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Third year! Kiss giving his crush his second button please?

you mean kise right anon? a song for mood reasons!

Graduation day - the day many third-years have been anticipating ever since they have entered the world of high school. It seemed like only yesterday when you first stepped past the gates welcoming you to Kaijou High; oh how fast time flies by. The ceremony ends as soon as it had begun, and the tearful to excited screams fill your ears as you walk past groups of students huddled together uttering promises or goodbyes.

“We’ll see each other again!” You couldn’t help but chuckle at these promises as they resonated within your ears. 

Where will you be going?

You had already accepted the fact you wouldn’t be able to see a majority of your classmates, much less your friends when you moved out of the Kanagawa prefecture. While it would be lonely, that certainly didn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to find new people to befriend during your university adventures. 


As always, you spotted the blond basketball ace of Kaijou High standing in the middle of a growing circle of fans eyeing him. Incredibly popular with the female populace and possessing looks that rivaled other average males, KISE RYOUTA was an individual many women wished to have by their side. You didn’t really understand all the hype surrounding him, much less the lovesick comments that your female friends spouted about him though you could say he was a nice guy… To those he chose to talk to.


Time stopped, one-hundred and eighty pairs of eyes landed on your stiff form, and the god circled by blinded lambs approached your apprehensive figure. 

“Hello, Kise-san.” You gave the male a polite bow before straightening up and turning unusually stiff before his presence. You never felt so… Aware of the blonde before until now.

“Just call me Kise-kun, the suffix san makes me sound old, you know?” He chuckles at his own statement before he moves his arm around your shoulder and pulls you away from the campus grounds. You can hear the loud groans and complaints coming from the horde of Kise fangirls echoing behind you.

“Are you so sure you can just leave them like that?” You knew a lot of them wanted to take this chance to confess to him, but it was all probably one-sided puppy love.

“I wanted to talk to you privately, ____cchi!” You raised a brow at the strange suffix attached to your last name. You weren’t complaining though you certainly weren’t used to this kind of formality. After a few minutes of wandering and finally getting Kise to remove his arm from your shoulders, the both of you stopped before a empty zone facing the seafront. 

The scenery screamed cheesy, but it wasn’t part of your main concerns at the moment.

“I heard you were moving out of Japan, ____cchi.” You nodded at Kise’s question before going in depth about your future plans and the career you wanted to pursue. As you continued your small tangent, you had failed to notice Kise’s ochre orbs stare at your happy expression with a smile on his lips.

“You always looked happy when you talked about going overseas, ____cchi.” 

That stopped you from babbling further.

“I’m sorry, I always thought going somewhere new meant starting a new part of my story - a new chapter. How about you Kise-kun?” You chuckled at the suffix you had used but turned to the blond and gave him your full attention. Kise went on saying he was unsure of what to do with his future for there were two paths he could pursue - modeling or basketball.

“Which one do you love more?”

“That’s a silly question, ____cchi! Basketball of course!” He says this with the brightest smile on his face, and that along seems to have your heart slightly quicken its pace.

“I see, but you’re also a pretty good model. What’s going to happen then?” Kise shrugged. He went on to explain how it was a mere side job for him, nothing more, nothing less.

“Then it’s simple, isn’t it?” Kise raised a brow though you cut him off with an answer to your own question.

“You should pursue the thing you love the most.” 

At that, you were greeted with silence though that same silence was broken once the rustling of clothing graced your ears. You blinked at Kise, who was holding out his hand before you.

A single black button sat in his palm.

“I wanted to give this to you, _____cchi.” 

You blink and ask him why he wanted to give you his button of all people.

“Well…” The blonde scratches his head before he goes on, “I’ve always… I guess watched you?” 

You don’t expect the Kise Ryouta to go on a tangent about you no less, and you can’t help but feel a blush rise to your cheeks. 

“You work hard, you never let anyone stop you from what you wanted to do, you never gave up… You were kinda my idol…” Kise finishes his speech with his eyes concentrating on the sun setting in the distance. He seems too embarrassed to look at you though you understand the feeling since you wouldn’t be able to face him if you had said the same kind words he uttered from his lips.

“Kise-kun, you’re really too kind to a stranger like me…” 

Your hand moves out to take the button sitting on his palm, though you’re quickly caught by surprise when Kise takes hold of your hand and pulls you into him. Too close for comfort, you squirm under his grasp and tilt your head upwards to look him in the face - you didn’t expect him to be giving you such an intense stare.

“I… I li-No, that’s wrong,  love you more than I thought I would, ____cchi.”

This was something you didn’t expect.

“Uh… Ok?” What else could you say in this shoujo situation? Yes and then tiptoe upwards to kiss him? You were not that type of person. To your surprise, Kise turns his head to laugh into his free hand before he finally faces you and presses his forehead onto yours.

“I don’t care if you move far away, _____cchi. These feelings aren’t going to change anytime soon.”

The sincerity in his words caught you.


Ryouta, ____cchi.”

“Uh… Ryou-ryouta-kun…”

Kise smiles at you before relaxing his grip. You pull away a short distance, allowing Kise’s arms to slip down to wrap themselves around your waist.

“So, do you think you can see a future with me, ____cchi?”

“I don’t see why not, Ryouta-kun.”

60 icons is a lot

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I think my favourite icons are… 14, 24, 32, 44, 52 and 58. actually, 58 might be my all time favourite I really love that one.

From Student to Teacher

Oh how the time flies.. Being out in “The Real World” is so exciting but also very time-consuming! I think I must have tried to write this post 6 times already, but everytime I got started my mind was interrupted with more preperation for my weekly classes (I will get back to those).. and now this great experience is almost at an end and my blogging is very much behind! 

I will try to make up for what I am missing during this week - Starting from today with this post! :)

As you know from my first blog post, my internship started out in the kitchen where I helped with the preperation of food for the students and got to know the environment and the people around me. Since the first week a lot has happened and I have definately gained a lot of experience since my first week.

As the main part of my Internship, my taks has been to be an assisting teacher in PE class for about 70 10th graders. My main objective has been to educate them about basic nutrition in relation to health and physical activity.

(Picture below was taken after my first joined class presentation about basic nutrition - Macronutrients and energi content) 

Having nutrition incorporated as a part of Physical Education Class in this age group is a new thing that has only just been introduced and therefor, not a lot of material has been available for me. - Just my luck, then I had to come up with MY VERY OWN material. 

For my weekly schedual I have had 3 individual lessons with each class. This lesson had to be mainly practical, but I still tried to incorporate a little bit of theory into the different games and exercises to make the leaning part more active and fun. 

An example of such a game could be the one I made for the first week of teaching: 

- The class is divided into 4 teams - every team get their own resticted area. 

- Every team has to complete 6 different posts - each consisting of a practical task and a theoretical task. 

- The teams get points for how well they preform the different tasks,  - technique scores for the practical task and points for correct answers to the theory part.  An example could be : 

1. Practical task. - 10 squats pr. pers., 15 lunges pr. pers.

    Theoretical taks - describe what macronutrients means and give 3 examples     of food from each type of macronutrients.  

(picture below is from free warm up where they chose a fun ball game)  

Standing “on the other side of the classroom” is a fun but challenging task. 

I have put a lot of pressure on myself to always be well prepared and bring something new and interesting to the table. I has been a little stessfull at times but also very exciting to se whether or not what you have put so much thought and time into works in practice. Fortunately I got some great positive feedback and Im looking forward to my last few weeks at Stidsholt 

Yesterday was my last day as a Junior film student in my college, and I honestly can’t believe that in just three months time, I’d be walking the halls of MINT as a senior. I now understood the finality and truth behind the common idiom, time flies. Oh, how it truly does! I remember back when I was only sixteen years old and a fresh grad of high school - I thought about where I would be in this exact moment of my life, and I painted an image of a blossoming career and the birth of a successful life ahead. I thought that I would know exactly what I want, and know exactly how to achieve it all. I didn’t realize that college and studying for your dreams wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be, and I certainly didn’t expect to find myself lost and even more fearful than before. I knew that it would be a grueling journey, I guess I just always thought that I would unfailingly stand up stronger and wiser each time I stumble. I wasn’t able to acknowledge how it was not such an easy feat - perhaps I was blinded by my own bubble of naivety, or maybe, buried beneath all my anxiety and sorrow and fear, there was arrogance at its core. It was becoming more arduous to stand up and drag myself out of bed just to spend my day unproductively in school, and this has honestly been the dullest semester I had. But I’m working on myself now, and I’m going to try my best to be more social and active on my last year in school. I don’t want the last moments I have with my friends and professors to be a forgettable memory after all. 

Summer would be long, and I’m determined to make the most of my time. I prepared a list of goals that I’ll work on for the next three months: 

  • Go out and spend more time with my friends. I’ve always been the type who finds happiness in the comforts of my home, but I decided that it was time for me to be more open and active to the world. I should lessen my addiction in playing with my PS4 and have more fulfilling conversations with people. 
  • Start on my script for my thesis and find people who could mentor me, and help me improve my story. 
  • Join a lot of workshops. I actually signed up for a one-day camp this March 28, and it’s an event created by The Better Story Project in partnership with Social Adventours. It’s a camp for girls who want to make things happen! 
  • Develop a new hobby! I actually want to learn how to play the piano, so I’m pondering if I should apply for piano lessons. 
  • Practice photography. Improve my compositions and editing. 
  • Read more books. 
  • Travel more often. It doesn’t have to be grand, a simple day out in a park would be enough. Just go out more, and don’t be afraid to spend the day alone. Enjoy your own company.
  • Save up for more PS4 games. (I may need to go out more, but that doesn’t mean that I’d have to give up my love for gaming.) 
  • Save up for a vanity table, and buy more little trinkets for my room. 
  • Take more photographs of people, especially of my family and friends. (Don’t be afraid, your photographs doesn’t always have to be about art. Appreciate the simplicity of life.) 
  • Write more genuine and honest stories. 
  • Draw more. (Improve my anatomy and shading.) 
  • Try to live a healthier lifestyle. Cutting out junkfood/fast food entirely would still be impossible for me, so I need to balance it out by exercising and eating more healthier, home-cooked meals. 
  • Have more confidence to wear the kind of clothes that I’ve always wanted. Also, save up for more clothes as well. 

Woahhhhh oh man how time flies 🕓 it has already been four months with this beautiful being that the heavens decided ..”yes. They need to be together.” And now I can honestly and totally say I am so happy and so in love with the beautiful VICTORIA Plascencia 💖 nobody gives me more happiness than you do love and I can honestly say I can’t wait until this turns into 4 years ☺️ every second with you is a second I hold dear to my heart ❤️ to a life time my love 💕 #thankyoutoeveryonewhoishappyforus😄

We were all once a baby
A gift from our maker to our parents
A gift full of smiles and love
We were cherished
We were fragile
Oh, how time flies fast
Have you noticed that we aren’t fragile anymore?
That we get broken so often that we feel numb
We are not full of smiles
We are filled with sorrow that we can’t wait for our funeral to commence
We are not cherished anymore for we are being crippled piece by piece
How did this happen?
For our maker’s intention was to make us happy
But the society does not.
—  a.k. // changes