Oil sands air monitoring cancelled due to funding problems

An important part of Alberta’s oil sands air monitoring has been cancelled due to funding problems.

The Wood Buffalo Environmental Association has told the government’s air monitoring agency that it can no longer operate its mobile air-testing unit.

Association director Kevin Percy says the vehicle’s roof leaks and its electrical system can no longer run its delicate sensing equipment.

He says that means there’s no way to monitor air quality during environmental emergencies or to respond quickly to community concerns.

Percy says his group was told there’s no money available to keep the vehicle running.

The province’s monitoring system was set up with $50 million in funding from the energy industry.

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Trans Alaskan Pipeline – Caribou, Drunks and Sliding Pipes

Ever wondered how sliders can prevent earthquake damage or what happens when you drunkenly decide to take a pot shot at one of the world’s largest onshore pipelines? Or why migrating Caribou became the poster child for an environmental campaign? The answers to that and more shall all be revealed below.

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Oil of Abramelin Shopping List

For my birthday, I received a gift certificate for Amazon. This morning, I put it into action; I bought the things I will need to make a batch of Oil of Abramelin (sans the olive oil.. which I have lots of anyway). I will be following Aaron Leitch’s steps, which I’ve [posted on before], including using the spice bags/cloth tea bags for the final oil infusion phase.

Note the two different Cinnamons in the picture? Leitch’s instructions follow the original, calling for both Cassia and Cinnamon. Today, almost all store bought Cinnamon is actually Cassia. As I mentioned in my [Tincture of Cassia] post, I checked with the McCormick website, and their Ground Cinnamon is Cassia. To find the other, I searched for Ceylon Cinnamon and True Cinnamon, and quickly found something suitable. 

This will be my first time actually making this… I’m rather excited :D  I use Oil of Abramelin a lot, and have so far been relying on a magick apothecary I know of to make it for me. I’m really looking forward to making is for myself :D

I plan on splitting this into two preparations, so I can test [a theory I have] on the phrase in the original, “after the art of the apothecary.” One batch will follow Leitch’s instructions, without deviation. For the other, I will reduce the dead head to purified salts, and attempt to recombine them. 

I will document the process, and post about it, so you can all experience it with me :)