I’m seeing a lot of people freaking out and it’s making me sad, so here’s a list of things we know about Clint/Natasha in Age of Ultron. Hopefully, it’ll cheer someone up (ranting about these two helps me, that’s for sure :P). It’s facts and some speculation (which may very well be 110% incorrect). Here we go:

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nah don’t lie, u ain’t joking. korrasami is objectively the number one victory vessel of the oceans and seas.

did your ship ever build/sail its own ship? WELL DID IT???

didn’t think so

Look at what I found at the YGO OCG JP Twitter today:

Translated Lore (Source: http://ygorganization.com/core-jp-crystal-rose/):

CORE-JP017 Crystal Rose
Level 2 LIGHT Rock-Type Effect Monster
ATK 500
DEF 500
You can only use the (2) effect of “Crystal Rose” once per turn.
(1) Once per turn: You can send 1 “Gem-Knight” or “Melodious” monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard; until the End Phase, this card’s name is treated as the name of the monster sent to the Graveyard.
(2) If this card is in the Graveyard: You can banish 1 Fusion Monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card in Defense Position.



Killian during the Playing Our Part concert. (x)

Why do people glorify this idea of not contacting their friends talking about you can go months without talking… Fuck that. When you have a phone, dropping a text to check in is not a major effort nor is it exhausting. Seeing your friends often isn’t possible when you work a lot and have clashing schedules and commitments but a text is still a must. I need to know you’re alive and well, I don’t business with this idea of “omg we can go months without talking and it’ll be like we’ve never been apart” because I promise you it’ll get to a point where you’ve gone months without speaking and guess what… No friends lol. I’m saying this because I had a friend who never checks in and when we bumped into each other it was hellaaaaaaaaa awks. Go check in on your friends asap.


I was tagged by synonymsforaverage (who probably takes the coolest selfies ever) to post 6 selfies of my own. Only two of these are new in the sense that I haven’t posted them on tumblr already. Enjoy! Or quickly scroll past a half dozen of my face. Your call.

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Thanks to ladylulustyle I have been nominated for the 6 selfie challenge. Thnlank you boobie I would like to nominate some of my babies: 2smoovtai a-p-o-l-l-o-s-p-a-c-e admireyoursoul alicia-benjamin alixtheparadoxon allthatandadimesack almaqueer aye-oh-k bahjerrr charlibaltimore chesaays chuck-tee cocainenblunts detroitdreads313 dopectic dyke-dojo ellenicolesociosucio enisco gentlemanlylesbian guitarsandcontrabandx inhxlenightmxre intimatefeminist jimmymaack littleboibeau mintteaandnipplelicking mylesijay nicole1485 tezthinks I know some of then have already done it, but they are my favs so I wanted to see their beautiful faces. Love y’all!!!

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RULES: List 10 characters from either books/movies/television which you feel that you genuinely identify with, regardless of personality quizzes like MBTI or 4 Temperaments, supposed inconsistencies in your choices, or even what you want yourself to be.

oh god. no particular order, but some of the last ones are kind of hm ‘cause I have a really hard time finding chars I relate to. sometimes they have moments, but if I have to choose chars as a whole…

Emiya Shirou - Fate/stay night: UBW
Sameen Shaw - Person of Interest
Shibuya “Naru” Kazuya - Ghost Hunt
Caim Astraea - Aiyoku no Eustia
Kaizuka Inaho - Aldnoah.Zero
Aragaki Shinjiro - Persona 3/Portable
Haibara Ai - Detective Conan
Kougami Shinya - Psycho-Pass
Koizumi Itsuki - The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
John Reese - Person of Interest

Tagging einheriar and love-u-not because I know you two would ask for this specifically (or have already, lol), but the more people do this, the merrier! Also gay-for-eli - there you go, kiddo.

maaaan i honestly did think that tamil brahmins were p. much the only folks in india who had the presence of mind and zero self preservation to talk shit about all the other brahmin communities in india, but gosh, that’s apparently not true.