tumblr’s april fools joke

HEY GUYS!!! tumblr decided to play an april fools joke!! dont click this:

or it will mess up your tumblr, adding a new “post” button called “data” which is right next to the text post button and brings you to a joke post page which looks like youre making a spreadsheet! its really messing with me and i dont want anyone to be disoriented by it

With it being National Transgender Day, I just gotta say I love ya Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi. You’re aclassi guy.

In case people don’t know/can’t find it, to block coppy you have to go through the right click menus like this

and it’ll pop up a dialogue box thing that you can just click “ok” or whatever for the couple prompts and it should work

like that

then repeat for coppy’s dialogue and the big button on the top right.

It won’t fix the post buttons up on the top but it gets rid of the two super intrusive things