Ray/Mal; L.A. Noire

Warnings: M/M
Summary: Ray gives Mal a blowjob.

written for ohmygozer

The room is dark and nothing but the dull table lamp keeps Mal’s featured illuminated. Ray settles between his legs, knees protesting on the cold, marble floor as he leans forward. Mal’s voice echoes through Ray’s head, telling him they shouldn’t, they’re in a morgue for Christ’s sake, and oh god do that again. Shaking hands grip at Ray’s shoulders, one reaching to tug at his slicked back hair enough to cause pain.

Tongue gracing along the length of Mal, Ray relishes the feeling of having the other man like this. To have such a vulnerable muscle in his hands, and taste in his mouth, is enough to make him come in his pants. But he isn’t a horny teenager, and this certainly isn’t the changing room in the gym. Ray clutches at Mal’s thighs hard enough to bruise, spreading them further as he takes Mal fully into his mouth and breathes out low and hard, sending a tingly sensation flowing from his mouth all the way to Mal’s lower region.

Soft curses and quiet slurping echo their way through the morgue and straight to Ray’s abdomen. He shouldn’t feel this way. Mal isn’t his, but god damn it felt good to have him here like this, clutching his neck and moaning his name. When Mal comes Ray swallows like a gentleman, quickly and without grimacing.

Their lips meet violently. A clash of teeth sends a wave of pain along Ray’s jaw, but he doesn’t stop. He wants Mal to taste himself from his mouth, growling into his mouth as Mal’s tongue battles with his own.

This felt too god damn good.