Our @CannaPi206 collaborations have been killing it on an entirely different level. I’ve personally toured this garden. It’s organized, properly engineered and sterile as a lab. Vibrant, healthy, robust plants fill the room. The love and care put into these genetics is prevalent in the extract they produce. #AllenWrench and #CherryPie will be released next week, you don’t want to sleep on these fire runs! #RefineSeattle #CannaPi #TerpeneDream #CannabinoidTeam #SolidProducts #SolidPartners #RefineTheWorld by @x_tracted


Video of Lynne Quarmby’s arrest and speech on protesting Kinder Morgan

Simon Fraser University micro-biology professor Lynne Quarmby gave a brief statement at a rainy outdoor press conference on Friday, before peacefully marching up Burnaby Mountain to be arrested.

"So now, I’m going to turn around and walk up this hill — and be the best citizen I can be," said Quarmby.

Arriving at the police tape, an RCMP officer warned her: “You are in a position right now, to be arrested ok?”

Quarmby replied, “I am accepting the consequences of my civil disobedience.” 

The spectacle was captured by the Vancouver Observer on video:

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Say NO to unsafe drilling in the arctic

We already saw what happened with the Exxon Valdez spill, For one to happen in the Arctic ocean it would threaten iconic Arctic wildlife, including beluga whales, polar bears, ringed seals and many other animals, with an oily death. Impact the coastal communities that dot the shores. Forever change this ecosystem.

Yet Shell actively lobbied the Obama Administration to allow them to drill with inadequate spill safety measures! 

We can’t stand back and watch while a potential oil spill threatens to put Arctic Ocean ecosystems at risk. Say “No” to unsafe oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Please sign this letter to President Obama requesting strong standards to protect the Arctic.


For more info read this report from the WWF

Prepping for an upcoming show!!!! Install is tomorrow, opening next weekend at Modern Relics!!! Finally get to put all these portraits I’ve been painting together! #ccpaints #oil #painting


Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection

June 5, 1943
Original (long) caption:   “Fort Belvoir, VA. - The dubious delights of an inductee’s first 26-hour “hitch” in the Army were experienced by approximately 100 top-ranking executives of the petroleum industry on June 2nd and 3rd, at Fort Belvoir. Treated like all other recruits the oil men donned fatigues, were split into groups of six and assigned to platoons. They ate and slept in regular barracks and mess halls, made their own beds, engaged in rifle and machine gun drill, helped to build emergency bridges, and participated in a night  problem in the field. The ‘party’, arranged by Undersecretary of War Patterson and William R. Boyd, Jr., Chairman of the Petroleum Industry War Council, was strictly dutch treat. The guests paid for their own transportation and the food they ate at camp. The following series shows incidents in the 26-hour grind of the Soldiers For a Day. 

Early in their day, the rookies ran into that recruit’s nightmare - standing on line. Each in his turn, the oil men were issued one set of herringbone fatigue coveralls and hat on this line. This clothing was their complete wardrobe for the day.”


The Reason Why I’m Covered in Paint. By: Beth Myers

I get asked on a daily basis, 

"Why are you covered in paint??"

I tell them 1) I’m an artist.

and 2) is that it’s an alternative

And I normally get:

"Psh! An alternative to what??"

To slicing my skin open. 

To punching walls again.

To crying away endless nights on the saddening comfort from a bed. 

The thing is, I need this on me.

It takes away the pain for a while

This paint is now fused to my skin.

I can’t tell what color my skin originally was

Because I have been morphed into black and gray and red acrylic.

It seeps into my skin and poisons me through every and any opening it can find. 

.I thought for the longest time that I was never going to be able to wash off of this acrylic Hell off of me.

But when you told me you loved me, it started to fade little by little. 

It started to crack and peel off my skin.

and it was almost fully off my skin and I started to love myself.

And then you told me you didn’t care about me anymore.

All of that paint came back in waves like nausea. 

I started choking on water, acrylic, oil, pastel, all of it!

And the thing is, I can’t wash any of this off! 

No matter how many times I scrub and scrub and try to peel off my own skin, 

It never works!

It’s permanently glued to me and is starting to change the pigment of my original skin.

I can’t tell what is paint or not anymore!

I’m going insane trying to pry this paint off of me!

And you can’t see that because you left!

You left me drowning in this acrylic storm and you never turned back!

 I gave you everything I had yet you let me crack like drying paint.

And this paint isn’t the only thing that has stained me.

I have blood stained jeans around my hips 

I had blood stained sweaters along the sleeves

I have blood stained sheets

Because I layer over my scars just like paint

I was a blank canvas until I discovered painting. 

The night Love #5 left me, you couldn’t see my skin anymore.

I was marked with red and black all over my face and legs and arms. 

When you came to me, you took a wash cloth to my face and started wiping it away as if I were porcelain.

You stripped my canvas clean to start a new

But as soon as you left, it layered back

The paint was an inch thick on my skin

But you never noticed. 

Because you’re not an artist.