oh my god look at those awesome ideas!!so beautiful·······

I absolutely love all of them thank you guys soooooo much*have some kiss from me*

alien and astronaut au awwwwww I never thinking about that but it’s absolutely a lovely idea!! just go a head imagine Dell is a astronaut and Jane is a alien who accidentally stuck in earth,and Dell decide help him go back to his Planet,just imagine that*rolling on the floor*

and prison AU is already on my plan list for a long time! XD(but my idea is Dell is the  prisoner and Jane is the prison guard><)

btw I actually wrote a headcanon about Mafia AU,you can read it here !

I’m really appreciate all the ideas also thank you so mu-much!!!!!!!!!!*hugs everyone who sent them*

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Oh My God, Your instagram it just AMAZING! how do you take all those beautiful pics? please tell me your secret, its just amazing, i'm with heart eyes, i want to take pics like this, give all your tips omg is so pretty.

Awww thank you so much! I honestly don’t do anything special for them? My instagram is really not a photography type of instagram it’s just photos of what I buy, my cat, disneyland or when I’m on holidays. Sometimes, if I’m feeling creative, I can set up a background like for this photo, cause I really liked the shade of pink. (The background is never something fancy or professional, in this case it was a pink pillow lol).

Most of the photos are taken with my iphone 5 and before, with my iphone 4. Some of the photos may look really good because some are taken with my camera, it’s a hybrid (Olympus OM-D EM-10). It has a wifi connection so I can send the photos directly to the iphone to publish them on social media. I use it mostly for photos, when I’m on holidays, like when I was in California or Sweden. This camera makes beautiful photos but of course it’s not as good as a reflex (my brother broke my reflex, I’m still heartbroken about it. I haven’t been able to purchase a new one or fix the first one).

For the iphone photos, I usually use the instagram filters. When a photo doesn’t fit the instagram size, I use an app called InstaSize. I can also give you a few names of apps for photo editing (although I don’t use them very often cause I’m lazy): Afterlight, Rookie, Aviary or PhotoWonder.

Those are all my “tips” for my instagram photos! Thank you for your message! :)

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J-Hope: What is this? What happened to my jagi’s beautiful face?

Jungkook: Noona, is that a nose ring? Oh god, am I not Bangtan’s cutest anymore?

Suga: As long as you like it, jagi.

Jimin: What is that? Why didn’t you tell me that you were going to get one of those?

V: Oh my god! *hyperventilates*

Jin: You’re so beautiful even with that new hole in your face.

Rap Monster: *is at a loss for words*