I should probably make a youtube channel for grandma. #OhSara #NoFilter #MoveBitch

Today is a relatively good day. Here's why...
  1. Premiere of SNL with Alec Baldwin and RADIOHEAD (having a snl party with my main broadcasting crew)
  2. I got a job(ish)! I won’t get paid much, but meh. Sports Videographer? I get to shoot all the varsity homegames and upload them to the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association server. I think I can tackle it. (I know very little ‘bout Sports but MEH)
  3. Signed up for a new gym and am goin’ early tomorrow morning and just going to rip it.
  4. My student loan came in yesterday (!!!)
  5. Went to the Blockbuster going out of business sale & bought these for 12 bucks:

An Education
You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger
Fish Tank 

    LIFE IS GRAND… for now.

    Convo with ohsara about watching Scandal and eating a piece of ham.
    • Me:I can't even. This show was made to kill me.
    • Me:I got ham juice on my bed.
    • Sara:Lmfao liz lemon times. Ham juice?
    • Sara:Lmao. No, but it could be.
    • Me:Hamm juice ;)
    • Sara:clever.

    GPOY - (Thank you notes edish)
    Thank you, accidental photo booth photos… for making me see that I have visible collar bones. Since when? Never had ‘em before.

    and thank you, quarter blue SFX gel (that I stole from the lighting dept.) macyvered on my Ikea lamp…for making me look mildly ghost-like and intense. 

    I am/My face is the worst. Apologies. 

    GPOY (cause you probably forgot what I look like) high, bummed out, make-upless edition.

    I am a combination of an angsty teen and a senior citizen. Pulled my back out, having cereal body image issues, hating my own face, don’t want to leave my house because of acne and being frustrated by endearing, awkward boys?

    Having one of those whiny twenty something “no one will ever love me… why can’t I be skinny, have long hair, white teeth, normal skin and decent social, relationship and job skills” kinda days.

    WINTER SADS… forgive the whine. I am a horrible shell of a person.

    gpoy - makeup-less, bra-less, packing my room up, hating my life, sober as eff in my smiths “dress” that is a big ass old cut off smiths shirt.

    hungover, not wearing pants, generally giving little fucks… really wishing i was baked to pack. also wondering where my debit card is? shiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    A day in the life via point form.
    • Watched A Single Man with my Mother
    • Had three homemade delicious cappuccinos 
    • Drove back from my Parent’s house to finish Reading Week
    • Got groceries 
    • Bought kick ass rain boots made out of scuba diver shit (it’s pouring, I hate spring)
    • Cleaned my bong (organically, that is)
    • Made an avocado/tomato/cheese sandwich on rye (NOM)

    NOW! To organize, tumble, eat said sandwich and hit previously cleaned bong.


    I am one now of those d-bags with instagram.

    (which is apparently everyone I know)

    I hate myself. Follow me if you enjoy photos of when things looks “look nice in that light” and other dumb aspects of my life with unnecessary filters. I’ll try to avoid “selfies” as much as possible.


    Applying for a P.A job on the worst Canadian Show evsies

    BUT IDGAF. Who cares RIGHT?

    …just spent like 2 hours setting up the record player to the surround sound and it’s still skipping even with a penny on the needle.

    Listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits… jammin’, drinkin’ tea. I am the oldest of ladies. Feelin’ Groovy.