I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CAN BRING YOUR LOVERS AND ALLIES INTO YOUR BEDROOM TO PET THEIR FACES LIKE. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS??? I CAN FINALLY STROKE MY HUSBANDS FACE AND WATCH HIM GO DOKI DOKI TO IT???  THANKS NINTENDO FOR GIVING ME WHAT I NEVER KNEW I WANTED.  But no seriously oh my god I’m so excited for this iT’S SO CUTE I WANNA LOVINGLY STROKE CYRUS’ FACE SO BAD.  I already love him so much he seems like he’s gonna be such an amazing and cute character (and he’s hot) I’m so so looking forward to seeing more of him then marrying him aoerigh (ノ∀`♥)

I honestly think that this is the most fun I’ve ever had drawing something.  I mean I have a lot of fun with most of the things I draw but I THINK IT SAYS SOMETHING WHEN ON THE FIRST DAY I GOT SO INTO IT I SPENT 4 HOURS STRAIGHT WORKING ON IT WITHOUT REALIZING HOW MUCH TIME PASSED AND PUSHED MYSELF PAST MY HAND’S LIMIT CUZ I DIDN’T WANNA STOP.  I just had so so much fun with it and I’m sO SO HAPPY WITH IT AND PROUD OF IT AND OARIHG It’s so hard to express just how happy I am with it really.  I’m especially happy with how their faces and the interaction between them came out.  I might’ve gotten part of Cyrus’ design wrong since only his portrait is out and I can’t see his pants or forearms (it was an Adventure trying to figure it out) so I took a simple guess at it based off some other things but ALL OF IT JUST ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

full view please!

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Okay but just imagine Michael having to take art as an extra subject and him hating it and not really caring until he sees you and then suddenly you catch him staring all the time and doodling away and he's secretly just so captivated by you and all he draws is you and that's why he's always looking then one you and him both stay after school but he leaves for a bit and you sneak a look into his sketch book and it's literally just filled with drawings of you and probs some cute lyrics oh lord

Oh my god I’m in tears this is precious


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*cracks knuckles* let’s do this

  • Who would throw the other in the pool: Eren. He would pick her up bridal style and toss her into the pool, probably secretly thinking ‘oh my god what have i done she’s going to decapitate me’. Then after Mikasa would pretend to be annoyed at him, just so he could wrap his arms around her and whispers words of apologies into her ear while kissing down her neck OKAY ŞIMAL THAT’S ENOUGH WE DON’T WANT TO MAKE THIS EXPLICIT
  • Who is the better carer when the other is sick: Eren. He brings Mikasa hot soup and wraps her up in a blanket, and plants little kisses on her forehead to check her temperature (so cute! >-<). Mikasa has good intentions when looking after Eren but unfortunately due to her AMAZING muscles whenever she tries to give him a massage to make him feel better she nearly breaks his spine (lol worth it though)
  • Who would force the other to do extreme sports with them: Mikasa, definitely. She would be super hyped to do extreme skiing or something and tease Eren for not wanting to take part. Then Eren would probably get really annoyed and chase her down the snow-capped mountain in titan form, but it would be good for Mikasa because it would make it all the more EXTREME
  • Who would cook the better romantic dinner: I think Mikasa again. She would slice all the vegetables effortlessly with her swords and saute like a boss. Eren would try his hardest to impress Mikasa with his cooking but usually ends up cutting himself by mistake, resulting in lots of kisses on his booboo from Mikasa
  • Who would build the blanket fort in the living room: Eren. He would set it all up while Mikasa was at work and Mikasa would be like ‘woah hold up what happened to the living room’ and Eren would miraculously emerge from the never-ending heap of pillows and cushions and shout ‘WELCOME TO THE SHIRE’ or something, giving Mikasa a heart attack in the meantime. Then once Mikasa recovers herself they would just go inside the fort and snuggle and giggle and pretend they were little kids again *melts* 
  • Who would have the best holiday ideas: Both, I think depending on what people consider to be the best holiday. Mikasa would want to go to a tranquil, rural area and observe nature at its best. Eren would want to go to a lively city full of carnivals and pretty colours and whatnot. This has resulted in quite a few arguments between the two until they find an area that has a bit of both, then they’re all super excited about it (psst Eren gets jealous when Mikasa gets frisked at the airport NOW WHO SAID THAT)
  • Who would need to clean out the other’s stuff to make room for their own: Probably Mikasa. She’s really sentimental about her possessions and Eren totally gets that and allows her get rid of some of his unwanted stuff. However he got a bit distressed when Mikasa tried throwing out his childhood teddy bear and ended up hugging it and rolling on the floor saying ‘YOU CAN’T TAKE HIM AWAY YOU CAN’T’ while Mikasa shook her head at Eren with shame thinking ‘lol my boyfriends such a little dork’ 

Thanks for the ask jazzy, i hope you like these little scenarios! >_<

Me about Lexa
  • Me at the beginning of s2:“omg, I’m so in love with Anya”
  • Me after Anya’s death:“I hate you all, writers and Jason”
  • Me after Lexa was introduced:“meh... she’s... cool, and cute, I mean the actress is cute, but nothing more, really. I’m in love with Anya!”
  • Me a couple of episodes later:“SHE’S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, the actress, oh my god! But... still... I mean, she’s so similar to me, like with all these “love is weakness” and “I won’t let my emotions and feelings show” -stuff? Just so like me. I do respect her, but nothing more. I mean, I love Anya”
  • A couple of other episodes later:“well... She’s actually cooler than I thought but... I mean...”
  • 2x14:“HOLY SHIT!!! OH MY FREAKING GODDESS!!! OH MY... What did I just see?!? Did that happen, actually!?? really?! You serious!?!? *watch it over and over again* oh jesus.. I freaking love this show, love the writers and Jason, LOVE YOU LEXA. YOU’RE, OMG!! SO COOL AND ADORABLE!!! MARRY ME!!!”
  • After the season finale:“..........I feel... like... bad...somehow. I hate the writers, again, I hate you Jason, again, I love you Lexa no matter what you’ve done ‘cause i completely and totally understand you, ‘cause you are you.”
  • Some days after the season finale:“*watching Clexa videos on YT the whole freaking day*”
  • Some other days after the season finale:“I wanna see Lexa in s3, I wanna see Lexa in s3, I need Lexa, I love Lexa, it’s Lexa all the way, absolutely yes.”
  • This. is. not. good.
  • At all. I’m sorry.

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usual crush anon again: I'm sorry, it's late and shit, but I just can't stop smiling. Like, it was just so cute, cause he like barely hit me and it didn't even hurt or anything, but he goes, "Oh god, I'm sorry", grabs my arm, kisses and says, "there, all better" and gives me this goofy smile and I think my heart melted a bit. I'm sorry, it's just, it makes me happy thinking about it, and he ignored other people just to talk to me.

I’m clutching at my chest oh my god


This is such a random submission but I couldn’t stop myself from showing you these! I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them, but ahh they’re the cutest! ☺️☺️


Aaaahhh oh my god they’re so cute thank you so much they’re so sosososo cute I want them!!! :^) 

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INTERGALACTIC PENPALS AHEAD: So the first time Dave and Karkat meet in person Dave wasn't expecting him to be so short and just like screams because oh mY GOD YOURE SO CUTE AND TINY I WANT TO CUDDLE YOU AND LOVE YOU FOREVER

BASICALLY EXACTLY THO?? he meets karkat in person 4 the first time and just sweeps him off his feet in this spinny hug and laughs bc karkat ur so SMOL look @ u!!!! so tiny!!! my tiny best friend from another galaxy wow!!!!! 


This video is so cute oh my god! I love them so much

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Positive!Anon challenges YOU: answer this with a nice message / compliment to a fellow Tumblr user & tag / mention them to make their day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Pass on the challenge to the next FIVE on your dashboard. <3

[– Oh friend this may take a while.

halfthechessboard is an absolute amazing person, the mun is a sweetheart and their character is just so well written that I am endlessly happy they chose to roleplay with me. 

notacyclonefan is one of the many wonderful Steve’s I roleplay with. I’ve followed them on every account I have because interacting with them is a joy.

notacircusmonkey is another amazing Steve, our Rockstar verse gives me life because oh my god Steve and Bucky are so cute together. I ship it into eternity.

ofvirago Actual Peggy. Like. No for srs. They are Peggy. 

assetiisms under-the-programming defrostingsoldier adflictxe are all amazing Buckys for many different reasons, I would be here all day talking about them. They are my Bucky Brigade. Absolute baes. 

wanderlustxmrsxclaus is an OC I’ve interacted with for a long time and the mun behind the account is so kind, they’re so easy to talk to and well written, 100% perfection. 

freedompersonified is another amazing Steve, I am always excited when I get a reply from them because our threads are so interesting and they are just so good at writing Steve.

imjustakidfrombrooklynrogers is yet another freakin’ amazing Steve (I swear I collect you guys). They’re absolutely sweet ooc and so easy to talk to and their in character responses are perfection, I can imagine Steve responding just as they write it in our threads <3

avocadoatlaw is who actually got me to get off my arse and finally start to watch Daredevil, I fell in love with how they wrote Matt and honestly they really got him spot on. I love writing with them.

whxwashe is one of my baes. I met them when roleplaying Constantine and just had to keep roleplaying with them when I moved over here because they have Liv down to an art. Absolute perfection.

butchonthestreetsfeminthesheets This person is Dean Winchester. Their responses are always amazing and I really could see them writing for Dean in the show, they have his characterization down so well.

mechanicstark I am always amazed by their responses, so much so that I showed one of my friends so that they could see how well this Tony is written. If you’re not actually Tony, I would be surprised.

There are loads of other people but I have a headache and I want to save the rest for a big mutual promo thing when I hit 400. So please don’t be sad if you’re not on here <3 –]

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omg Kandi is another one of the sweetest people I had ever met!!! She is so nice and supportive, and always sends me a quick message when I’m sad which I am super grateful for (;w;)

Not to mention she is so talented? Like oh my God???? I’ve never seen anyone who colors like she does, or has such a cute bubbly style, and she puts in so much hard work and effort that it really inspires me to work harder on my art and character designs? ((and she doesn’t deserve any of the theft she has to put up with, which i don’t know how she does it but she’s tough as heck))

Honest to God, I am still kinda surprised that she actually became friends with me, because I looked up to her for the longest time but never had the courage to say “hi” until she followed me one day omg

In short, Kandi is wonderful, talented, and super sweet, and I want to try my best to make her happy in any way I can c: