Went to Alexa’s today and officially met all her dogs and her family. To be honest, I was quite horrified at first. Edie was so fat! The fact that she was a pure pit bull, too, scared me. After a while though, I became placid. They were licking, sniffing, jumping on me. I calmly started petting all of them. I think I may have grown over my fear of big dogs. LOL (:

The truffle making was a disaster at first. Alexa was becoming an angry baker. LOL just like how she’s an angry artist. Then eventually everything finally fell together fine. Stormy (Alexa’s baby dog) was putting her butt in Edie’s face..etc.

On the way home, Gabby’s mom announced she had to pee for like an hour already. So we’re like okay just stop at the gas station. While driving…”oh lawd JEEZUS I’m gonna wet my pants!!! I feel like I’m stuck!” LOL. We arrived and turns out the restroom didn’t work, so we drove to Burger King. She came out of the restroom telling the employee to fix the toilet because it’s full of poop. LOL in the car we asked her if she actually used the toilet. She was like, -mexican accent-“yah I had to hold mai nose lye dis… lemme tell yoh, da bafroom lok so nasssty. nobodeee wan to use it apter dey eat. de toilet lok lyke dey hab sausages and apple juice and paper.” HAHAHAHAHA OHMYGOSH. GOOD LAUGH.


OCTOBER 26, 2012

After a horrible morning of midterms, came a really pleasing night. I GOT TO SEE JOSEPH VINCENT! Now, I know he’s kind of low key, YouTube person, not really celebrity but he is considered a “celebrity” to me, BUT it’s still a big deal to be able to meet someone you like haha!

So I’ve discussed having a fan twitter account where I get to tweet celebrities and such as much as I want and don’t follow any friends whatsoever. WELL. I didn’t buy VIP tickets to meet and greet Joseph, BUT I got a freaking retweet from him OMG OH MY GAWD. Like its so cool how my luck is on twitter hahaha! I don’t even have to tweet THAT much (just once or twice) and I get noticed (sometimes). Anyway, I was like freaking out and walking circles around my coffee table and texting gibberish Fangirl language to my friend. So we went to the mall before going to see Joseph. We got some Starbucks fraps to get a little energy. I ended up having to pee extremely bad. We got to the venue, chilled a bit and looked to see if we knew anyone.

Then Run Away Kings came on. Just two of the guys out of five. Low key band as of now, too. They were really good though. They made eye contact with the crowd, had us interact, sang really well, had meaningful lyrics, etc. A great, chill band. (Well I guess it was only chill because it was only guitar.) I like acoustic though. Not only were they talented, they were super cute, a little quirky/funny, and nice. OMG I took a picture with them right? So when I was getting between them, I was kind of nervous and excited and I accidentally stepped on Austin’s (purple guy) shoe HAHAHAHA. I was like “oh my gosh I stepped on your shoe hahaha I’m sorry!” And he was like “it’s alright.” Hahahaha hashtag embarrassing. I felt that he was really humble though cause he’s just a normal guy and I’m treating him like a celebrity and freaking out over stepping on him LOL. UGH THIS IS WHY I LOVE BANDS WHEN THEY’RE STILL FRESH AND NEW. Such humble people! After my friends took the photo of just me and the guys, I went to my friends and was fangirling SO much. Slight squeal and hand movements fanning and legs jumping/prancing hahaha. I think I heard the guys laugh a little too hahaha. Now to think of it, I should’ve asked for a hug or something. Austin was the shy, quiet one….and I didn’t think he would actually smile in the pictures but he did omg he had such a cute smiling face. It might have been the flash making his eyes go all tiny but he still looked cute while I looked ratchet hahahaha! Ya know, he might be a little tall…but I think we could work. (; hahahaha we look cute! Oh! I forgot to mention, since Daniel (lead singer) was making eye contacts while singing, he made one to ME omg!!! I actually somehow got a picture of that moment too omg!

Joseph came on the stage with his band afterwards. The venue wasn’t packed but it got hot so quick….since Joseph hot Vincent entered hahahaha lame joke. Excuse me. They actually had a segment of lame jokes haha. Cute as always, Joseph was making cute movements, faces, and sexy singing voices (although he was sick and took honey shots a bunch of times). The whole band was cute to me. They were really cute! Kinda old for me, but still very attractive. Joseph had a very intimate connection with the audience doing an acoustic sitting within the crowd. I was nearly 3 inches away from him! He high five people at the end of the song and I didn’t get one, but again, he retweeted me so I’m still satisfied. I didn’t get a picture with him either but I’m still satisfied with how freaking close I was to him. We were going to hang around the back alley where they were putting away instruments…but then we just went into our car. The photographer guy of Joseph’s talked to me! He asked me if I had fun and where the closest coffee place was. AHHH talking to JV’s production team! Three consecutive good fridays!


You always have to make yourself seem like you’re confident even though you might have a million butterflies and jitterbugs in your stomach. You should project your voice loud enough for everyone to hear. You should have a little fun with it and ask the audience questions to lighten the pressure. If you mess up and the audience laughs, just wing it like it was intended. It’s all in your confidence.

I was Al Capone today for an English project. I had to dress like him and try to talk like him and tell about myself (as Al Capone). Real G for a day that did things to support the family. I don’t even know what these claim to be “gangsters” do. It was pretty funny with wardrobe malfunctions with the big belly LOL and how I said “I gave birth to Albert Francis “Sonny” Capone”…when it was my wife that did LOL. I hate when I go back to sit down, I think “OH I should have said that! I forgot to mention this.”

Anyway, I had quite some fun in this project. It was awkward coming to school looking like that. I avoided eye contact looking at the walls, ceiling, and floor. Yeah, even those get interesting when you’re avoiding eye contact LOL.


yeahhhh. that toilet paper roll “cigar.” yeahhhh. that Fossil watch. yeahhhh. that “belly.” HAHAHAA so good. so good.


Not gonna lie, I was more nervous about this stuff rather than excited. Two reasons: 1) I’m actually in college??? 2) what if there’s so many attractive guys and pretty people that I get so overwhelmed and do stupid shit?

I guess I was pretty prepared for Boone weather. The bipolar rain and sunshine and snow out of nowhere. (It didn’t snow this time though.) I brought a rain jacket but left my umbrella. I arrived early so Dad took us to Hardee’s. (Btw I saw a lot more of Hardee’s than McDonald there.) Then it started pouring rain and I had to walk to the dorm for check-in. Residents were walking the streets in the rain like it was no big deal haha. Dude, walking up to the dorm, I saw dudes standing by the girl’s check in place and started feeling like I was super lost. I didn’t see any cute dudes yet but their style was pretty chill/nice. Girls were a bit caked, but it was only some. I’m super jealous their hair didn’t get frizzy or anything. I’m pretty sure they got perf pictures for their app card while my face was slightly oily and hair a bit poofy. The tour guy is hilarious af. The check in people were super nice. This girl was telling me how much it is if you lose the key and the girl beside her was telling another girl the same thing, so this dude looked at me and repeated it again omg. HE was so cute when he looked me in the eyes and said that omfg with that smile too.

I found my actual roommate on the way to find my room for the day. I was the first into the room and minutes later my roommate for the day arrived, having trouble opening the door. Nice girl but I can’t remember her name. I can’t believe it myself because I had breakfast with her the next day, sat with her during the video presentation, sat with her watching people do cardio dancing, borrowed her hair dryer, and sat with her registering for classes. I think it was Taylor or Jordan but I’m not sure. We even had name tags but oddly I didn’t bother trying to remember or look at it.

I DID have to remember the people in my small advising groups’ names though. We were playing that game where you introduce yourself and an interesting fact and then you name all the other people before you and their fact. I seriously thought I was doing good up til when it was actually my turn. My nervousness actually shined through cause fucking Travis (our SOUL leader) noticed it and told me not to be nervous. Shit. I started blanking out on maybe three or four people’s names out of fifteen I think. That isn’t really bad but I think I made myself kind of awkward or something apologizing haha. I hope it was a cute awkward. But yeah, if you didn’t remember their name you had to come up and shake their hand. Oh, did I mention I was sick so my voice was all clogged and face probably paler than usual? omfg kms. My group had maybe two cute dudes. I actually remembered their name! Well actually I had trouble on one. His name was JD but all I remembered at the time was ‘I know there’s a J somewhere’ and him being cute and staring at me holy fuck. But I got it though. He looks much like this British singer Lewis Watson with his fucking earrings on, some dimples I think, nice hair, vans, tall, nice smile, (LOTS OF EYE CONTACTS TOO, FUCK). Except I think he may have been much cuter than Lewis Watson. We would laugh at something that’s going on and then BAM eye contact and the post laugh smile thing. So cute OMG. The only thing is that he keeps hanging around this girl he knows in the group and this guy, so no we did not get to talk. I made friends with maybe four girls and two dudes in the group. Dude, after lunch we were standing around waiting for Travis and this guy, Devin, was getting his mint box out and popping a mint and I was just staring at his mint thing cause I didn’t want to look at people’s faces and start things. (I would totally go look at freaking JD’s face the whole time if I could.) (I think I actually do look at him a lot often and I hope nobody else notices it because that’s awkward.) Anyway, somehow he noticed me looking and offered me a mint but I declined hahaha. It’s really funny how you think people don’t notice you looking. I’m always like “I wish some guy would look at me like that” but then there’s the thing that maybe there are some guys looking and it’s just me that doesn’t notice it. I have lots of eye contacts with Devin too, but it’s more of a potential good guy friend thing. BUT LET ME JUST SAY I DON’T WANT TO FRIEND ZONE ANYONE JUST YET because if I did, I’m gonna be one lonely motherfucker in college.

Each small advising group has to come up with something to present themselves. Things such as chants, dances or something. Our group decided to reenact the Titanic scene. Two dudes carrying a dude, two dudes carrying a girl and walking in circles while they look deeply at each other in the eyes. I was a part of the waves group with dramatic facial expressions, there were swimmers with bookbags on their chest as life jackets, and there were the air violinist, and travis doing the singing “near, far, where eeeeever you are..” It was the best. We got claps too hahaha.

For our orientation we had to watch a play. It was a pretty big step from high school, I gotta say. I’m so used to it being inappropriate to curse, but this change is awesome. Freedom of expression, hell yeah! In the play they were comedically showing us how to put on condoms, the effects of drugs, etc. Fun stuff. Oh and no radio edits of songs too! WOO! There was a cardio dance thing going on at 10 and it was pretty fun watching people get so into dancing. “Dont drop that thun thun” I think I would’ve joined if I wasn’t sick and in the appropriate attire.

OH MY GOODNESS the worst part was I had a stomachache for the two days. I’d be in the meeting/class and my stomach kept making those damn whale mating noises and rumbles as if I was hungry. My appetite was so low. I got a plate full of food so I at least looked normal and not an anorexic. I ate an eighth of everything on the plate because it wasn’t tasty food (just cheap orientation food) and my stomach was still hurting. Yo, this is about to be TMI so skip this part and move on to the next paragraph. I pooped for the first time in school. This is awkward as hell. Like I’m gonna be living here with all these people and I’m actually going to have to take a dump here. I’m gonna have to febreeze the shit out the bathroom omg. It’s embarrassing but we’re all human here so I guess it should be understanding. Otherwise I gotta go find empty bathrooms somewhere and do my business there. Oh but guess what. Fml because the (small) dump did NOT make my stomachache go away. I think my sinuses are making me feel like I’m gonna puke so it might not be food poisoning or whatever. Idk ugh.

Everything is so surreal now. I’m so excited to actually move in and not be sick and actually be in the mood to talk more. Like I was so sleep deprived and tired. I woke up at 3:50AM to get ready and leave the house by 5 at least. I probably would’ve been fine to wake up at 4:40 but my family is hella slow at getting ready to leave to places. If it wasn’t for sleep deprived and sick me, I probably would’ve said hi to so many people and break hearts. LOL IM KIDDING. OH we also played another game called Body to Body where you and a partner from another group touch body to body. But it’s like they call out “shoulder to butt” and one partner gives the shoulder and the other gives the butt and you touch. So yeah. It was awkward but funny. I probably would’ve got reaaal close with some dude if I had a dude as my partner, but I had a girl.

Honestly it’s like highschool all over again except it’s a totally brand new start. I know nobody there and start fresh with friends. OH remember when I had to introduce myself with a fact? I was either going to be weird and say “I like cantaloupes” or be normal and say “I’m Vietnamese”. I am so glad I decided to be normal because they had cantaloupes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I had cantaloupes each time. I would’ve been known as cantaloupe girl and they would’ve noticed me eating it.

I actually really like this fresh start thing because it honestly helps me break out my “shell”. I noticed myself saying ‘hi’ to random people beside me. Omg this dude was passing my chair during breakfast and his bookbag’s strap got stuck on my chair HAHA. I felt his awkward OMG I hugged someone once and my hand somehow got stuck in his pocket for a second. Anyway I’m hoping to meet a heck load of people and attend the football games! (And yes, there actually were quite a load of cute guys here so I think I’m good. They’re not all hippies and druggies I don’t think.) App state woohoo!

Relay For Life : May 13, 2011






Alexa’s gonna grow up to be the best tree inspector ever.



we like to dance awkwardly. we don’t give a fuhh bout what a sumbuhhdee say.


"Grandma" Gabby needs a pole/cane.


Gabby likes poles. She doesn’t care about the giant shoe attack me, her “child”.




My youngest sister is sleeping with me tonight!


My other lil sister went with her friend to Jersey, so this lil booger is lonely and wants to stick around me. She tries to act all cute and stuff when she wants something. She asked to sleep in my room and asked if I missed the other lil booger yet..because she does already. LAWL how cute (:

The house is much quieter and calm. I like it..kinda..but it doesn’t feel right. I hope she’s safe! LOL I can see how it feels to let a child soar without its parents now. Tear, Tear. They grow up so fast.

Me: you’re a little booger.

Lil sister: you’re a big booger.



June 27-28

Dad is off and the weather is actually being nice to us. It rains when we’re on the way and then it gets all sunshiny when we need it.

We went to the lake on the 27th and I really needed that because I believe me being stuck in the house is what’s making my sickness last longer. I needed sunshine for my pale ass. Pretty relaxing day. We went to the movies after to watch Monsters University cause the munchkins really wanted to. (Let’s face it, I kind of did too.) It was really cute and remarkably accurate to college life I think. I kind of see this movie as a message/note that it’s okay if college doesn’t work out because there’s other ways to get to where you want. That really reassures me about college haha.

BUT THE FUNNY PART OF THE DAY WAS when we were buying our tickets at the counter. Grandma from Vietnam was FaceTiming my Dad before we went in the theaters. I thought he’d hang up when we walked in, but apparently not. Dad was showing my grandma how the movie theater looked like. I told the worker what movie and how many tickets and he rang it up. He looked up from the cash register and saw my dad talking really loudly and the FaceTime thing still going on and the dude started laughing. I saw him laughing and started laughing out of embarrassment. Then he tried to be serious and asked if we wanted popcorn but he couldn’t contain his chuckles so he was like “do..hahaha..you HAHA…want some popcorn? hahahaha” Omg I couldn’t stop laughing cause I kept thinking about that moment and would laugh again.

On the 28th Dad decided to take us to this boat rental place and cruise for 2 hours. Walking in that place, there were three boys in their (late?) teen years at the counter. I always had a little thing for beach/surfer dudes. I mean, who doesn’t? That golden tan and those nice ass bodies? Well anyway, these dudes were cute af and they had these majestic pretty looking blue/green/gray eyes that were so mesmerizing OMG. Dad was talking to one of the guys, so I was just standing there looking around the counter. The other two guys were watching and listening to the conversation like I was. There were so many eye contacts going on, man. At one moment, me and one of the dudes smirked/smiled at each other because we were amused by the convo hahahaha omg.

We went to Chick Fil A afterwards and it started to rain. This one employee did the sweetest little thing OMG. He was outside carrying around a huge chick fil a umbrella running from door to door, helping the customers in and out to the restaurant/car. I just wanted to give him a big ol’ pat on the back. He should get paid more.


Special Olympics Torch Run and College Fair 2-25-12

Gabby and I went volunteering at the Special Olympics. Little did we know, that this “Special Olympics” was not for the special people. It was an actually a specially strange activity. These people signed up to do the Polar Plunge. Well, that’s what they were warming up for when we got to our shifts.

Silly me didn’t think it was going to be that cold, so I wore a cardigan. This whole week has been in the 70 degrees range and then it suddenly drops to 50. We got to the table and the lady assisting at the table with us urged me to put on a tablecloth around me to warm myself. LOLOL..a freaking red tablecloth..that represents State. The cloth actually smelled pretty fresh like a blanket that was just washed. I had two thick table cloths wrapped around me, draping down to my ankle as if I was a Roman goddess.

There I was…looking a Roman goddess… protecting my peop- lemme stop. hahaha. I looked more like something you’d see on Courage the Cowardly Dog with no arms and hands and the wind blowing my hair all in my face. Pretty sight right? Surprisingly, I didn’t feel like the outcast there. There were bunches of people that had towels around them, people that had floaties, people in bathing suits, guy that was dressed in a Transformer/Tron suit, Polar bear guy, people with orange cones on their head, guys with beer bellies in crop tops with ‘Mom’ drawn/tattooed in a heart on their arms, etc. I was most definitely perfectly normal in my tablecloth outfit.

The Polar Plunge event consists of a person wearing shoes and going into the super cold lake and run back out. I don’t know how they were able to do that. I can’t even stand taking cold showers, nor the strong winds that day…and they were dressed in bathing suits?! Crazy! Good thing there was hot chocolate, soup, chili and pizza being served.

Later, we went to the college fair. It somewhat gave me a little bit of hope. I keep feeling that I’m not good enough and won’t be accepted into the colleges I’m considering. I have A’s/B’s and stay committed to community service clubs, but I still feel worthless. Ugh, if only I was that intelligent…or possibly even have the drive to learn like my parents when they came here.

Wore blue today because I’m loveless. HAHAHA. Just kidding, I already picked it out before I thought of it being valentines day. Happy Valentines day, you beautiful people! Enjoy my face. (doing that door lean again. I’m telling you..it’s the new thing dude.) Am I secksi now? No? Okay I’ll try harder. Just kidding! Pretty hearts are better.

Today was pretty chill. I liked it. My partner beside me asked why I was so happy. She was like, “are you high? Do you get high?” “HAHAHA no! pish posh, I got candy! Why would I be depressed?!” I think I had too much candy or something because I felt so jolly and bubbly today. My other friend and I did planet protectors (recycling club) today and it was another little nostalgia kind of thing. We used to do this in fifth grade with the huge bins and walking on our tippy toes. Now we can see everything perfectly well! Everything was just great today! Maybe except the fact that my friend accidentally hit me on the head with the lid of the bin. LOL


I may not be in the Christmas spirit, but I think this Christmas was the cutest.

The weather isn’t even that cold. It’s just our fake Christmas tree singing away holiday music with presents lying underneath. It’s practically the same every year.

Gawd, I hate surprises, yet I love them at the same time. My sisters are great liars. My dad is a terrible present wrapper, yet he’s smart with it. He put a box inside a box inside a box. Three got damn boxes. Not to mention, he stuffed the surroundings of the smallest box with our old stuffed animals. He was aware I was going to shake the box. How smart. Hahaha. Anyway, I got an iPhone 4S. I was in desperate need of a new, working phone in order for my parents to contact me. I don’t even use my phone that often anymore :/ no one to talk to except for my Linhda bahaha.

Anyway, when the other part of our family left and it was just us five…the cutest things happened. My parents opened their presents (and the kids already opened theirs earlier). My mom was all smiling and my dad was too. It was such a cute moment. Like…I don’t think I’ve seen them so relaxed and carefree. Those were such sincere smiles and laughs. My mom actually kissed my daddy’s head. HAHAHA. I’ve never seen them show affection towards each other. They gave each other money and started fanning it out and posing for pictures omfg. Then we took family pictures. They were all cute next to each other. My dad even wore the sweater I bought him last year to make me happy. (It’s the first time since he took it out the closet because he doesn’t have special occasions to wear something so nice to.) Everything was just cute. Cute. Cute. CUTE. Today, the family went to the movies. Us kids were hurrying inside and my parents were trailing behind holding hands and swaying. AHHH. so cute. I can not even. Like.. Everything is just so cute.

My weekend with Linhda!





We were taking pictures and then….


this dog popped out. ITS SO CUTE..but we got paranoid it would jump out and chase us off the bridge into the water where Linhda can’t swim LOL.


While we were waiting for my dad to come back with the jetski..this little bird was calling its friends to come steal food. We were paranoid by this too. Paranoid that they might poop on us. -___- hehe 



I. AM. A. PHOTOGRAPHER…………hahahaha jk. We took pictures when we were going slow. Then my dad went full speed and we were scared for dear life. I was at the end of the seat which meant that I was prone to falling off if we’re going super fast… oh gosh. We were holding on to each other so tight. The waves made us leap off our seat..which was terrifying..yet fun at the same time. hahaha. We were waving at fellow mates passing by. (:


Then we went to Carolina Beach. The waves were pretty strong. It knocked me down a bunch of times. It pushed me and the boogie board into Linhda a bunch of times too. hahaha poor Linhda (:


We found this dead crab in the sand. If Linhda had not pointed it out, I would’ve stepped on it. I’m blind as a bat -__-


If the guy wasn’t there this would have been a cute picture. My sister and I were skipping :3


The next day we went to Tucker Lake. This place was located where lots of rednecks were. Anyway, the lake was super clean and clear..well not in the picture..but it was! Lots of memories here. OH GOSH. let’s talk about Linhda’s fail on the waterslide. She got off the slide landing on her feet…and then tripped and fell in the water again. Another time, she got off the slide and her mat flipped over and hit her head….that happened to me too. and..MY fail.. I placed that mat down to get ready to sit on it and go down the slide but my mat slipped and moved horizontally instead of staying vertical for me to lay down….so I was fumbling around going down the slide trying to get it right and not get burned by the slide -___- ugh. Linhda was laughing at me.




HAHAHA what usual pictures you see all the time ^^ We saw this family we couldn’t tell if they were Asian or Hispanic..but they were trying to catch fishes at the lake…like at the swimming part..not even on a boat..and that lake isn’t even for fishing really… they had a mini scooper net..and they were using their hands and running around chasing the fish…and later they were trying to catch flies with their hands… okay.


We went paddle boating and THAT was terrifying too. Our seats were very unstable and kept falling back. The sun’s rays were so hot -___-  The life jackets were very STANNNNKAYY. On the other hand, the pretzel sticks and the strawberry daquiri was yummy. (: THE END.

Jennifer's 10th Birthday


It didn’t start off as happy as that though. Well..the birthday girl wasn’t. (girl in the middle wearing red)


This was how it started.


She seemed like she wasn’t enjoying anything really. Smiles weren’t real.


and then…… I popped in.


hehe this picture. troll on it foo.


I think Jennifer has grown close to me. She wasn’t all smiley and happy until I came into the picture. I started messing with her and making weird faces. Lately she keeps coming into my room asking to sleep with me. I ask her why and she would say, “because I want to. You make me laugh and talk to me. Angela’s boring.” She likes following me around and talk to my friends. This is why I like to keep a nice image for her. This is when she’s learning and processing in what kind of person she wants to be. This is my motivation to be a better person. She would sometimes ask me questions like “would you ever get a tattoo? ” “would you smoke?” (my answer is no to both.)