Boyhood @ The Athena Cinema

I saw this about two weeks ago but it remains to stay fresh in my mind. This mostly because a few aspects of this movie. This movie is easy to relate as a boy growing in this generation. There were certain where I was like I remember doing that. Scenes like dressing up as Harry for Halloween or fighting with my sibling. The interesting thing about this movies is it was made over 12 years so the boy above is the college student at the end. With that being said the movie is about a coming of age. Mason’s parents are divorced and he goes from straight edged alcoholic step father to another. He usually feels out of place and goes on rants about different things in life which is great because I could relate. He also goes into a fine arts college so this boy is very easy to relate to. As Mason gets he goes on dates with this girl and right up to the end she is in the movie but she doesn’t play a major role. Mason is junior and everything is going great with his girlfriend and it jumps to the end his of his senior year he is taking down pictures of the same girl but his face shows a different emotion it’s no longer happy. His face shows there is something wrong and then he gets a text saying we need to talk from that girl. They break up in the next scene. He consulates with his real dad a few scenes later. The final scene shows him hiking while high with his new college friends to place he went with his dad when he was 12. These friends are as deep thinkers as him. This final scene can be interrupted as two things he is beginning a new chapter in his life in the same spot he began the last chapter or that his character has made a full circle and that all his actions lead back to this lake. Ultimately I believe the movie shows no matter what hand you are dealt you can be successful. Mason is dealt a pretty crappy hand, constantly moving never being really popular but he still makes the most of it. Anyway I could go on rants about this movie because it is so long and it is literally life of any modern teenage and the shit we have to deal with but I just suggest you watch it and enjoy it.

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