the sam winchester themed challenge: theme two ► tragedy
∟ (i) one crying scene • 2x17, heart

So when Sam and Cas are talking about when Sam got injured, Cas goes to say something along the lines of “it wasn’t my fault, you were out of —” and I’m almost certain the next word out of his mouth was going to be “control” and that’s really the main reason Sam doesn’t want Cas with him at the moment. He can’t go as far as he feels he needs to with Cas acting as his moral compass along the way…

wincest au where sam and dean become the embodiment of summer and winter. like maybe they go in guns blazing to stop an evil druid circle from harnessing the forces of nature for their own devious purposes and something goes wrong. and now deans skin is cold all the time and sam can’t go barefoot anymore because plants immediately spring up in his footprints. and it freaks them out how bad they want to touch each other to get a little relief from the constant heat/cold and they can’t control their abilities or emotions around each other so they decide to split up for a while. and within a week there’s reports of terrible blizzards and devastating heat waves on opposite sides of the country that escalate the longer they’re apart

Pretty sure this cat has been stalking me today.

It’s a shame I haven’t yet learnt how to speak cat otherwise I definitely would have asked him why he was following me. Probably wanted food because it’s definitely every cat’s mission to steal food from people, right?

Anyway, how is everybody on this not-so-sunny day?


one aidan & josh scene per episode it’s a shame about ray