Quick tumblr'ing while Amalie is on tha toilet.

So Amalie and I are finally at my place. Yesterday was so much fun and I got a little too drunk. There was this really cute girl at Ungdomshuset and she smiled at me but Amalie said she had a bf so I guess I had to leave it there. There will be other cute people to flirt with. Haha.

Met some of Amalie’s really nice friends. Copenhagen is really my home now even though I still feel lost in this big city. I’m asking her all the time: “where are we now?” to get a clue on this city.

Now we will make a delicious soup and drink white russians and Harvey Wallbangers. 

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Our Q&A video, whatever, getting too drunk to write a caption for it. Appreciation if watched, though it’s long.


I surrendered to the hipster-apocalypse, and made myself an Instagram. This was all thanks to my friend Theis (InstaTheis on Instagram).
Anyways, if you’re as hipster as me, and has as sad a life as me, feel free to follow me. My name is of course OiKaast there as well.

A little flashback to when @oikaast and I were on the plane to Stockholm to get our tongues split. And the captain said a bunch of numbers, including 9/11, and everybody freaked out a bit.

Amalie and I cat calling guys

Signe: hey babe, I would ask you to flex but I bet you like that shirt

Amalie: yeah, not even the police can take the guns away from you…

Seeing a guy who looks like Dave Grohl:

Is some getting the best
The best
The best
Of you!!???