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Louis Tomlinson is one of the most beautiful people to have ever been birthed by human hands, but it turns out that even a sassy little sasspot like himself needs a bit of help in the beauty department every now and again.

During all the promo chats for One Direction’s new fragrance You & I, Louis finally revealed the secrets of his beauty regime, and it turns out that back in the day he used to use some sneaky makeup bits and bobs to perfect his look. Petition for him to start a YouTube beauty channel?
Even with a head as naturally fine, fresh and fabulous as his, Louis confessed that he used to use makeup when the band first started out, because there was so much importance on the boys looking perfect.
We reckon a soft smokey bronze eye, bold brows, peachy cheeks and a vampy plum lip, yeah? He told PopSugar: “I would say [beauty is] less of a routine for me. I wore a lot more makeup at the start, but I don’t really bother now.”
Of course he doesn’t need a full beauty routine anymore. Firstly, he’s far too busy doing manly things like playing football and cleaning drains (probably) to be faffing around with contouring and concealing.
And secondly, he woke up like this - FLAWLESS.
Louis, you pretty.
He’s insecure (…or not), don’t know what for. He’s turning heads when he walks through the door (obvs). Don’t need makeup, to cover up because he’s RIDICULOUSLY FIT AND HAS A PERFECT FACE. 
Anyway, we already know the rest of his beauty regime, and it basically involves Lou Teasdale being skilled with a can of hairspray.
We’re off to listen to What Makes You Beautiful on repeat for the rest of our lives. And maybe have a daydream or two about Louis wearing red lipstick and bubblegum lipgloss. Ahem.

Surprised to hear that the 1D boys wear makeup? Reckon Louis lights up your world like nobody else? Comments please, ladies and gents.

Eu escrevo em forma de sonho através de um grito.

Eu sempre escrevo o que eu queria que fosse, com a esperança de que seja, como um lembrete de que será. E o que escrevo é como um grito no vazio da noite, enquanto todos dormem… e ninguém consegue me escutar. Porque em grande parte do meu tempo eu voo sem asas. Eu plano no espaço que é tão escuro que torna possível ver as estrelas de perto brilhando. Não um voo físico, mas é um voo real… E me saem lágrimas dos olhos porque eu posso tocar a poeira estelar e esfarelar com os dedos…Me saem lágrimas dos olhos ao ver lá de cima, enquanto sonho, que comparada a todo o resto, eu nada sou.