December 26, 2012 ♥

Ito yung pinaka special day para sa akin. Syempre, the picture says it all. The day I said “OO NA” =)) I know the place isn’t perfect. But we made it extra special :”> habang flina-flash ko yung hearts sa kanya kinikilig na ako ng sobra tapos yung last heart… “OO NA” yung nakasulat. tapos ayaw nyang pumayag buuin ko daw tapos ayun, binulong ko sa kanya na “Oo na, girlfriend mo na ako” tapos yun yung first time kong nag I Love You sa kanya. Hayyyyy its been a month. parang kahapon lang :”> I Love my boyfriend so much ♡


My dad is my hero. Always have been, always will be.

Hi Daddy! Happy Father’s day! I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to read this ‘cause you don’t even know tumblr did exist lol. But if you do, I’ll never let you read this either! what’s the sense? hahaha nooooo, don’t get me wrong guys. I made this post for my dad to let you know how much I love him though he had no idea about this. I’m not a daddy’s girl, but I’m his princess. I’m not sweet daughter, but I do really love my Dad. I love those late night talks with him. he always gives me the best advice. The only thing I’m worried about is disappointing him with my stupid immaturity. I’m not perfect but he wants me to be. Sometimes I get upset with him because of some stupid reasons but it doesn’t really matter. He’s still my father and I really miss him. I love You Daddy!!! Someday, I’ll make you proud. I PROMISE.


so these are my few photos with my braces on. lol =)) I look like crap though! Is it because I’m still not used to it or it really doesn’t suits me? oh well, oh well I still hope for the best. I got that shit yesterday and I don’t have any time to blog it so I’m blogging it now. This is the only place I can share this photo because I don’t have any followers here from my school so yeah. Oh I have one or maybe two but my closest friends actually. I just don’t like it when people from my school can read stuffs about me because they’d just judge me anyway so whatever! Facebook, twitter & insta people don’t have any idea about this! lol I can’t share this photo now. Maybe when I can smile well I will. so yeah that’s it. U know whut… ever since I was a kid, I always dream of having braces. I even put those wrapper of kisses on my teeth and pretend to have braces lol I really had a weird childhood guys. sorry not sorry =)) …and that thing below my lips, that’s a wound! hahaha don’t mind it! 

I decided it was time to start saving money for a Penny Board!!!! I need that for my 2013 bucketlist (learn how to skate) I chose a penny board because I find it more attractive than skateboards. lol those are for PROs!!! I discovered pennyboard from my idol, Aria Clemente dam she’s so sick man!! I need to be good at something so maybe I should try skating tho. I want a pink penny like those on the internet lol too girly but it’s soo cute!! How I wish it was June already so I can have more money but no, because I fear college. daaamn I’m so torn huhu but I’ll buy you. I swear it.


This is the most important thing in my life right now. I wasn’t expecting this. Ok so u guys have no idea how much this means to me. No, this is not a simple earring for me. Simple? what the hell. No fucking way. That is the most special earring that I ever had. Omg I’m being so over acting right now. so for you guys to understand, just keep reading.. :)

April 1, 2013 Card-giving day; Swimming w my calssmates (Courage)

super excited talaga akong pumunta ng school kanina. So ayun, habang naglalakad ako papuntang study area, what the hell, I saw Paulo. Pero hindi ko siya pinansin. well, he broke my heart why the hell would I give a damn on him? lol #MedyoBitter so ayun, pagkuha ko ng card ko, wow!! nahila ko ng 4 points grade ko sa math! so proooud :’) tapos yung physics ko, tumaas ako ng 3 points. Hardwork man! ;) okay so ayun nga, habang naghihintay kami sa mga iba pang kasama.. hinahanap ko si rjay. Yung kras kong matagal ko nang bli-no-blog dito. haha. Wala siya. Pero nung tiningnan ko naman yung list ng mga pangalan ng nanggaling na dun, siya yung pinaka-una. so it means, nakuha na nya ang card nya. Andun na siya. pero wala talaga siya sa school. So medyo nalungkot na ako kasi pasakay na kami ng jeep papunta dun sa resort nung biglang tumawag si Jorell(his best friend)…. sabi niya, hintayin daw namin sila. papunta na daw kasi sila. So ayun, Nag automatic smile na agad ako cause I know. He’s with him. Kausap ko si Arianne sa phone nung hinihintay sila. Tapos biglang……. omg is that…………… omg si rjay ba yun?!? zvxcyubwr uasvytw He’s wearing a black V-neck and shorts then naka vans sya na shoes what the….. I’m like a statue stuck staring right at him… as in talaga mga 1 minute ata akong napa-stare sa kanya then I forgot na I’m on the phone with Arianne. Tapos nauutal ako. Hindi ako makapag salita ng ayos. Grabe talaga. Nawala ako sa sarili. Tapos idi-naan ko na lang sa tawa. I was laughing the whole time when I’m talking to her cause I really cannot even… Then my classmates were like.. WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU PJ?!! I keep on laughing na lang. Pero I was laughing to cover up my kilig. I was really stunned by him. That was the first time I saw him in that look. He’s really hot. ANd guess what…………. HE HAS AN EAR PIERCING ALREADY!! another mother fucking turn on afsvxvfxagf :”> I really love boys who has that. Idk but yeah. so fast forward.. Nung nag stop over kami sa store, para bumili ng alak, dun kami nagka usap. okay wala lang. typical convo. Tapos nung nasa resort na….. omg eto na yun eh…. :”>

So naka upo sya dun sa cottage namin. I was standing in front of him tapos sabi ko, Yun namann!! naka hikaw na =)) san ka nagpa-butas? Him: wala ako lang ang nag butas! Me: AsA KA! saan nga? Him: silverworks man! Me: Diga’y 2 dapat dun ang pinapa-butas? Him: Pwede kayang isa lang. Gusto mo gang hikaw? Me: Penge!! Him: Yun, kunin mo ang bag ko. Tapos ayun, kinuha ko tapos binigay nya sakin yung ka-partner nung hikaw niya. Omg couple earring ba :”> alam mo yun? Unique. <33 Tapos wala, yun na yun. Nakakakilig lang kasi. Inalok pa niya sakin yung hikaw niya tapos partner pa kami. Eh super crush ko kaya siya tapos gagawan niya ako ng ganyan. Saya kaya :”> sobrang dami pang nangyaring nakakakilig that day. Bukas or sa isang araw ko na lang ipo-post. Omg he really made my day talaga. SUPER GANDA NG FIRST DAY OF APRIL KO :’)

PNight 2013

Last night was a fairytale! I might flood tour dash with loads of photos. Bear with me. I just want to share them all. Since I mentioned earlier that our theme for the most awaited Parents’ Night was Peterpan, I will be showing you my enchanting Night at Neverland ♥


I’ve always wanted to be a fairy since I was five. Last night, it’s like a dream come true! That’s my look last night. I love it! Thanks to my make up artist, Alice :) some people said that I look good last night. well, thanks to them. I’m really flattered but I keep on being humble and say “No, you look prettier” but inside I was like “bitch, Im hotter than you” haha No, just kidding. They’re all amazing last night. 

To begin, I want you all to meet my beloved family. Actually, that night was really for my Parents. That why it’s called “Parents’ Night” it’s not a prom but a thanksgiving night for our Parents. I was really glad because they really appreciate it. Though I messed up a little in our dance.


(Random Photos)


with Peterpan


hello there, Tinkerbell <3


with our gorgeous Tiger Lily!!


..and oh! with Captain Hook! :3


(more photos to follow)