"Who invited the prissy aristocrats?"

"I would ask the same about you Prussian barbarians."

"I agree, Herr Austria. Frederick, does your nation wear anything other than his military uniform? It’s quite dull,"

"At least Feldmarschall Bielschmidt doesn’t dress like a girl unlike your nation, Theresa."

You dress like a girl.”

"Sharp tongue for a little lady. Gott, Specs, don’t you teach the girl any manners?"

"Well at least I have good taste… Unlike some people,”

"Dreadfully tactless around women - You’ve taught your prince well, Gilbert."

The colored version, as promised! Corrected my mistake this time by giving Fritz his original brunette hair instead of blonde. And this would just about mark the start of a very long sass banter between the prince, the princess and their two nations. 

The background belongs to Yoriden on Deviantart.

                                  i  can’t  believe  it’s  been  an entire year that adelyn
                                  has  been  here  scorching  earth wherever she goes.
                                  there’s  a little over 1,900 of you and i’d like to  thank
                                  all   of   you   for   sticking  with  me,  particularly  my
                                  non-mutuals  for being so loyal and supportive  even
                                  if we don’t interact in character.   my inbox is always
                                  open to chat out of character!

                                  to show my gratitude toward my mutuals and non-mutuals,
                                  i’m going to link you all to my  favorite / most  frequently used
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05250995 asked:

Hi there! If you see this message, you probably one of my blogroll that I love so much having in my dashboard, no need to pass it to people because I just want you to know that I love your blog and your existed on my dashboard :D

JUNKI DARLIN!!! *hugs* I missed you! How are you? How’s life? I hope you’re doing well with school or whatever you’re planning on doing at the moment!! ;u; Also I see you on my dash, but I’m such a loser. Idk why I’m afraid to try to talk to anyone on tumblr. orz

But anyways, thank you so much for this message! You’re such a sweet person! I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/night (timezones are such a bitch lol). xD

//I love, love, love watching that ‘drafts’ number decrease… satisfying, for sure. Getting threads back into you guys’ hands is the best. Of course, some I have held on to for an almost unacceptably long time. I’m sorry.

Check point time:

  • Lloyd (M!A)
  • Claus
  • Darius

Rock on, friends. Anything unlisted I’m assuming is it’s your turn concerning. Let’s talk, please, if that isn’t the case. Or if it is. Even if it’s old. Let’s find it, reunions are cool. Take care!

anonymous asked:

This is a two-parter. Found this posted on Richard's IMBD board: "You mean Annabel Capper? She has a life and a career of her own. They split up because Richard began to feel she was asking too much of him with regards to supporting her own career yet never showed him the same support. And he mentioned the wife and kids in a 2014 interview as well, saying he doesn't mind being a "late" daddy, age-wise. Jesus Christ Almighty, Heaven forbid a man can actually still be single and hetro."

Oh god, seriously IMDB just attracts the most narrow minded and extreme end of the spectrum. Seriously, its small and these people know that they wont get the same level of opposition to their views as they would on tumblr so they all collate there. I gave up trying to reason with any of them a long time ago. 

Would they honestly rather believe that Richard has been single and hasn’t had sex for, what, 6 years than the mere possibility that he might be dating a man? Seriously? God, that’s so….saddening. 

RE how they supposedly ‘splint up,’ they’ve completely undermined their entire argument. They say hes used female pronouns and mentioned wanting a ‘wife,’ implying that we can only go off his word, yet he never said Anabel Capper was his girlfriend. Ever. How come the rules get to change when it suits them? The Capper relationship doesn’t add up, she isn’t the dancer from Cats the dates don’t match. 

Oh and the long winded explanation as to why and how they broke up is creepy and weird. None of us can possibly know that, Hell, he never even confirmed they were together, let alone if/how they broke up. So much for just using words from the man himself…

Reality is, no one can ‘prove’ anything. Sure, they cling on to the handful of occasions he’s used female pronouns, the one time he used the word wife (hes since stopped saying wife and started saying marriage…) and they would rather he was alone than with a man but they’re not fooling anyone. 

I honestly believe this spate of posts listing off all the many supposed reasons Richard cant be dating Lee (”men can be friends with each other you know, he is allowed to be single” etc) come from desperation, they’re trying to prove it to themselves more than anyone else. The Richlee supporters stopped trying to ‘prove’ anything a long time ago, we just go with the flow.

Yes, people can be in their forties and single. But in the case of Richard considering the circumstances it seems extremely unlikely. To completely and utterly deny any possibility of him dating man isn’t just homophobic (because at this point, what are the other motivations?) but its irrational. Richard has never said he is heterosexual.

The only thing these people are proving is how completely and utterly desperate and irrational they are, so I say leave them to it. 

Idk if you’ve sent it anon, but the other half of your ask is yet to materialise. Thanks though :)

Oh man, finally opening up some commissions again. Took me long enough huh? With all that’s been going on lately, I figured I could really use a little extra pocket money. I haven’t had enough work lately, and there’s been a lot of expenses jumping up unexpectedly, so here’s hoping you guys are as interested as you said you were <:) 

Paypal only. And, due to past complications with clients, I’m afraid I won’t do a commission without being paid up front anymore. Sorry, but its what I feel I have to do.

Will do:
-Transformers/Robots (All styles except Bay-verse)
-Your OCs
-SOME fanart, depends on what series.
-Feel free to ask for other things not listed

Won’t do:
-Most humans (you can ask, but my style is limited)

Please contact me via my askbox, not on anon, for a slot. Once I let you know you have a slot, shoot me an email (which I’ll give you then) with your tumblr username and what you want. Be specific about what you’d like. I’m only doing 5 slots at a time, but if I finish with them early enough, I my open another 5 right after.

Commission slots:
1) A.Z. 
2) -OPEN-
3) -OPEN-
4) -OPEN-
5) -OPEN-

Thanks so much guys, I can’t wait to do business with you!

One Year Ago Today:

So I’ve been planning on making this post for awhile, and now I’m finally writing it. It’s gonna be a little long, but oh well.

A year ago today, we were waiting on test results. We were waiting to see if my brother had cancer, and we weren’t certain on the type. (Ewing sarcoma and Osteo Sarcoma are kinda similar, but not identical) 

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