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Hey, I've been following your work for quite some time and I was wondering how long you'd been doing visual art for and if you have any tips on a starting place for people to get started getting into drawing - any resources, should I go and enrol in a local art course for beginners, how many hours a week should I dedicate to it, etc?

oh man so uh ive been drawing //serioulsy/// or whatever since middle school. and really its all about practice practice practice. like. spend every free moment you have drawing even if its just random doodles. the more you draw the better you will get. and so okay tips and tricks:

yes! enroll in an art class!! that would be a great idea!!! beginning drawing classes are boring and usually its stuff you dont want to draw (still lifes etc) but its so important that you learn the basics!!! and taking a class will make you actually learn it instead of like “oh yeah ill get to that at some point eyaah”

if you want to learn how to draw a person. draw. from. life. i cannot stress this enough. even if you want to draw in a more cartoony/simplistic style. draw from people and real things nOT OTHER DRAWINGS. if you dont know how to draw something google it. find reference pictures. 

if there arent any life/figure drawing classes available in your area. you can always just go to a coffee shop with a sketch book and draw the people around you. this is really just to learn proportions so dont worry about random details.  HERE IS A WEBSITE FOR figure-drawing!!!! It times you and everything! They even have a “class” option that goes from quick gestures into longer poses. SUPER GREAT. Also posemaniacs for reference pics.

here are my tutorials: http://cargsdoodles.tumblr.com/tagged/tutorials

here are other peoples: http://cargsinspo.tumblr.com/tagged/t

great site tbh: http://helpyoudraw.tumblr.com/

read tons of tutorials. practice all the time. tbh there are a lot of lil tricks that you can memorize that make drawing a lot easier. like: 


  • 1 eye in between the eyes
  • ½ an eye on either side
  • top of ears line up with the eyes/eyebrows
  • nose lines up with the insides of the eyes
  • bottom of the ears line up with the bottom of the nose
  • ends of mouth lines up with the center of the eyes
  • mouth lines up with the corner of the jaw

there are also tips for measuring the body against itself but i would just google it tbh cause theres so much haha and different ways to do it based on male/female/children/etc

the foreshortening thing

the perspective thing

hope this helps!! <3

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Hi there! If you see this message, you probably one of my blogroll that I love so much having in my dashboard, no need to pass it to people because I just want you to know that I love your blog and your existed on my dashboard :D

JUNKI DARLIN!!! *hugs* I missed you! How are you? How’s life? I hope you’re doing well with school or whatever you’re planning on doing at the moment!! ;u; Also I see you on my dash, but I’m such a loser. Idk why I’m afraid to try to talk to anyone on tumblr. orz

But anyways, thank you so much for this message! You’re such a sweet person! I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night (timezones are such a bitch lol). xD

//I love, love, love watching that ‘drafts’ number decrease… satisfying, for sure. Getting threads back into you guys’ hands is the best. Of course, some I have held on to for an almost unacceptably long time. I’m sorry.

Check point time:

  • Lloyd (M!A)
  • Claus
  • Darius

Rock on, friends. Anything unlisted I’m assuming is it’s your turn concerning. Let’s talk, please, if that isn’t the case. Or if it is. Even if it’s old. Let’s find it, reunions are cool. Take care!

apv is a tv series: evan rosier

“Every time Evan comes onscreen, he sends chills down my spine. What’s it like for you, playing such a creepy character?”

“Well, it’s weird sometimes, especially when children avoid me when they see me in public. One time a seven year old told me she had nightmare about my eyes. On the most part, though, it’s not too bad. Evan’s not all psycho, and you can see where he’s coming from, considering his history.”

“Ah, yes. Tybalt. What do we say about Tybalt?”

“He’s an asshole..”

“That’s a good start. Though, Evan must be feeling a little nicer now that the wedding has been called off, despite how disappointed the fans are. We were ready for an angsty marriage!”

“So was I! Evan wasn’t, though, and in the end, it was the best decision for the characters and the show. Now that Emmaline has a baby, and Atticus is moving in with Evan, they’ll take off in different but exciting directions. As the war gets more intense, Evan has so much more to contend with. I’m excited to see him down a new path.”

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First of all, who are you? Second of all, and most important, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE ;A; ITS PERFECT

Man! Thank you!!! :D 

Who am I? The person who steal your live! MOUAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

No, seriously, my name is VAN, I’m a new comic book artist, and a professional animator/illustrator. Kids Fortress is my first fan-fiction that I dare to publish on the internet, and I’m so happy to see that so many people like it. QuQ 

The best is coming. I know it’s take long time to publish, but I’m really busy with my job and my other projects. 

…. Oh, and here’s you life. I think It’s time to give it you back with all the time I take to answer you….   U . U  

Thanks !!!!



  Sorry its been so long since my last post, I’ve been working like a crazy man on Nails and Mira, I should have some posts on their progress up soon :-)

  Finally got around to taking that obnoxious selfie with the incredibly cool Vince shirt by my friend Dennis Kovalenko… Yea that weirdo is me, about a year overdue for a haircut. Oh well, I’ll get around to it in a year or so, I’m only just beginning to master the “man bun” haha ;-).

 If you’d like to see more of his work you can find his Tumblr here.

  If you’d like your very own kick ass Vince shirt (and you KNOW you do) you can check out his Society 6 page (link) as well as his Redbubble (link) filled with all sorts of Vince and Nails merchandise as well as his own original art!. BTW the “adult” image on redbubble is the above image of Vince holding a flamethrower, apparently fictitious sci-fi flamethrowers are considered adult by Redbubble, maybe its the pose? ;-)

  My shirt is from redbubble and the print quality is surprisingly nice considering its printed on black, It looks just as nice as a printed shirt one would buy in a store.

  Be sure to check out his work! and give him a watch or some shares, hes an amazing artist and a great guy. He deserves a signal boost! :-D

Sharp Dress Man

Hi ya’ll! Glad to be back! Oh, its been so long since I’ve been online for fun. Thanks to all who liked my stories and requested more. I made a post some time back explaining my long hiatus but just to re-cap, I’ve been hella busy with getting ready fro graduation. Finally got it done last week but I’m not out of the woods yet, now I gotta study for boards and then get a job in my field when I pass that. Ah, the vicious circle of life. But enough about that, I’ll have more free time now so expect more from me. Enjoy the story! :)

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(I'm sorry if this sends twice but) prompt: Alan's pager goes off and he realizes it's from the arcade

Alan’s going over old Flynn Lives footage for Roy in the dim light of his study when the thing beeps at him, a thin electronic whine breaking across the staticky film. He reaches for his phone absently, tapping at the screen and offering the flashy ENCOM logo his usual glare, frowning as the noise continues. No notifications. 

It takes his exhaustion-fogged mind a moment longer than it should to click, and when he does reach for the pager hiding in the inside pocket of his heavy coat, his hand is shaking.

It’s been twenty years. Almost twenty-one, now, and with the release of Encom’s latest operating system looming tonight, Kevin’s never felt further away.

And yet…

He tugs his glasses off, peering disbelievingly at the string of numbers flashing up at him from the pager - a number he hasn’t seen in years but still knows by heart. 



i actually like vaporizers cause they let me smoke my medicines inside, whether it be nic or cbd… that said, the stores are always kinda fucking overwhelming w a fuck ton of wannabe sophisticated assholes who’ve never seen a trans babe before… at least in LA.
i have to get pumped up and go inside w a plan or some dude will talk to me about his setup for three hours when im like i want cherry coke stuff and birthday cake stuff for my stuff so i can have tasty nausea aid stuff and pain management cbd stuff off the same indoors safe set up thing that fits in my purse pocket w the monster button on it. man, i love that little rascal…
buuuuut i usually end up sitting there like oh…. okay… i… oh… hmm… while reluctantly trying a dozen different flavors all w babes on the bottles, none of which are cherry cola or birthday cake…
its been a long time since ive been able to afford meds like nic and cbd vape liquid, but like, the experience has filled me w mixed feelings about vaporizers obviously…
its like… i just want a bottle thats like “birthday cake” and i try it and im like huh… tastes like birthday cake… imma get that little fella and the “cherry coke” that tastes like cherry coke and they are like sure thing miss! and i hand them money and they hand me my bday celebration in two bottles and i laugh and run out the door past all the mysteriously glass everything that the shop is made of.
but like, usually its like 2 dudes competing over showin the little lady how to propppperly vape when im like, i get the deal enough to have tasty nausea aids and convenient meds. i aint tryin to go to mars. im trying to not have to outside to keep from vomiting in my bed.
leave a bitty alone lol

oh man, I’m exhausted. Had a long day, very tiring, but overall very pleasant. And my mom had fun and that’s what really matters. I got a bit of a sunburn but its nothing I can’t handle. Still, yea, good day. Hope you all had good days too or at least not bad days

Tired but not really ready to go to bed yet so I’ll see about catching up on the gif requests that have been building up

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Do *you* have a Tumblr crush on anyone?


A really big one is Gaby Dunn because I’ve been following her work for years and I always love everything she writes and creates. I don’t know if that counts as a tumblr crush because I’ve had it before I knew she was on tumblr, but if I could get over my awkwardness and if we lived in the same city, I’d love to try and get to know her and be friends with her. She’s super amazing in the best ways! (And she follows me, which means she might see this maybe, in which case, hi Gaby, I think you’re great and this is not at all very embarrassing!)

I have a few irl swing dancer friends that I follow and they’re all just amazing and the cutest, and I have various forms of crushes on ALL of them.

swedishjazz is fucking flawless, huge tumblr crush on her and everything she does.

Also, have you seen failfox ??? He’s a certified cutie any way you slice it.

And tired-angry-robot is not only super sweet in every way but also his hair is currently my favourite color, so, huge points there.

Pretty much everyone I follow and some people I stealth-follow (creep on their blogs regularly, like Emma and Basia to name a few), you are all lovely. And I love seeing your faces and selfies.

*listens to cheesy romantic kpop songs like a lovesick nerd*