. Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. And all along I believed I would find you, TIME HAS BROGHT YOUR HEART TO ME i’ve loved you for a thousand years i’ll love you for a thousand more” 

this is REALLY crappy and sketchy but i cba to draw any more rn and i just wanted to get the general gist of this up here cause i just think it’s great ok

love these bisexuals.png

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Name: Sayu (only online though :)

Nickname: Sayuyu, Sayun, Sasa

Birthday: 13th of May

Where I’m from/I live: I’m from China, but I’m born and raised in Germany ^o^

Fav Anime: soooo many *A* but when I need to name the first few animes that come into my mind right now, they are: Yowamushi Pedal, Kuroko no Basuke, Ore Monogatari and HQ!! (in no order bec i love them all <3)

Zodiac: Taurus : P

Fav Drink: orange juice, mango juice, bubble tea, vanilla latte

Fav Food: actually everything that contains eggs, a Chinese Pok Choi dish, meat

Fav Quote: Ok this time I’ll write my fave from my biases from KnB:


We’ll worry about the future once we get there.

I like it because I would never be able to adapt this mindset lmao and I really admire people (and even am jelly of them), when they can think like that. Even though I know it’s true I can’t stop worrying over the smallest things.. sighs.. my life would be so much easier if I thought the way like Kuroko ;U; (On the other hand the quote shouldn’t be used for procrastinating hahah!!)


Without strong opponents, living isn’t fun. It’s perfect if I can’t win.

I mean there are so many great and way better artists than me and I get frustrated a lot… but then I think that if there weren’t better people than me I would rest and never improve. So it’s all perfect! I admire the way he calls it ‘fun’ tho hahahah … o<-< so hardcore this guy.

Fav Band: it used to be Exo and Shinee, now I’m just like mehh whatever sounds nice to my ears ; u; on a side note I do enjoy Granderodeo and B’z recently~

Fav Season: Summeeeer *A* 

Fav Weather: Sunny~, but also when it’s storming outside with heavy rain and bolds and thunder and akdjflkasdf, snowing days~

Movies I’m waiting for: Yowapeda Movie, SnK movie, Deadpool, Kingsman 2 and all the movies I’ll love and enjoy in the future *v*

Write something in all caps: IT WAS SUCH AN EXHAUSTING DAY BUT I’M SOMEHOW HAPPY FOR INEXPLAINABLE REASONS (maybe bec classes on Sat are cancelled lmao)

I tag: uhhh I don’t know who to tag anymore ;U; So in order not to make you repeat yourself I added a few questions lmao I hope you don’t mind! (it’s not like I’m trying to find out some birthdays through that)

kindjun mcsandburg ame-gafuru califlair hauyaa nollfe evafankawoshin lunainet baekerei mochipanko (lol) kai-lost-his-pants

Only if you want to!! :’ )


ok so i have recently cut my hair i was sick of long hair and peoples reaction to my new hair disgusted me,people said “why would she cut her air like that?” and one person actually had the audacity to say “are you a lesbian, ya know is this your way of coming out?” and i have a boyfriend of two years…. people told me i wasn’t attractive anymore. That broke my heart… the way people react to simple haircuts judging by stereotyping is sickening,


At my school they’ve put up a display of encouraging notes from across our year groups it’s a lovely idea you’ve got your basic “good luck!” and “you can do it!’ plus a lot of inspirational quotes

what’s this?

“No matter what you do how you did or how hard you’ve tried in reality we are all just lonely insignificant bags of flesh waiting for the inevitable sweet kiss of death. Have fun.”

found the cynical bastard

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I am just catching up on reading everything on your blog (and I love it), but where in the world did you see someone say Bobbi deserved to be tortured?? There are Ward fans who called him satan for doing so. And these Ward fans are pretty problematic and they still called him out on his cruelty. Literally everyone hated what Ward did to Bobbi, so I am having a hard time believing they said she deserved it. Did you get this info from another source? I haven't seen any comment like this.

ok, i’m pretty exhausted (in general and with fandom), so you’re going to get the cliff-notes version, sorry. (and thanks for saying you loved my blog!)

it really has happened 

and i quote: “ And I actually cheered when Bobbi got tortured, because she basically asked for it.” (i show more of the post and link to the source here). also if you look around on that blog you can see more where that came from. 

also here you can see them hijacking an untagged post by a bobbi fan about bobbi to make it about ward and then to say that bobbi tried to “gaslight” kara in that scene, nevermind that bobbi was being tortured and trying desperately to explain herself to kara at the time, nevermind that she was behaving in a similar manner to ward when he was fighting w/ may in the s1 finale (and may is the one who receives the hate for that scene from this group) … sorry, i got carried away.

(a side note: it’s pretty low to hijack a post from a bobbi fan that was untagged and didn’t talk about ward to talk about ward and then sling mud at bobbi)

(not sure what ward fans you’ve been reading, but i’ve never seen him called satan for anything by that particular group of fandom? i’ve seen them complaining more about ward’s characterization than about a woman being victimized tbh.)

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“i’m so sorry that my child pointed out how your shirt- actually nevermind i agree, that shirt is horrendous” i feel like this is a perfect prompt 4 seriker u feel (it honestly could apply to iker and his plaid or sergio and his....everything)

i think i’ve actually seen someone relate this quote to seriker in the past because it’s Real as Fuck also oh my god ok present day iker actually dresses quite nicely but in the past he used to wear the most hideous clothes. this would totally apply to sergio better tho cuz that man has the most questionable shirts ever and i love all of them so much

ok it took me forever to get my ass to an actual computer to do this but hey what can ya do. i was tagged by leamonadefreak

Tag 10 people you wanna get to know better

What’s your name: Rachelle

Nicknames: Rach, Rae-Rae, Bruh Chan (courtesy of ariannaantt)

Favorite anime(s): SnK

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Favorite drink: Pepsi

Favorite anime quote: “I don’t like the terms good person or bad person because it’s impossible to be good to everyone or bad to everyone…” - Cinnamon Roll, SnK

Movies I’m waiting for: Nothing specific but I would love a su movie

Favorite bands: n/a

Favorite season: Spring despite the pain that comes with it

Write something in all caps: I WANT TO HEAR ROSE QUARTZ SING SOON

I tag ariannaantt and anyone else that comes across this, consider yourself taggged by me

Answer this: What have you always wanted? Can you give yourself that right now?

Hint: If you can’t give it to yourself right away, then that just means there is something more fundamental underneath it that you are not looking at.

“I want to be famous.” … OK, go deeper …
“I want to be loved.” … Right, there it is …
“I want people to love me.” … Go deeper …
“I want to feel love.” … And who can do that for you? Who can give you that feeling, even if there is no one else around? …

“OK, fine. Me." 

So what you really want is to love yourself. This is something you can actually give yourself, today. And then just let all the other stuff come from that. Be the source of your own river, stop blaming others for your own drought.

—  Kemson Cooper

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10 facts about u you?

ok, uhhmmm….
1- my cat is sleeping on my lap
2- I want food but my cat is on my lap
3- I’m about 5'3"
4- I like to make jewelry
5- I’m gonna start reading maximum ride forever (the one that just came out) tomorrow and I’m not sure if I’m emotionally ready for the pain
6- I am actually having trouble thinking of stuff.. (like what kind of facts??????????)
7- I’m a freshman
8- my favorite song atm is dream by imagine dragons
9- I love talking to people but I’m shy so… it doesn’t really work out that well…
10- I’m gonna go eat cake now, hopefully my cat won’t hate me..

Seriously thinking now

Ok so I was basically just scrolling through tumblr and I noticed someone told some one and I quote/sum up this ‘being bisexual is not a real thing and it is greedy’

Are these people actually serious!
Of corse it’s a real thing why would millions of people make up a fake sexuality for the fun of being ‘different’.

Ok I’m gender confused and I love all genders I don’t really have a main attraction. So dose that make my sexuality not real???

Basically my message to everyone is that don’t judge someone because they like more then just the normal 1 gender because you never know they could be in a pulmonary relationship (is that how you spell it?) also, people shouldn’t say that they are bisexual or transgender because it makes them seem cool like their hipster friends.

Well it’s not so don’t be a poser just be your self.

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Wyr: go on a late night adventure with Ashton or have a movie day with Michael?:)

I think a movie day with Michael even though an adventure with ash would be awesome too.

5sos ship:  Calum | Luke | Michael | Ashton 
Best friend: Calum | Luke | Michael | Ashton
Secret crush on you: Calum | Luke | Michael | Ashton 
Who says “I love you” first: You | Him
Who teases the most: You | Him 
Who plans the dates: You | Him 
Compliment/thought from moi: OK you are crazy pretty, me and my friend think so (you actually look kinda like a girl we know) and our music taste is like the exact same!!

Disney song: He’s  A Tramp (Lady and the Tramp)
Disney movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Disney quote: “I just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.” Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Want one???


“Namaste~"Hey everybody!This is a message for everybody in Nepal.This is Henry here and i just wanna say…um …keep strong, i know you guys are going through a really hard time right now. But i am always supporting on you guys, and i am actually with a friend from Nepal-(Sujon)."Namaste~ I am (Sujon) from Napel. All i want to say is Nepal will arise again.Nepal relys on godness.”
Henry:“How do you say-I love you?”
(Sujon):“May Garchu.
"Henry:"Maya Garchu.Ok. I love you, everyone.Thank you.”

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1, 3, 12, 13, 17, 19, 33, 38, 46, 47, 55 :)

1. Last kiss: A really cute boy. :)
3. Last text: “Ok.”
12. Had sex this year: Yes.
13. How many people have you had sex with this year: Two.
17. Laughed until I cried: Definitely. I love to laugh so much.
19. Found out who my true friends are: For sure. It kind of sucks, to be honest.
33. Last time I had sex: Last night, actually.
38. Relationship status: Single.
46. Height: 5'7"
47. Do I have a crush: No, not really.
55. First hook up: It was probably my ex boyfriend.

Ask me more. 😌