Harry Underwood painted the When We Talk About Love album art. And the single art. I used to wake up late. My house mate Alyssa would drive us to Mas Tacos, a Mexican restaurant in East Nashville. We’d listen to Harry Nillson in the car. I first saw Harry’s art at Mas Tacos. Someone had stuck a promotional post card of his near the counter. I was charmed. I thought the artist must have been some pop artists, from the ‘60’s. Turned out I was incorrect. I went to the restaurant some more. I eventually asked to see the post card up close. Wrote the artists name down. Harry Underwood. Looked it up on the Internet. Turned out he was from Nashville. Turned out my friend Elizabeth knew him. She’s a painter too. She introduced me to Harry. Harry invited me out to his home studio in Springfield. An hour out of Nashville. He made me, Elizabeth and her bloke Patrick iced coffee. Good stuff. He generously agreed to let me have his painting on the cover of my album. At that point I was writing it. Harry is a lovely guy. Talented as hell. You can look at his website and buy his paintings which is pretty cool. Artbyharry.com. Thanks Harry. Alex.