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THE MAGIC BEGINS: 18. A ship you like, but you think everyone else doesn’t.


A Different Song by Quartetship
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One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 12: Favorite Attack: Dai Enkai: Entei (“Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor”)

well you know how the saying goes; if you want something done you’ve gotta do a shoddy job of it yourself in photoshop with nothing but a laptop touchpad and the firm knowledge that you’re spending too much time on this stuff

anyway, here’s robo-bambi

why do people do that though omg

'yeah you're a lesbian, but did you know straight people can be abused by their parents too!!!!'

'yeah you're a woman, but did you know men can have mental illnesses!!!!'

'yeah you're a poc, but did you know not every white person has rich parents!!!!'

i wanna live in the world they live in, where everyone only has one problem or thing that they’re being mistreated for. like you have one oppression slot or something

sorry men, can’t rape me i’m working-class

body, better pull yourself back together, we’re bisexual

excuse me, there’s been a mistake, which form do i fill in because i appear to have been given both ‘mental illnesses’ and ‘shitty childhood’



The Great Semicolon Debate was part of the extensive ship wars between Ron/Hermione (R/Hr) and Harry/Hermione (H/Hr) shippers. It lasted from around 2001-2005, although the most intense fighting took place before 2003 when Order of the Phoenix was released. It’s important to remember that this was back when there was real uncertainty about which pairing would become canon: both sides compiled massive lists of scenes from the books and interviews with JRK in order to prove that their ship was more likely to happen, and the fighting on forums was completely brutal. I mean, it’s fairly well-accepted in Harry Potter fandom now that you can ship whatever you want whether or not it turned out to be canon — but at the time, the biggest and angriest shipping fights were over whose ship would actually happen in the books.

As part of the fighting, a massive debate arose over the use of a semicolon in a particular scene in Goblet of Fire:

"We will see each uzzer again, I ‘ope" said Fleur, as she reached him, holding our her hand. "I am ‘oping to get a job ‘ere , to improve my Eenglish."

"It’s very good already," said Ron in a strangled sort of voice. Fleur smiled at him; Hermione scowled.

In one of the most intense dissections of a single punctuation mark ever, there were sprawling fights in forums about what the semicolon meant. H/Hrs either claimed that the two sections of the sentence were not connected (Hermione just happened to be scowling at something else entirely), that Hermione just didn’t like Fleur (thus making her scowl about Fleur and not about Fleur’s interaction with Ron), or that the semicolon could just as easily be a comma and it was just a typo.  R/Hrs claimed that the semicolon directly connected the two parts of the sentence: Hermione was scowling because Ron was showing interest in Fleur, which meant jealousy which meant R/Hr. 

This sounds pretty ridiculous considering we all know the outcome now, but at the time it was SERIOUS FANDOM BIZNESS. Fighting over the semicolon was liable to crop up at any point, and people were seriously invested in what it meant. It became pretty emblematic of the sheer vehemence of the ship wars between R/Hr and H/Hr, and in some ways can illustrate some of the core differences between the two ships and the types of ‘evidence’ they compiled. A common H/Hr battle cry at the time was ‘Read Between the Lines!’ — and a common R/Hr response was ‘No, Read the Lines!’

SO YEAH. If anyone tells you that fandom wank and shipping wars and fans taking things way out of proportion is a new phenomenon, feel free to laugh in their face. And even though Supernatural fandom or Sherlock fandom or whatever may be wanky at times, at least they never came close to self-destructing over a punctuation mark. 


 i got a new laptop for christmas and i have internet again! hello!!! whos even awake right now?? what time is it where everyone is!! did everyone have a good holiday or at least a good weekend!! hello!! i havent been on with any regularity for at least a month and im kind of nervous about getting back on!! hello! maybe everything has changed?? i have some questions: is the background still blue (yeah) are comics still cool (hell yeah) why is my laptop saying its 7 in the morning when its only maybe two (who knows) HELLO!!

my name is lauren and im hella fuckin lame and sometimes i draw garbage and talk to friends and im really excited to be back my hands are going everywhere and its pretty dumb but what the FUCK i missed this silly piss website a whole bunch HELLO