YesAsia Here’s another new group for your K-pop boy band FiX! Formed by leader Sung Woo, Nuri, Oh Song, and Jung Wook, rookie group FiX has quite a name to live up to - it’s short for “Four Immaculate eXtraordinaries” - but they’re definitely on the right track. Groove Entertainment introduced FiX last year through the TV drama Big Heat, which starred Sung Woo and Oh Song and featured an OST song by the rock group. Now FiX makes their official debut with their first mini-album.

artist | FIX
album | Please Don’t Say
release date | December 14, 2011
    01 Please Don’t Say [ MV ]
    02 Please Leave Me
    03 Beat It
    04 Song for You
    05 Please Don’t Say [Inst]

download [.rar] | [ Mediafire ]
to get the password - click Please Don’t Say MV link. The long URL is the password

Hong Ramyun - Ohsung


I try to limit my ramen noodle consumption to once a week. Since I discovered Hong Ramyun, ramen noodles have been appearing more frequently at the dinner table. Until a few months back, I ate only Nong Shim brand ramen (Nong Shim Neoguri’s spicy seafood). My new go-to ramen is Hong Ramyun by Ohsung. Their noodles are the same as Nong Shim’s, but the flavoring packet is more intense and spicier. There’s definitely more punch. I think it’s harder to find Hong Ramyun at asian supermarkets. I couldn’t find it at Ranch 99 in California… I’ve only seen this at H-Mart. If you have the chance, pick up a pack of Hong Ramyun from H-Mart or order off Amazon. I’ll buy Nong Shim Neoguri from time to time since it’s easier to find, but Hong Ramyun is my new favorite.

    katie’s favorites: hong ramyun hot & spicy

Quick tip: Try making ramen noodles with homemade beef broth, it’s delicious!