"After she was married to the dauphin, Mary altered her monogram so that the Greek letter mu (M) was inscribed within the letter phi (Φ), to be transliterated as M and F, for Mary and Francis.”

- John Guy, The True Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots

bottom left: monogram as it appears on Reign
bottom right: actual monogram used by Mary Stuart throughout her life

My View on SF and their Age Difference

Ok here’s my view on the Emma and Neal age difference. I see a lot of people arguing about this and how the age difference is rape and yadda yadda yadda, now note I am not a SF shipper, but please guys, it’s really not black and white. Im Brazilian, and it’s completely normal for an 18 year old or even a 17 year old to be dating someone older in their mid 20s. It’s normal and widely accepted. It’s not looked down upon and it’s really nothing of a huge deal. I personally don’t see it as a huge deal because of my culture but I can see why others do.

I also have a problem with people seeming to say it’s bad for a 16 year old to have sex with a 20 something year old but it’s ok for an 18 year old to because of law. A two year difference at that period of time is not big, and to say it’s ok for an eighteen year old and not for a sixteen year old, in which have basically the same mentality, to have sex and pursue a relationship with an older man disturbs me for some reason.

Now, to me the relationship was bad because he took advantage of her and her innocence. That to me is why they are bad for each other, not because he was 24 and she’s 16 or whatever. Majority of my female family members have dated at the age of 17,18 0r even as young as 16 to men who are 24, 25, or 23. It’s something that happens. My aunt has been happily married for 30 years, my other uncle has been married for 18 years.

You can disagree with me, but that is just my view and input on it. 

anonymous said:

Would you write something like during the glen capri situation, after Stiles tosses the flair and the control over him is broken, he just collapses and Stiles holds him as the other teen breaks down into shaking sobs.

"Stiles," Scott gasped, seeming to come back to himself, staring into his best friend’s eyes, searching. "Stiles, I’m—,"

"It’s okay, Scott," He whispered, letting out a short, wet laugh as he ran his fingers through Scott’s hair, hand resting against his cheek. "Everything’s going to be okay."

Scott nearly fell forward, then, hands clutching onto the back of Stiles’ shirt for support, tears flowing from his eyes and he nearly shook with emotion, sobbing into Stiles’ chest.

He’d never felt so helpless. Never so alone and scared and he never needed Stiles more than he did at that moment. He never wanted to hold him so badly, never needed the soothing of his hands or to hear the sound of his voice so much in his life.

"Stiles," He mumbled, shaking and Stiles just tightened his grip, holding him up with hands roaming over his back, quietly shushing him, trying to keep him calm, keep him grounded.

And Scott just let everything go, every ounce of stress and pain, every burden that he had carried on his shoulder since he got the bite, this curse, and spiraled until he couldn’t feel much other than the warmth of his best friend pressed against him.

He wasn’t sure how long they stood there or when Stiles pealed off his ruined clothes and dressed him again, whether or not he went to sleep crying or if Stiles actually whispered I love you at some point, but he knew he said it back.

And he knew he meant it.


The Mysteries of Laura - 1x01 - Meredith Bose