” This is a song about the human need for someone to love you, for someone to feel proud of you and for the people you care about to support you. And I want to say that if you ever feel like that’s in your life tonight you are surrounded by 300 people that do love and do support and are proud of you. Including us. I’m sure allof you guys out there know what Tonight Alive stands for. We’re silver lining on top of people. And y’know what, despite how strong we are inside sometimes you just need someone to lean on and sometimes they’re not here. If you feel alone, remember we’re all together so let’s sing it that way. ” x


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Storms & kisses

Hannah never liked storms, and Grace would do anything to protect her girlfriend. Spiders and the dark was nothing to the short blonde, but storms? Totally different story.

So when Hannah hid her face in the taller woman’s neck as a lightning struck, Grace just hugged her closer and kissed the side of her head. Hannah suggested they should get some blankets and pillows so they could have ‘the ultimate cuddle session’, and soon they were tangled in a soft mess. To distract the shaken girl, Grace started to ask questions.

“What’s your favorite flavor of sweet?”

“You know-“

“I know, but like if you had to choose?”

“Umm, you. You’re pretty sweet. Oh! I liked that coconut thing you bought a while ago. That one. Or you.” She earned a kiss for that.

“Puppies or kittens?”

“Both. You know I can’t choose.” Grace only stared at her.

“Orphan Black or OITNB?”

“That’s like asking if I would sleep with Tatiana or Piper.”


“Piper looks more like you..”

“That’s kinda gross, babe,” Grace laughed.

“I mean, she’s pretty and all, but no one can win over your beautiful self.”

“You know you’re a total goof, right?”

“You love it,” she said with a smirk.

“Too much, I think.”

“What about favorite-“

“-person?” Hannah was getting tired of the silly questions, and thought the blonde was too far away. As she wrapped her arm tighter around a slender waist and pulled her closer, Grace yawned.

“You tired?” Receiving a small nod, she reached for her phone. Seeing as it was past midnight, she snuggled closer and started kissing Grace’s neck, sighting a little.

“If I had to guess, I think me.”

“You, what?” she mumbled against her skin.

“I think I’m your favorite person, at least today. I doubt Mamrie or Tyler would come over at this time to snuggle on the couch. Sarah would probably do it though, and the Swarto fans wouldn’t mind a bit.”

Hannah raised her head to look her girlfriend in the eyes. Earlier that year, they had a big fight about Sarah. Grace was scrolling through Tumblr too many nights in a row, and got lost in the tags. She started overthinking. When Hannah started coming home later, and seemed so, so happy, Grace got jealous of the beautiful manager. One day Hannah called her out on being rude. It took weeks before she confessed. She was explained that Hannah was working on a secret project directed against Grace. Their relationship was stronger now, but Grace was still overly protective when they went out.


“Hey.” Hannah cupped her cheek as she spoke softly. “Of course you’re my favorite person. Sarah wouldn’t come over, because you’re here, you’re always here. Actually. When you stay the night at your place, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I tend to steal your shirts, and I wear them. That’s so stupid now that I think about it. But like, I miss you all the time, even when you just go to the store, or if you have to film a video. I’m rambling now, please stop me.” Grace’s smile turned into a grin, and she silenced the shorter woman with a sweet kiss. When it started to get heated, they pulled away.

“I think it’s sweet, and yes, of course I’ve noticed. Like half of my wardrobe is here, and-“ she paused to give Hannah a chase kiss because she was blushing. “-I miss you too. Like crazy. When I have to sleep alone in that giant bed, I always sleep on your side, pretending you’re there holding me-” A loud thunder could be heard and Hannah flinched as she hid her head in Grace’s neck again. Next thing she new, she was pulled fully on top of a thin frame, strong arms keeping her safe.

“I like when you hold me, you’re like my own guard in my tiny castle.” The blonde chuckled, sliding a hand under Hannah’s shirt. (That originally was hers.) When she yeeped and tried to pull away, Grace laughed out loud.

“Shit, babe. You’re really col-ahh- stop, please- ohh-that’s not fair- ahh, tickles-” Soon they were giggling and having a difficult time keeping their hands of each other in a decent way. Grace eventually stopped her attempt at turning them over, and tried to breathe before Hannah kissed her again.

“You’re still really cold, babe. We should move into the bedroom, there is a heater there.”

“Really smooth, but yeah, good idea.” Grace shivered and wrapped her arms around herself as she watched Hannah dance around.

“I’m starting to get cold just by looking at you. So please get yourself over here right now,” she said as she climbed under the covers, patting the space next to her.

“You’re like a personal heater, and I’m like a personal what? Guard? Why do you get to be adorable, and I just-“ Hannah cut her of, grinning again. She took cold hands in hers, and pulled the beautiful woman closer.

“First of all, you’re the adorable one. And second of all, you’re way more than a guard. From what I’ve heard, you can cook me food, find amazing hotels, fight if you get jealous enough” She blushed at that one. “Pose like a model, make hilarious videos as 6 in the morning, run faster than your dog, make me-“ “Ok, I get what you’re saying. Although I don’t believe in everything you just said” Hannah just hummed in response and kissed her.

“I know you’re afraid of storms, but I’m starting to think you called me just so we could make out like teenagers. Not that I mind or anything, bu-“

“Shh. I’m trying kiss my girlfriend here.”



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