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#hands down favorite commercial of the superbowl

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Have mercy! Look who Uncle Jesse — sorry, John Stamos — is reuniting with for a Super Bowl commercial

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OK but have you seen this commercial

anonymous said:

explain to ignorant me what are sugar yogurts please? haha

that’s literally it i don’t know how to explain, they are natural yogurts with sugar

my faves are these oikos greek ones idk if it’s a portuguese thing or something but it’s the best thing i’ve ever had in my life

Meet Phil & Joan Mitchell. Today I had the unique and amazing privilege of enjoying a picnic with them at Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. What is amazing about this retired couple is that they live right down the street from me in the Book Cadillac! They moved here 4 years ago and have loved every second of being a part if this beautiful city. As we had lunch together they wanted to find out more about our church and how they could be a part of what God has called us to. Such an incredibly passionate couple with a powerful story. All of you that think young people are the only ones moving to Detroit…think again! God uses anyone and everyone who is wants to join Him in what He is doing in this great city. Age is just a number…your heart means so much more. #churchinthecity #woodsidedetroit #oikos #detroitrevival #ageisonlyanumber #godwantsyourheart #maturenotold #detroitrevival #youngheartsmovingtothecity #campusmartius #bookcadillac #downtown #detroit (at The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit)


Black-figure loutrophoros, Attic, dated around 580 BC. 

This type of amphora was called a ‘loutrophoros’, most noticeably in their slimmer appearance. Their main use was either as a gravemarker for unmarried women, or given to brides to bathe in the contents of the loutrophoros. Various amphora’s had various connotations, so with this particular type it symbolises wealth and status, and also the female sphere of the household as they would be used within the Oikos. 


I did not have a favorite tonight. I was born in raised in Pennsylvania, so my family always voted Eagles, or maybe steelers. 
So today I picked SeaHawks because they are from Seattle Washington which is not far from where Twilight was based lol. great logic right? 
The game was awesome! So many great plays. Felt really bad for Manning cause he just wasn’t doing great and he really wanted that win. Well the SeaHawks definitely earned that win, they did amazing.

Now the important part of watching the Superbowl was the commercials.
Here are my top favorites: 

There of course were other good ones, but these were my favs. What were your favs?


It’s a greek word. It refers to “households” in the New Testament.

But not households like you and I understand the term, no; not nuclear, 2.4 children single-family homes (what an interesting term. I work in real estate, and I’ve never seen a multi-family home). Households, as in, extended families that function together for a common purpose. Oikos.

Oikos is what sustained the early church through the persecution and murder. It’s what discipleship, evangelism, and mission were all centered around. In fact, outside of the last 150 years in one hemisphere, it’s the way all human beings have lived for all time. 

Think of it like family Thanksgiving. Loads of people gather together, the men watch football, the kids play outside, the women bake dishes, everyone eats, people eventually nap, the adults might start playing cards, some will end up staying the night, and everyone is welcome with no condition and is glad to support and be supported. 

So why is it that we as the church are content living in status quo with our culture’s fragmentation of oikos into individual, isolated single-families? Why are thanksgiving, Christmas and father’s day the only three times in my year that I feel absolutely welcome somewhere no matter what? For what reasons have we embraced this disastrous experiment that has led to the worst cases and percentages of depression and loneliness that the world has ever seen?

I’ve entered into a prolonged and deep valley of loneliness in my life lately, and I think a really big reason why it’s so draining is because I have no oikos. I don’t think hardly any of us do.

But here’s the wonderful and beautiful and glorious truth about the situation. As Christ’s followers, we have an opportunity that nobody else in the world has. We have a chance to rebuild society, the way it’s supposed to be, and as a shining beacon of contrast in a very dark time where nobody knows any other way.

Maybe it’s time that we stop saying we’re family and start living as one.

Maybe that means having people stay over. Who says sleepovers are for kids? Hell, maybe it means having people live over. Even if you’re married.

Maybe that means paying bills that don’t belong to us, and the person who’s being paid for not feeling an ounce of shame or embarrassment because of it.

Maybe that means who we spend our holidays and vacations and closest moments with isn’t dependent on our blood or our ancestry, but on the blood of Christ as our deepest bond.

Maybe that means taking a sick day at work because a friend showed up on your porch at 6am consumed with agony and dripping tears but more importantly, that the friend never hesitated or felt burdensome in doing so. Because they know they are a part of oikos. They really are family.

I don’t know what it means or looks like exactly, but I know I want it. I know it’s messy and complicated when crooked souls try standing up straight. I know families are dysfunctional and imperfect. But I also know that we’re called to a purpose. I also know that the Holy Spirit has equipped us for a mission; a grand, cosmic narrative that spans all creation. I know that we all have the same Father. We’re all called to be family.

I’m ready for the oikos kind of family.


Frisky Friday: So now that it’s getting late in the summer, I’ve been extra lazy lately…and for me, that means watching a lot of Full House reruns. In my opinion, it’s probably the corniest family sitcom they ever aired on television, but I’ll watch an Oikos yogurt commercial for half an hour just to fangirl every time this guy appears. Yeah, it’s been more than 20 years, and he’s still sexy.