a-n-g-i asked:

Hey cutie!!! =D HYE: Spilled something in a store? Stayed online for more than 6 hours straight? Made a drastic change to your physical appearance? <3 <3 <3


I have this really vivid memory of this time I went shopping and picked up a massive jar of olives and dropped it… XP


when i was like 11 i cut my hair really short? and again when i was 13 :P and i dyed my hair when i was 9-ish :D next year i’m cutting my hair short and donating it to wigs for cancer patients though! :) <3 so excited!

have you ever done any of them?? :D <3

( ’  >’) tweet tweet

I have a weird relationship with Glee

I won’t watch the show because it doesn’t have character continuity(as I’ve seen blatantly pointed out on tumblr) which I hate. 

BUT, I like listening to the Glee versions of some songs. Particularly ones that Lea Michele sings in. 

I am deeply conflicted as to whether I am a fan of Glee or not σ_σ


i wish i was straight foward with my crushes, if i like someone i wish i would do something about it, and somehow they like me back instead of me surpressing my feelings and casting them aside until it becomes to late and i forget about it