Not necessarily an improvement meme, because looking back upon my old creations, I was pretty surprised at how decent of a grasp I had on technical skills back then (ie coloring, perspective, anatomy). What I can say for sure was I looked to many artists for reference and influence as I was more concerned with making my art “look right” rather than personal and stylistic self expression, which is what I aim for now. Man, have my aesthetic priorities really taken a turn over these past few years. 

Either way, this was a fun  and retrospective little activity for me, as it showed me for all my years of experience and insight, I still can learn a thing or two from past me. 

Also, Ragnarok Online was my life for a good year or so. This here is my knight, Eliyu. I had a lot more characters, but she out-badassed them all by far.


I really never payed attention to the song “Ol’ Man River”. Versions I’ve heard previously were too slow and too long and emotionless. Then I came across Judy Garland’s version and, to me, her version is the epitome of how this song should be sung. The last part of the song she sang is the most emotion I’ve heard in a song ever. I felt it.

I loled when I first saw this aha! this is from cafe relish ni oide, and I love the brothe relationship they have xDDD this is like the single yaoi manga that I like so far because of the art and the wit of the characters. and this is excepting 69 of course. first post is of this one ORZ