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T, e, & y

Wow someone actually did one wow thank you darlin!!!
T - thyme, that sounds rlly dumb and stuff but it smells so nice and I love all herbs idk
E - elephants, my grandpa used to collect glass and wood and stone elephants and his house was full of them and I never really liked him much cuz he was kinda controlling but I loved going to his house and pet all the elephants they were so smooth and cool and idk I love elephants
Y - yellow number two pencils it’s kinda gross but I used to be a pencil chewer and idk it was very calming and I’ve stopped now but I rlly like the asthetic of pencils idk

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Unpopular opinion: Tumblr can be very frustrating & isn't an "accepting" environment of everyone.

its definitely not accepting. Its very hypocritical.

blog: 7.5/10

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