Crossfit day 7

First full week!
I actually broke a sweat today. But it felt wonderful. It was tough but according to Phil, I killed it! I finished 2nd out of 7, great since I usually finish last!

Warm up:
20 butt kickers down and back
20 knee highs down and back
10 Sampson stretch down and back
10 Spider-Man lunges down and back

Every two minutes for 10 minutes:

Medicine ball cleans

500 meter row (2:10?)
25 thrusters 45/35 (35lbs)
15 pull ups (I did ring rows)
20 medicine ball cleans 20/14 (14lbs)
20 box overs. (I chose box jumps)

Crossfit day 6!

I had to skip this weekend (Saturday-Monday that is.) because I was out do town, and man did I miss it!
Today’s workout was great!
Warm up:
10 sets of
150m row
10 over/unders
10 air squats
75%x5 (I did 45lbs)
80%x5 (55lbs)
85%x5 (60lbs)
*my max so far is 70lbs
*im not sure if those percentages are accurate. I had to guess and go with it.
10 rounds of
3 dead lifts (95lbs)
6 sto (I chose press at 35lbs)
40 single unders
Time:14:33 EXTRA:
I did the deadlift workout from yesterday since I missed it.
75%x5 (100lbs)
80%x5 (110lbs)
85%x5 (115lbs)
I love this so much. I feel like I’m training for gymnastics again or something. It’s really becoming a part of my workout pretty easily.

Crossfit day 5!

I feel stronger by the day!
Warm up
3 sets of:
10 meter sprint
10 over under
10 push-ups
10 air squats.
Bench press 90x1 
Butterfly sit-ups
Double unders (3:1 if singles)
3 minute rest
1000 meter row for time.
Time: 4:34
My favorite quote today
“I know 2:30 is average time for a row for a girl beginner, but I know you’re stronger than that, get it to 2:10” -Matt
haha, I finished my last 100 meter with a 1:50/500m average. Heck yeah!

Crossfit day 4

Fun day! Learned how to do thrusters and front squats.
10 Sampson lunges.
10 Spider-man lunges
20 high knees
20 ass kickers.
Back squats.
Thruster x ring rows. 21-15-9 @ 55lbs

I woke up several times throughout the night to Colton rewrapping his arms around me. I asked why he did it. He even woke me up around 6:30 this morning just to kiss me. His reply? Because he knew how much I was looking forward to cuddling him and being held by him. He’s so selfless. He’s perfect. He apologized for not holding me enough, which he didn’t need to. I was just happy to have him in the same bed as me just kissing on each other innocently. Both times I’ve brought him to the beach, he picks up shells for me and I label them with he weekend and the beach trip number. Lol. This weekend we talked about out future a lot this weekend. Which was pretty new. We never just sit and talk about the possibility of a future. It was nice. This weekend was perfect. I wouldn’t trade anything in this world for the memories and time I get to spend with him.

Crossfit day 1-3

Well Monday was my first day. (August 4,2014) and it was awful. Let me explain:
Warm up:
3 sled pushes (45lbs; down and back is one)
Tech: deadlifts. Then we maxed out. My max was 135x1.
Workout: 1 deadlift followed by 4 burpees jumping over the bar per minute for 12 minutes.
Total of 12 dead lifts at 55lbs for me, and 48 over the bar burpees.

Tuesday August 5 was my second day. Not so bad.
Warm up:
3x each-
10m sprints.
10 Arm rainbows
10 air squats
Max: press. No bounce or jump.
I got to 70x1
Almost 75!! I couldn’t go past halfway. Haha.
Tech: power clings. (Not full extension)
10 power clings, then a partner held a band on you while you sprinted.
10 clingsx10m
10 clingsx20m
10 clingsx30m
10 clingsx40m
And finally
10 clingsx50m

Today’s workout August 6
Warm up:
Knee highsx30
Ass kickersx30
Spider-man lungesx10
the oh so famous filthy fifty (30 for girls! Thank goodness)
50/30 reps of:
Jump squats.
Jumping pull-ups
Kettleball swings
Walking lunges
Knees to elbows
Push press
Back extensions
Wall balls
And double unders
Kill me. It was awful but I felt so good that I completed it at 27:32.

So I’m getting some where. I haven’t been this sore in a long time but it feels great. Colton does it with me too, and he pushes me everyday. I really enjoy it. So I’m into it!!

Dear Colton,
I love you more than you will ever know or ever understand. You’ve shown me the true meaning of love. There’s not a doubt in my mind that we will spend the rest of our lives together. You are absolutely wonderful in every way I love your smile, you freckles, your scars, your past, present, and future, and everything else I can think about. Here’s to our future. I love you.