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"Kiss me, y'fruit."

Now that is a request Monty can fulfill without a problem. Stunned at first from how demanding the redneck seemed to be but who was he to complain about it? He grabs Daryl by the face and yanks him forward. Lips crash together and it already has the man’s skin buzzing. Tongue even takes to swiping over a bottom lip as he exhales through his nose slightly in order to keep them kiss. To keep them as close as possible, even guides Daryl back until Monty has him pressed against a wall. Now that he has him where he wants him - there is no chance of letting the hunter scamper off any time soon.

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How do you always look so good in your selfies? I posted one earlier today and had to delete because I disliked it.

Oh, sweet honey child, I can take up to 15 selfies and find 2 that I like and want to post. I promise you that I don’t take a great selfie on every shot.

I always prefer natural lighting. Also, take photos at different angles- get to know your face photogenically.

Selfies are suppose to be fun. So, have fun with it!


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I just want to meet you. Oh, not in like a, "You're so wise, teach me your ways, sensei," sort of way. No, more in a, "Oh... Honey... You poor child... I'm sorry you truly believe that you have the moral high ground while you try to publicly, albeit still cowardly and privately, humiliate a girl for having an opinion about the Rugby team contrary to yours." =:-) Stop trying so hard! People will notice you EVENTUALLY, and you will not need your blog to validate your life any longer.

lmao… please… worry about yourself… your pores are probably clogged, go exfoliate or something… drink some water…

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Arrogantly disregarding something isn't an argument either. If you feel the need to take time out of your day to respond to me, at least make an effort. It makes calling people "hun" far less charming.

Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun Hun honey bun sweet child lovey dovey baby boy oh honey child please let me tell you, I don’t need to make an argument with someone who obviously does NOT and I repeat DOES NOT GET THE FACT THAT THE WORD NIGGER IS NOT FOR WHITE PEOPLE TO SAY OR REPEAT, OR DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THE STIGMA ON BLACK PEOPLE IS ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS SO YES I WILL DISMISS YOU AND EVERY OTHER WHTE PERSON WHO FAILS TO REALIZE THIS WITH HUN PLEASE HAVE YOUR SEAT AND STEP OFF HUNNNN🌸

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Your style is on point and your tude is absolutely astonishing. I want your body confidence & to be your best friend. Any tips on getting rid of scars? Mainly,acne. And do you get down to beyonce :)

Oh thank you, sweet honey child!

I only get a “tude” when people try to come for me, or when people ask for advice and respond with “awe I wish I could be confident like you” after I just literally told them that they could and with key examples of how to obtain said confidence.

Some people prefer the tiniest violin playing just for them instead of actually being constructive and seeking improvement.

I guess there’s ointments on the market to help to diminish scars- but scars are called scars because they don’t fade away completely.

But, you know what can fade away completely for free? The power you give your scars. You can take the power back. Scars are apart of your history and why try to pretend you haven’t experienced LIFE?

I have stretch marks from glowing and growing.
YOURE WELCOME. I’m not going to apologize for my skin doing what skin does.

You need to take the power back. Embrace the markings on your skin, they’re a part of you. But they aren’t YOU. Ya dig?

In Beyonce’s name, we pray. Amen. 🙏

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i have so much hate for wiwic help me. that fightsharry girl said she was sorry and wanted forgiveness for saying true fucking facts about that bitch and now they're all 'oh sweet honey child, it's ok no one send her hate ok??' like no. you and your followers fucking abused her and beat her down till she wanted to kill herslef and now she's deleting her blog. when is someone gonna take this pos down for good? i need a fucking drink..

Are you for real? Like they’re trash and preach about bullying (whatiwishiwasntdogshit especially) but then bully a person to the point of being suicidal like.. How fucking pathetic are you. I swear I want that tacky ass hoe to come at me I have a few choice words for her

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"I don't want to go! I want to be home schooled!" she screamed. "They make fun of my hair--" She pulled on dark curls. "--And say I look dirty because I don't look like them! I don't even look like you!"

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child

                       “Oh, honey—-”

            The father crouched down and picked up
            his daughter, moving to sit down with the
            girl on his lap. 

                                       “Listen to ME, not them. You’re beautiful, okay?
                                        Just like your mum. You are like me, just not in
                                        the obvious ways. You’ve got my temper, that’s
                                        for sure. It doesn’t matter if you look like me.

            You are still my daughter. 

                            You’ve got your mother’s eyes,

                                        and your father’s cheeks.

                          But you’ve got both of our  h e a r t s .  

                                          That’s what matters.

                      You’ll go back to school and face those
                      bullies with your chin up because you
                      won’t let them make you feel small. You
                      will have the courage to go on because
                      your mum & I will always be here for you.”

leigh57 replied to your post “TWD ask: 20 and 29”

Can I just tacklehug you for this entire answer? Because I love every single word, and your feelings about The Grove are legit exactly mine. It’s the best no question, but also the goddamn hardest. *sobs*

Let us flail and grieve together! The Grove should just be synonymous with “feels overload” at this point.

leigh57 replied to your post “9. A character you hated but now love”

I am with you on Carl, although possibly slightly behind. I more or less needed to handcuff him to the porch for the first few seasons, but he’s showing new range and depth, and I’m appreciating it!

Oh honey, I loathed that child to pieces too. The only thing that got me through Dale’s death (THANKS DEMON CHILD GRIMES) was the fact that he sniveled in guilt like a little baby when he realized his stupidity caused it. I legitimately got satisfaction out of that. My goodness, I have come a long way since then with him!

…and now I’m having Dale death feels