Remnants of the massive Canol Pipeline project mark what is left of the road. It is hard to image how much time and effort was put into the pipeline that only operated for one year. The B.P.C. on the old equipment stands for the firms of W. A. Bechtel Co., H. C. Price Co., and W. E. Callahan Construction Co. which formed a pro-tem partnership to build the pipeline and the refinery in Whitehorse, Yukon. Photos by my husband Joe Hanlon.


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Saint George and the Dragon - Paolo Uccello, c. 1470

Oil on canvas, 55.6 cm × 74.2 cm (21.9 in × 29.2 in)

This picture shows two episodes from the story of Saint George: his defeat of a plague-bearing dragon that had been terrorising a city; and the rescued princess bringing the dragon to heel (with her belt as a leash).

In the sky, a storm is gathering. The eye of the storm lines up with Saint George’s lance, suggesting that divine intervention has helped him to victory. Uccello uses the lance to emphasise the angle from which Saint George attacks the dragon, helping to establish a three-dimensional space. The strange patches of grass illustrate Uccello’s obsessive concern with linear perspective and his tendency to create decorative pattern.

The story is from a popular collection of saints’ lives written in the 13th century, called ‘The Golden Legend’. An earlier less dramatic version of the same subject by Uccello is in the Musée Jacquemart-André, Paris. [x]

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