ok hate is a strong word

I am going to tear my hair out 90% of tumblr’s population cannot tell the difference between leopard spots and cheetah spots even snow leopards are tagged cheetah

have you never sat down and watched wildlife documentaries in lack of better things to do or because you were actually interested what is wrong with you people their names aren’t even similar in English

brokenstopwatch24 ha chiesto:

Hello, I was just wondering about the specifics of the world gypsy. Over where I live it's generally synonymous with words like traveler or nomadic people. Until now I wasn't aware that some people actually have "issues" with them. It seems that people in Europe mainly associate them with thieves. My question is it completely unacceptable to use the word with no hate behind it (I'm assuming it's still not). Also is it acceptable to just call them Romany instead or is that not ok either. Thanks.

Yes, it is always unacceptable to use a slur for a group that you are not a part of. In my opinion, it’s still unacceptable even if you ARE a part of the targeted group, but it’s not my place to police other Rroma. 

No matter what your intention is, the g-slur has many strong negative connotations. It is only okay to call someone Rromani if they are actually Rromani. If you’re talking about the kinds of people who just wear long skirts and lots of jewellery (like the racist people who post in the g-slur tag), you can just call them hippies or something. 

anonimo ha chiesto:

Hi! I wanted your opinion about something: you say you hate (I think hate is a strong word) Hiccup and believe me, I totally understand why. He's not the easiest person to be around, most of the time. But the Antixhiccstrid blog is always sucking his dick because she says that Hiccup deserves better than Astrid and I'm like what? You're totally defending Hiccup when he can be a total dick sometimes and you have no arguments against him and ship him with everyone! So what do you think about that?

Wow…someone actually wants to hear my opinion! 

Ok, first: You’re right, “hate” is a strong word. I honestly have no idea how to feel about him anymore. He’s a nice person, but I’m sorry, he’s such a dull and poorly developed character…in the sequel (in the original he’s fine btw). And I wouldn’t mind if at least the side characters were given more screentime, but nooo, we have to look at Hiccup because he’s so awesome… (I’m sorry)

Second, I dunno…I think Astrid deserves better? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find Hiccstird abusive or anything, but I don’t really care about it, sorry. Seriously, in HTTYD2 Hiccup and Astrid have like 5 minutes of screentime together. They could have made them friends and lost nothing. 

As for the “Hiccup x everyone” ships - I don’t care about them either because: A) Again, not a Hiccup fan, B) it’s shipping, that’s what people do! Besides Hiccstid is canon, so you have nothing to worry about anyway))

Thank you for the question!

anonimo ha chiesto:

I'm being cyber bulled on tumbler. I'm autistic, and I'm being called a pig, trash, and the r word. I'm on mobile so I can't block or report, so I'm ignoring him. Any suggestions?

First of: that is not fkn ok! You don’t deserve that and you are NOT a pic, trash or the r word, ok?

I hate that you can’t block when u r on the mobile, ugh. Do you have access to a computer? In school maybe?
Basically all you can do is to ignore ignore ignore. Or maybe make a new blog.
REMEMBER: you are worth so so so much more than this. Stay strong

sunshinem0nster ha chiesto:

Its really nasty how she worded it, but maybe it came from care, concern and good intentions. idk. My younger brother has autism and for years my mom held on to so many theories as the cause before accepting people are really just born this way. I hate its labeled a disorder because people with autism are not broken, just different and that's ok. Stay strong and keep kicking ass.

No she’s stupid and brainwashed by my mentally ill father.
But thanks I’m trying

I is for Injera

I is for Injera #AtoZChallenge

This image of injera was edited by my daughter. She did a great job, didn’t she?

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with injera. OK. “Hate” is too strong of a word. But there are times where I’m really not a fan.

What’s injera, you ask? I’m glad you did!

That’s Aly trying injera back in 2009.

Injera is the spongy, sourdough-type bread that’s a staple in Ethiopian cuisine. It’s thinner than a…

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Last week I was listening in prayer, asking God what he wanted to reveal to me while lamenting my past (I literally hate how big this has become for me), He sent me a word. Perfect. Can you believe that? In that moment when I was acknowledging the things that make me feel at my most imperfect, He took me as I was and said that the place I’m at right now is perfect. I need to be reminded that I’m ok. I’m struggling but He helps me stay strong.

It is ok to be strong in your convictions

It is ok to disagree with someone else’s

It is NOT ok to call them “unwholesome” just because they hold to a different belief system than you.

If you dont agree with someone thats lovely and peachy, but dont attack them for their beliefs. When you take someones words and use them clumsily in an attempt to sully their reputation with no support for your argument, it makes you look like an uneducated, hateful, douche canoe.