kalinda sharma + personality tests


I honestly haven’t felt this happy or pretty or body+  in so long, and whilst I’m not normally one to take pictures, I couldn’t let that feeling slip away without saving a reminder that it existed.

(They/Them, thank you <3)

Bonus: When you forget to take your mascara off before showering


School doodles of some of the mlpcrew, i messed up on aj
Also i made paper goat dolls but i lost the first one .. :[


An awesome song to make you feel amazing <3

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language because music has got no language! xD

When Iwaizumi casually compliments Oikawa, Oikawa turns into a blushing mess

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Ah, my handing writing looks so bad I’m so sorry;; I’m not used to writing in pen;;; Just in case it’s difficult to read, it says:

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I took a break from playing Dragon Age to draw…a Dragon Age character….while listening to Origins’ soundtrack. 


I love Fenris.