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tagged by ohdioo thank you so much :)

1. reason you came to Tumblr?

err. i don’t exactly remember. it was about 3 years ago and i have a bad memory .-.

2. what’s your favorite k-pop music video?

SHINee’s Dream Girl

3. why?

i like the concept and i like taemin’s hair :))

4. do you like cats? because i got addicted to staring at cats and rubbing it heheh.

not really. maybe it’s because my mom will never allow me to have a pet :|

5. which country do you live?


6. you’re favorite food from your country? like a traditional food or something?

"kapurung". it’s a REALLY REALLY TRADITIONAL FOOD hahaha.

7. am i the only one who’s always hungry? do you feel the same? always hungry?

actually no. my appetite is kinda bad :’(

8. what do you think of sehun’s colorful hair on wolf era?

this is it lol

9. what’s your current hobby?

fangirling :D

10. what’s your favorite disney movie?

Up :D

11. how do you think about me? like am i annoying or so? it’s okay to be honest :D

i can’t tell you more since we’ve never talked before but you are a kind person <3

So this is my questions :

1. What’s your middle name?

2. Who is your ultimate bias?

3. Which country do you live?

4. How old are you?

5. Which one is better, blonde jongin or dark haired jongin?

6. Do you think taemin and jongin are look alike?

7. Your favorite kpop otp?

8. Your favorite color?

9. Your favorite kdrama?

10. Your favorite japanese movie?

11. Your tumblr crush?

hehe i’m sorry for my very random questions.

oshbaek said:

hi you seem to be a really nice person from the way you sent your followers a message apologizing like asdfghjkl; can i be your fan

omg i’m not even worthy to have fans but thank you so much! we can be friends? hehe