Hansjörg Dobliar  (b. 1970, Ulm, Germany (DE)) - 1: Circus II (Tête De Femme), 2012  Oil on Canvas  2: Teil I Couple, 2011  Acrylics, Lacquer, Pen + Ink on Paper  3: Clan, 2011 Acrylics, Lacquer, Pen + Ink on Paper  4: Bermuda, 2011 Acrylics on Aluminum  5: Teil II Loner, 2011   Acrylics, Lacquer, Pen + Ink on Paper  6: Teil III Group, 2011 Acrylics, Lacquer, Pen + Ink on Paper  7: Distorted Flower, 2013   Paintings: Oil on Canvas  8: Tête, 2013   Acrylics, Oil, Lacquer on Nettle




Fun fact:

At this moment in time it costs more to produce oil from the tar sands than it is currently selling for. Oil is sitting at around 60$ a barrel and in order to break even on a barrel of oil from the tar sands it has to sell at 65-75$ a barrel.

Wow this is really awkward considering there’s an election coming up and all 3 parties support the tar sands AND the Conservatives have been pushing it so hard.

Putin acts to halt rising vodka cost - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-30599341

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his government to curb rising vodka prices.

Mr Putin, who has been hit by increasing economic woes, said that high prices encouraged the consumption of illegal and possibly unsafe alcohol.

Russia’s currency, the rouble, has lost value recently due to falling oil prices and Western sanctions.

The country’s former finance minister warned that Russia would enter recession next year.

Contributing factor

Mr Putin, who promotes a healthy lifestyle, asked “relevant agencies” to think about what he said, adding that the government should fight against the illegal trafficking of alcohol.

According to a leading university study last year, 25% of Russian men die before reaching their mid-50s, Reuters reports.

Alcohol was found to be a contributing factor in some of these early deaths.

Since last year, the government-regulated minimum price of half a litre (17 oz) of vodka has increased by around 30% to 220 roubles ($4.10; £2.64), Reuters adds.

It is not just vodka that has seen a price rise. Annual inflation in Russia currently stands at 9.4%.