Searching the Jacob Pitts tag I stumbled across this fabulous gifset and, immediately hit “reblog”.. Then, did a YouTube search (as any good fan-girl would do) and, got inspired to make my own gifset ― Ended up just giffing the whole scene because he was too dreamy in it not to. *sigh*

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1. What’s your favorite live performance?  I like watching the first stages of groups, it’s so cute to watch how excited they are and before they really find their stage identities.
2. Why is your ultimate bias your ultimate bias? Besides being oh so dreamy, he’s very hard working, he’s dedicated, I don’t think there is any task he can’t take on and excel at (honestly i’m jealous), I’ve never seen him be rude, and him checking out food like it’s the sexiest thing he’s ever seen… I relate so well.
3. Converse or Vans? Converse, they seem to match more.
4. If you have a cellphone, what kind? Iphone
5. The worst book you’ve ever read? math textbooks?? lol, no, Finnegan’s Wake, one of my favorite books and one of the worst ones to try to read. No matter where you start the book you are at the beginning, middle and end, it’s not necessarily in one language. Sometimes its like trying to read doctor’s handwriting. It’s a hot mess, but i love it.
6. The first kpop group you ever fell in love with? Big Bang
7. Your favorite variety show? Running Man, i want to do all their missions, that show looks like so much fun to be a part of.
8. Who is your favorite girl group? Lately I’ve been really getting into BEG but I have more SNSD than any other girl group. Their girly tunes were a big pull for me into kpop when i first started listening.
9. Summer or winter? Winter!! I hate sweating and i love cute jackets!
10. Do you have a go-to outfit that you just love wearing? comic tee and jeans, pretty basic
11. What’s a sport you enjoy watching? soccer, I love it live and it’s the only sport I can watch on tv.

Okay my questions are:

1.If you could travel time but only in one direction would you choose past or future?

2. What is your favorite candy?

3. Who do you think is the best super villain?

4. What is your go to karaoke song?

5. What was your favorite game to play as a kid?

6. If you could be a mythological animal which one would you want to be?

7. Tell me a funny saying your grandparents have.

8. What celebrity do you think would do well in politics?

9. Could you live off the grid for a month?

10. On the first day or ruling the world what would you do?

11. Do you actively watch the news?

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“Don’t look at me like that.”

        She was a high ranked lawyer and got to work with a lot of famous people and even celebrities. Numerous cases against the leading companies that were known only to the few people as other had to believe that CEOs are taking an amazing care of the celebrities and everything is oh so dreamy there. Yet, she had always been professional and their conversations were limited with the case and what was needed to do about it. 

        She didn’t feel nervous when the actor and a model landing besides the table next to hers yet she knew what a huge fan of his was her little nephew and she was gathering her strength and fighting the embarrassment to ask for his autograph which led to her staring at the other for a while. 

        “Sorry. I’m being impolite….It’s just my nephew is your huge fan and i was wondering if you would agree to give me an autograph?” She asked, feeling a little guilty for disturbing the celebrity during their lunch.

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I'm 5'3 with long black hair and brown eyes and fair skin, I'm Persian. I like reading (I love Sherlock Holmes and Gillian Flynn books) and my fav band is mcr. I would take you on cute breakfast dates in little coffee shops and then we would walk through town holding hands and I'd kiss you on your front porch. (I'm a girl btw)

you sound so so dreamy oh man heart eyes!!! cute breakfast dates are my fav :)) yes!!!!

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The superhero.. Did you get my texts and pictures!? *smiles* he kissed me! Well it was like both of us but he’s got lips like pillows! I wanna kiss him again.. And he’s so dreamy..

oh those texts I was asleep but really didn’t you just meet him? -Harry