Tag Game


  • Tag 11 people to answer your questions.
  • Warn the people that you tag.
  • I was tagged by everhawk

1. Who is your gay crush?

Emma Watson aksdagdauds i love her

2. Out of all celebrities, who has the best butt?

Louis Tomlinson

3. Favourite avenger

I haven’t seen it yet but don’t hate me i just haven’t got round to it

4. Name:  

  • one real life otp Emma stone and Andrew Garfield
  • one fictional otp Percabeth
  • one canon otp romione
  • and one non canon otp Dramione

5. What movie would you like to live in if it was real

Harry Potter or Percy Jackson

6. If you were a my little pony, what would you have on your butt (like stars, hearts, pizza etc) and what colour would your hair bee

I would have Logan Lerman on my butt and I would be blue

7. Name five things you want in your future home

  • Logan Lerman
  • Slide
  • Food
  • Pool
  • Food

8. what do you want to name your children?

idk really i can never choose

9. Your favourite song from your childhood?

Nellie the elephant and Jake the peg

10. was the answer to eight Nick, Joe and Kevin?


11. what is your jonas brothers blog called?

It has the same name as my boyfriend…… I has no boyfriend


Your Questions

You answer these

1. what is your favourite quote of all time from any book?

2. Favourite song that you’re slightly ashamed to listen to?

3. The mother of all your otps?

4. Something you’re ashamed that you ship?

5. Ideal holiday with who?

6. Favourite blogs?

7. Which PJO cabin would you be in?

k bye