Rupert and Lars panel

They were AWESOME, engaged, and funny. And Rupert looked HOT, man. Really tan!

-Rupert has so many sad head canons for Lestrade! He thinks he lives in a very stark, mostly empty apartment, not much furniture, lots of takeaway boxes, and perhaps a picture of his wife to through darts at, ha.
-Someone asked what Rupert thought Lestrade’s pressure point was. Lars said probably something to do with women. Rupert said TERRIBLE IMPOTENCE, oh my god.
-I actually had the opportunity to ask a question! =D I’m also a House of Cards fan, so I commended Lars on his performance in it this past season and asked how much inspiration he took from Putin. He said they actually tried to make Petrov everything Putin is not, like have him be fluent in English.
-On that note, Lars always made sure that he had answered a question properly. =)
-Someone asked Rupert if he thought Lestrade fancies Molly, and he replied, “I think Lestrade REEEAAALLYYYY fancies Molly.” !!!!! Lots of cheers!
-Someone brought up Mystrade. The moderator wasn’t having any of the shipping stuff all day so he moved on quickly, but Rupert sat there shocked/amused for like a minute hahahahaha.
-The moderator asked Lars to flick his face, and he did a few times, ha. The moderator said Lars looked “gleeful” while he did it.
-Rupert wishes Lestrade was a bit brighter.
-We noted that Rupert did not seem to have watched the show much, but he was very honest about it. He did not bullshit, he always admitted when he didn’t know something.

A fantastic panel!

iknownothingswrong replied to your photo “My mom bought this fantastic table for my dad back in the 70s. He gave…”

oh. my. god. you’ve probably gotten this question a lot so I’m sorry. any info on this table? any sort of indication on who made it or when or anything? I need to find it. shit.

No worries, iknownothingswrong! There’s not a mark to be found on it and I’ve always kinda figured that it was a homemade piece. The top is an old printer type tray or letterpress drawer so it’s basically just that, a separate frame around it which holds down a piece of glass (or if you are cheap like me, plexiglass) to cover it and keep dust out of all those little cubbies, and then a pair of legs. 

My mom bought it at a junk store back in the 1970s and that’s all I really know about it. Never seen another like it! But I’m sure it’d be easy to make your own if you knew what you were doing. 

Here’s a better shot that I took a while back of the whole thing.

Do not message me saying that I’m being ‘victim blaming and abusive’ for leaving a man who made me feel massively uncomfortable. 

Who said he was fine with my asexuality but then sent messages to mutual friends like ‘Oh my god Phoenix is wearing nothing but a towel’ and talked about how ~hard~ it was for him. 

Who, despite me constantly saying ‘When I’m upset, I need to be left alone’ pressed and pressed to make me ‘open up’ and called the coping method my therapist told me (that helped me survive rape, I’d like to add) was ‘unhealthy’.

Who got so paranoid abut me wanting to leave that he blamed my friends, claiming they’d ‘brainwashed’ me, as if I wasn’t capable of making my own rational decisions.

Who did this twice, in fact, with different friends. 

Who, when I tried to leave him by saying I was pretty damn sure I was aro, told me it was a tumblr fad and not to ‘buy into the hivemind’.

Who found out about my plans to leave him (which I was going to talk to him about maturely, face to face) by looking through my computer and finding my messages. 

Who was so, so scarily invested in the relationship that everything was an ‘us’ problem and I felt like I was no longer a ‘me’.

Who accused me of cheating for developing feelings for someone who made me feel safe and secure and loved, even though I did not date them until I was out of a relationship with him. 

Do. Not. Tell me I am being victim blaming and abusive when you only know his side of things. Do not. 

From now on I’ll just be deleting messages like that. 

tonight I watched a ton of home videos from when I was a baby and I stumbled upon the tape that my aunt took the day I was born. I had never seen it before and I legitimately bawled because she got on tape the moment my dad ran out and yelled “it’s a girl!” to my extended family. and he walked up to his father and they hugged and cried. and I got to watch my mother meet me for the first time after waking up from her c section. there was one moment when the nurse couldn’t get me to stop crying as she took my weight and length and footprints so my dad walked up and put his hand to my cheek and I reached up and grasped his thumb and immediately stopped crying. it made me seriously emotional oh my god.

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you need a pick-me-up??? imagine the reigisa proposal, rei screwing everything up in an attempt to be as beautiful as possible

I was looking for a blushy Rei gif in response and I ended up finding like 3849729 which definitely made me feel better.


Rei would try to go super elaborate with a proposal and something would surely go wrong and he would FREAK. OUT.

And then he’d be all disheartened by his screw up that he’d finish the proposal like this.

But Nagisa would still be so mesmerized by how amazing Rei really is. He sees the care and thought behind Rei’s most hare-brained, ridiculous ideas and he’s just so touched and barely even notices what goes awry.

So he’s just staring at Rei, so in love, until he processes what’s going on.

AND THEN THE WATERWORKS because they’re both sensitive dorks.

IMAGINE REI CRYING AT HIS OWN WEDDING AS HE SEES NAGISA COMING DOWN THE AISLE. He’d just take off his glasses and start tearing up.

But before that they’d announce their engagement to their friends.


i took one selfie for this thing and im not doing that again bc i look like trash but here have a gif i made of myself almost a year ago

[also i didnt add on my last selfie that i am she/her and i am a taken gay girl who love to write and sing and dance even though i suck at dancing and sometimes i paint on myself because i can] [[[oh my god look at my old glasses in the gif below this omg??]]]

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Yamaguchi x Anyone? “My friends told me to flirt with you because I thought you were pretty but you flirted back and now i don't know what to do oh my god my hands are sweating” au (/∇\*)。o○♡

Peppermint Mochas

“Just do it already.”

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I heard no one got you anything for your blogaversary so I made a dumb Todd Roll video for you

- http://a-conical-hat.tumblr.com/

oh my god i love it


I bought photo ops with them at Sherlocked and they were both so so lovely and kind. Although there were so many people so I didn’t get to talk to them both, they both asked whether I was enjoying my day and asked if I was okay as well as thanking me afterwards. 

I met Benny first after a lot of waiting because there was like 700 people that had paid for a photo. Although meeting him was very quick because of this, he made sure he spoke to everyone briefly and made them feel like they weren’t just one of many people. When I first saw him I literally didn’t believe he was real, he was so perfect. He looked like a waxwork figure, there was not one flaw. Even when I had the picture taken with him it didn’t even sink in that he was real. It was only until afterwards that it finally hit me that I had actually hugged the Benedict Cumberbatch, one of my favourite actors, a man that I have spent countless time admiring and fangirling over. And I just started crying so much, it was super embarrassing but luckily Benny didn’t have to go through the trauma of my ugly crying because I think that would have put him off coming to any convention ever again. It took me a while to calm down and I thought I was fine but then when I get home I was telling my family about meeting him and I freakin’ broke down again. Why am I like this. Why. 

I got more time with Rupert for obvious reasons and we managed to have a little chat. I was later than everyone else to his photo shoot because the photo shoot with Benedict overlapped and I needed time to compose myself which meant that I was the only one there. He was so kind and sweet and he pulled me really close when we took the photo I was afraid I would spontaneously combust. He seemed so down to earth and was asking me lots of questions and just being so genuinely sweet.

Although I didn’t get to meet them, I got to see Louise Brealey, Una Stubbs, Mark Gatiss (who winked at us) and Steven Moffat (who smiled at us). I was very disappointed not to meet Andrew Scott whom I absolutely adore but alas I am not rich (bane of my life). Overall it was such a beautiful day, so much better organised than the only other convention that I’ve been to which was Summer in the City. I did think that there wasn’t enough free, or at least cheap, stuff though, it was very expensive and I’ll probably be in debt for the rest of my life but it will be so worth it because meeting these incredible actors will be an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life. 

Oh my god I have good luck for once

Go home sick because awful cough, get in uber car and guy has like fully stocked medical service back here including cough drops and painkillers (and yeah I made sure it was for passengers)

The best driver

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The only thing I see when I see Kakashi unmasked is Usami Akihiko with a mole and scar. The only thing I get out of that image is Kishi reading BL manga. I think I need a cup of water.

Usami… Akihiko… You’re right. This just blew my mind. Oh my god.

In case somebody doesn’t know Junjou Romantica, this is him:

I remember seeing a post in which somebody said “No wonder he wears a mask, he looks so damn generic, his students wouldn’t reconise him.” That’s also true, he looks generic, but even so, the way his face was revealed bothers me. It made no impact. :/

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what is BLASPHEMY THEORY? I'm a curious little monkey and must know!


OK SO when Merucon came out like 5 years ago, my dad was watching it over my shoulder and saw Meru watching all the songs from above and he was like “who is that pale guy? Why is he just standing there watching? Is he judging them? Is he God?”

And I was in the good ol’ SH IRC chat and was like “lol guys listen to this thing my dad just said” and we all had a good laugh. But then we were like “wait but what if really…”

So uh we spent a long night doing a close reading of all the religious themes in Märchen, too detailed for me to recount here, and came to the conclusion that Meru was a blasphemous stand-in for God who was punished for usurping the throne of the actual Christian God.

The most fun part (and relevant to this manga) was that we deduced that Märchen was structured the same way as the Bible. With Idoko’s song as the turning point, the first half is the Old Testament, and after her song is the New Testament. The songs of the first half are very dark, lots of murder based solely on revenge, cannibalism, mentions of pedophilia/necrophilia, all that jazz. However, in the second half the revenge songs are motivated by love. Nobara-hime and Red Tettere have a loving relationship, unlike Schnee and Blue Tettere, Aohigeko still loves her husband at the end, and of course Elisabeth’s song is obvious.

Gyokou no Uta is also basically Meru’s repentance song, you’ve got that big instrumental part at the end sort of implying the cleansing of his soul, plus in Merucon he gets bathed in white light. Of course it’s not true forgiveness because he’s turned his back on God already and is doomed to repeat the cycle

It was a really deep and detailed thing and I have the chat logs around somewhere!! It’s still my favorite theory and with the new Märchen manga coming out in two parts called the Old and New Testaments, I got really excited because that’s a big boon to our ideas, or as supportive as a supplementary thing can be anyway!