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We received an email from an anon who does not want their name revealed. We know a lot of you wanted to know what information they shared, and after discussing it with them, they have given us permission to share! 

*Disclaimer* this anon knows people in the hotel business. S/He dropped several source names and hotel names (to prove their accuracy) that we have edited out because real people could lose jobs and that’s not something that we want to mess around with. But, we did some research and the names match up with the places. These are regular people, not celebrities. It would take some major time and energy to make this all up with the information that was given. Still, it is the internet, so believe as much or as little as you want. We just need to pass it along. This is an XF fandom after all. 

Even though people thought DD arrived from LA to San Diego the day of SDCC, his manager had him booked into the hotel the night before. The same hotel as Gillian.  That night, a staff member saw them both walking down the hall chatting and laughing. Three different staff members saw GA/DD on the morning of SDCC, before 8 am having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Each said that they were laughing and having a good time. They then went in the same car to SDCC. Housekeeper saw DD and GA in hallway on same floor GA was staying in. When SDCC was over, and the photo shoot (I assume) was over, DD and GA took the same car back to the hotel.  A staff member apparently saw DD brush GA’s hair with his fingertips and gave her a slight kiss (nothing passionate) as she left the car to go to hotel. DD later headed back to  LA by evening time.

I have one more piece of info.  All I know from this past Golden Globes on 2015 is that GA stayed the entire week at a hotel but on Sunday, January 11, she did not spend the night. Her room was vacant. She was not seen at all on Monday and her bags were picked up by the driver. This of course does not mean she stayed with DD as I said, maybe she partied late and just got bags picked up? I do not know if LA anon is correct. I am not going to fight with anyone. But I do know that last February at another hotel in LA, David’s driver picked up GA from the hotel. David and his driver are very well known at the hotel because family and friends often stay there when in town. 

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anonymous asked:

i love you for your take on the blaine mentioning dave thing , you actually fixed it for me thank you god bless you

Oh thank you anon! This is beyond lovely to hear. A few people  fixed things I was shaken by in the ep - thanks the-multicorn, chiasmuslovesme, marauder-in-warblerland, judearaya so I feel like we’re all in it together passing the pieces we need fixing along, taking expansive joy in the pieces that give us joy and looking at the nuance of hard things. 

in which Kate finds an old picture, circus-era old, and wants to know if Clint can still do that?

  • girly-girl I have no idea
  • let’s find out

and Lucky thinks it’s pretty great

  • dad what are you DOING
  • are we PLAYING?