Oh Baby, How We Used To Own the Night - rozdział piąty | tłumaczenie pl

Opis: Louis i Harry są małżeństwem, ale nie uprawiali seksu od pół roku. Zajęci pracą i dziećmi, po prostu nie mieli czasu dla siebie, więc ich spostrzegawczy przyjaciele organizują im randkę, by to zmienić.

A w roli totalnego palanta Nick Grimshaw.

Nattie: przedostatni rozdział! szóstkę opublikuję w przyszłym tygodniu (: xx


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Pfff bring back the fun songs....

Dude seriously…
•Alcohol is free by Greece
•Ale Ola Ole
•Opa (Again Greece)
•Turkeys weird human boat thingy
•The snide comments of the presenters
•Fly to the top baby (Greece of course…)
•Bring back the Orcs….

I just checked my finalized grades since college is out for the summer and I got a perfect on 4/5 of my essays ( one of which was my final, i got a perfect on my english final i’m screaming I still never read the book it was on jklasdf ) and then I got a 70.7% in psychology which is really good because I never did any of the quizzes jaklsdfsadf SO I’M REALLY REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW MY GRADES ARE GREAT ALL THINGS CONSIDERED AND I’VE NEVER DONE THIS WELL IN AN ENGLISH CLASS BEFORE AND !!!! YELLS VERY LOUDLY SORRY I’M JUST SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW.

Pepero game

It was a lazy Saturday, afternoon, when you felt a rumble in your stomach.

You waddled to your refrigerator to find something to eat. But you cringed when you suddenly remembered that you were supposed to do some grocery shopping the other day, because you are running dangerously low on snacks and instant ramen.

“Damn essays, making me forget about everything. Bear with it, you’ll get rich right after college, girl. A job will be waiting for you once you remove that mother fudging graduation gown, okay? BEAR WITH IT.” You gave yourself a pat on the shoulder.

You moved on to search the cabinets.

After 4 cabinets later, you were about to give up…

“God, please, I’m so hungry. Please let there be something in this last cabinet, please.”

God didn’t failed you. There it was, a lonely packet of pepero sitting at the top cabinet just waiting for you to eat them.

“YES! Thank you, Lord. I LOVE YOU!” You kissed your hand and pointed up to Him.

You grabbed the pepero and went back to your work table. As you try to pry it open, a hand reached out for it.

“Let me.”

You searched for the face of the hand’s owner.

Good thing you were already sitting down, because your legs will give in, for sure.

Whose arm was it, you ask.

It was Oh Sehun’s.

Oh Sehun. Let that sink in.

Oh. Sehun.

Oh, freaking, Sehun.


‘Oh, I’ll just grab a pepero and then, BOOM! Oh Sehun.’

Pepero’s not letting other brand knock them off their throne. They’re stepping up the game!

Your mouth fell agape as you continue to stare at his beautiful, porcelain-like face.

Then he smiled and his eyes turned into crescent moons.

Just when you thought your mouth couldn’t open any wider, it formed a serious vertical oblong that it might have or might not have touched the floor.

“If you stare any longer, I just might kiss you, right here, right now.”

That got your control back.

“Uhm. Ah…”

“You want to ask why I’m here.’

You nodded.

“Hmmm, cause I’m bored and hungry.” He took out one pepero from the packet. “Mostly, bored.” He answered, truthfully. And ate the chocolaty snack.

You were starring again. He noticed.

“Do you wanna play a game with me?” He asks.

“… Yes…” You squeaked completely oblivious to what you’re getting yourself into.

“I played this one with Yixing hyung and Chanyeol hyung before.” He turned his head to glance at you and then he smirked.

‘Oh shit.’
the game Sehun wanted to play was none other than the famous “pepero game”

He bounced up from your bed where he sat, went behind your computer chair. Your eyes never left his face. He pulled your chair and turned it around. He planted his hands on both the arm rests of your chair. Your faces are just few inches apart and you feel your cheeks burning red.

“We haven’t even started yet, but I am already enjoying myself.” You can smell his minty-fresh breath.

‘Don’t faint, NOW! GIRL, GET THAT SEBOOTY!’ You yelled at yourself internally.
He pulled out another pocky stick from the packet. “Are you ready for this?”
“…. No but who cares.”
Another cheeky grin was painted across Sehun’s face because of your answer. He quickly dismissed his reaction and raised the chocolate-covered snack to your lips.

“Bite the other end and I’ll be doing the rest…” You complied with his directions and bit a small portion on the chocolate-covered pretzel stick to keep it in place.
Sehun bend down even more. Now that you and him are both on eye-level, you can clearly see how fair his complexion is, and just how perfect and flawless this guy is. Sehun started to leaned closer to you and the temperature in your room sky-rocketed to a thousand.

“Now I just want you to be very still, love.” And he winked.

You gulped down a pool of saliva and submitted to his demand as to stay completely still.
Sehun took his first bite, then the second, then the third, the fourth…. He’s so close, you’re going cross-eyed!
Just one more BITE…
Your eyes snapped open.


-created by: DMacs18 
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Where will you tell your grandchildren you were when, in the 80th minute, after going behind twice, our lord and saviour Paco Alcácer scored the goal that won the match for Valencia and earned them the points to qualify for the last Champions League spot in Spain?