Doesn't matter if I'm full either.
  • Me:I'm grabbing a pizza for dinner.
  • Her:Don't you still have tons of leftovers from thanksgiving?
  • Me:My need for pizza exists independently from the rest of the universe. It has never been, and shall never be, impacted by something as trivial as the presence or absence of other food.

I’m envious of a pig…

This Thanksgiving I learned 2 things ✌️: 1.) Im a bomb ass cook 😂🙊🍴 and 2.) You can still enjoy the holiday without setting yourself back! One fattening meal won’t make you fat just like healthy meal won’t make you “skinny.” I had a huge plate bigger than any plate I saw on IG full of food and you bet your ass I ate every last bite 🙊🐷 #oink I also had pie, ice cream, AND my work pot luck was the next day and I made the best pumpkin cheesecake. 😋🎃 (pumpkin harder than me white girls 😝😝😝) Sure, I may have retained a little water. That’s to be expected. But back to my macros and reverse diet and I ain’t worried about it ✋ #Balance is a beautiful thing 🙌💕